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  1. Sent to Lilbird. And one to twizel in about a minute.
  2. I hope this is ok... Free Magi hatchling for anyone who needs it. https://dragcave.net/teleport/743fb75769ab506ef408af8e77a23fa6
  3. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Sara4cows Scroll Name: Sara4cows Group Name: Secret Santa Group 2019 Wishlist: 1. Neglected (Male if possible) or 2nd Gen Spriter's Alt 2. 2nd Gen Gold from Common or 3rd Gen Checker from Spriter's Alt 3. Any 3rd Gen Gold or Silver Checker from Common 4. 2nd Gen Carina, Storm Rider, Risensong or Setsong 5. 2nd Gen Carina, Storm Rider, Risensong or Setsong 6. Any 3rd Gen Checker 7. CB Dusk Pygmy Breeding abilities: I can breed many 3rd gen checkers (holidays, metals, commons); 2nd gen metals; 2nd gen prize (as she's willing), 3rd Gen Thuweds, 4th gen SA Catching abilities: I can reliably catch Trios, Aeons, Cheese, most uncommons. Trading abilities: I can usually trade for CB Metals. Teleport abilities: I have Magi to share and would happily breed them if there is a need?
  4. I have a Paper for anybody who needs one for SS Offer an AP egg Make an offer on my hatchling! claimed
  5. My 2013 Fort where there was what appears to be a civil war. My 2018 Fort or should I say cottage in the woods.
  6. 2nd Gen Holly from Female Mistletoe Looking for 2nd Gen Holly from Common Make an offer on my egg!
  7. 3EG from Female Hollies and Gold Luna Looking for 2G Holly from male holly and common Make an offer on my egg!
  8. EG Deadline Holly code "MrICY" Looking for 2nd Gen Holly or 2nd Gen Garland from non holiday. Make an offer on my egg!
  9. I'm looking