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  1. Still looking for the "right" CB to start my lineage. I think I'll be using the grey dragons. Or perhaps a mix of guardians and greys. Guardians aren't on the list. Are they okay to use?

    If grays are in the lineage then yes.

  2. Will updated after today biggrin.gif


    JK, Member list updated and Merlot to answer your question blacks for now it may change over time biggrin.gif


    Also updating dragon and banner lists now biggrin.gif Thank for the new banners they are AWSOME!!!!

  3. Well... I actually went to a pet store today and did a survey on some people. (Not exactly with good feedback on my part... but anyway...)


    I asked...

    1. What breed of dog do you think of as mean?

    2. Why do you think this way?

    3. Have you seen a dog attack someone? Not being a little bite, but an actual attack.

    4. If you have or want to have a dog what breed is it or you want it to be?

    5. Why did or would you choose this dog?


    The highest results for each...

    1. pit bull

    2. vicious and attack children

    3. no

    4. lab

    5. Loyal and friendly


    Somewhat expected results, but I figured I'd share this with all of you.



    Sadly this is the way of the world thinks and this is the mind set we have to change.


    The truth about Pits:

    Pits are actualy very sweet dogs perhaps one of the nicest and most lovable certainly very loyal.


    Pits are actualy called the nanny dog because they are the best breed around children. They are protective and calm around children and never play too rough like a lab would. My aunts pitty actualy use to sit next to my cousin when he was an infant and would keep the other more hyper wound up dogs away from him. Every time their hyper lab mix came bouncing into the room she would stand up next to the baby and then the lab got closer she would move towards him and push him away. Later when my cousin was two and someone brought over their toy poodle the pit kept an eye on her, my cousin grabbed the little dogs ear and the toy turned around and started biting her, the pit jumpped up running over to the little dog growling and after that the toy let my cousin go and ran away. In return my cousin could jump on that dog, pull it's tail and ears and sit on it like a horse but the dog never cared. It just gave it's big pitty smile and wagged her tail. Her only real downfall was sometimes she would hit your legs with her tail and it really hurt. She knocked a vase off a coffee table too and it shattered, that was another issue with her and she liked to sit on your lap and would not stop licking you.


    @Enalahs: Sadly this law has been passed in some placed and certain breeds of dogs are complelty banned. Dogs have been removed from homes already and put down for nothing more than being born a certain breed and this is why the law is a serious issue. It has already claimed many lives and will continue to do so if not stopped.

  4. Ahh, such a shame... I continued my frozen nocturne Hell's Gates in the void between threads, but they are no longer eligible for the project. Oh, well. Shame I so greatly dislike the blacks.


    Godspeed, Hell's Gate collaborators!

    Yeah I changed it up in an attempt to get cb blacks back and freezing blacks dose not help bring them back but turning them all into vampires just might be the push into the right direction.

  5. Well, I haven't read the whole topic, but I find this whole thing very egregious. I could not believe some of the dogs on this list. I had a wonderful Keeshond who was the sweetest dog in the world. They have a reputation as being sweet. But they look like a wolf. Wonder if that's why they are on the list. And Labs? I haven't had a Lab but I was under the impression they were known to be very sweet, also. I got my first dog when I was 3 or 4 and she was with us for 13 years. She was a Pit mix and she was super smart and savvy. All the kids in the neighborhood played with her. We never thought of such a thing as a "mean" breed of dog when I was little. Did you know that one of the lesser known things about Pits is that they are so friendly that they wag their tail very fast and can actually cause sores at the base of their tail. I love dogs. But I know, unfortunately, that any "dog" can be taught to be mean. That's very unfortunate. I've yet to find a dog that I can't make friends with. (Now shall I tell you about the time my cat sank all four "canines" into the flesh of my arm and I ended up with cellulitis? Cat bites are far more dangerous than dog bites but you don't hear about that, do you?)


    Well, I'm kind of new to DC, but I'd like to try this.



    And I always find it interesting that smaller breeds are never considered on this list yet both of my min pins are more likely to bite people than my doberman ever was and in fact one of my min pins has bitten me, my mom, my dad, my aunt, my cousin, and the other is very cat agressive but here people use to say my doberman was the evil dog when she was always the one greeting people at the door during parties and trying to show them around the house. She always played a good hostess.


    I agree too cat bites are very dangerous along with their scratches but again I think it is all bassed on size. Even the biggest sweetest dog people will fear because they know nothing about the dog, all they see is a monster of a dog with big teeth. It's our job to teach them otherwise. Same thing when people see a little dog all they see is a cute little dog they can put their face next to and then they wonder why the little dog bites, because dogs no mater what size are all the same. The same rules on space you follow with big dogs should be done to little dogs as well. They don't much care about their size only that they are dogs and when you look them in the eyes and put your face next to theirs you are asking for it.


    I hope one day people will look at all dogs as just dogs, not see a small dog, a big dog, a scary dog, and dirty dog. I hope they see all dogs as just dogs, animals you love and respect no matter what they look like, their size, or their bloodlines.

  6. Thanks athdaraxen for more banners you are too sweet and these banners are too cool.


    Also Misha welcome abord, once I am no longer egg locked I'm going to bite more inbred blacks too. I myself have my own vampire army and eh, I could do with some more, you never have too many vampires xd.png and besides when this whole flood of blacks started I just turned all the blacks I could and threw them back. People seem so willing to pick up vamps from the AP still which is very good.

  7. Ok 1) inbred I undestand

    2) long messy lineage (what gen should we start considering long) and describe messy lineage please

    3)Name I can do


    I will sign up as soon as #2 is answered please

    10 gen with no visable pattern and aparent random breeding.

    Edit: Updated members list and Wookie Neglect would be AWSOME too, I'll add that into Hell's Gate along with Zombies. biggrin.gif

  8. Welcome to the lineage you two if you have any questions feel free to ask biggrin.gif



    Also YAY SUCESS, here is my newest BSL baby, just what I wanted ^-^


    Edit: BY THE WAY


    I'm writing an Easter story for the BSL breeds and am interested in your imput for dogs included in the story and their names. I will display a list bellow of the dogs already included.


    1. Pitbull (Buster)

    2. Doberman Pincher (Dodger)

    3. German Shepard (Sam)

    4. Rottie (Roxie)

    5. Husky (Nuka)

    6. Lab (Hunter)


    I will try to find pictures for dogs you sugest as well for every breed with be sporting bunny ears. tongue.gif

  9. Members:




















    20.Neo Metal Sonic












    The return of Hell's Gate Yay


    Well People have been complaining about inbred blacks clogging up the AP and once upon a time I had a project called Hell's Gate to deal with these sort of ugly inbred long lineaged monsters. I feel it is time for us to return but with a shift of tactic this time. Before Hell's Gate worked around a number of dragons but now we shall focus only on blacks. In Hell's gate all inbreed blacks are now to be bitten by vampires and either kept and named Hell's Gate - - - - or tossed into the AP or traded. Also Neglects and Zombies though harder to get may also become apart of Hell's Gate granted they started as blacks.



    All Hell's Gate dragons must be inbred blacks

    All Hell's Gate dragons must have long messy lineages

    All Hell's Gate dragons must have Hell's Gate in their name

    No vampire eggs should be killed but if your vampire kills an egg that is understandable.



    None Yet




    Thanks athdaraxen:



    user posted image



    user posted image



    user posted image



    user posted image



    user posted image



    user posted image




  11. @ Delphine:

    Yup... HolyHell sounds nice!^^

    But Symphonic Metal is nice, too...


    There is a new band from where I'm from... they resently changed lables.

    Thie'r new lable organizes (with others, of course^^) some pretty important festivals in Germany. Maybe you don't know all but you might have heared about Wacken at least...


    You'll probably like them...

    I'm in the Symphonic Metal world, I'm the lead singer of DesDemon so I KNOW OF WACKEN biggrin.gif, it's my dream to play there. I also know a lot of the other big fests over there, before I was in the band DesDemon played a few, hopefuly now that I am the singer we can come back ^-^


    Also I like that bands sound, I'm adding them to Eve's Apple so other FFM fans can listen to them. Her voice is very pretty, we need to get on a tour with them.

  12. Welcome all new members to the lineage and no whiptails can't be added. They are not very 'dangerous' dragons. You can also ask for an egg from other breeders. There are a LOT of BSL eggs that might need homes and a LOT of breeders more than happy to breed for others.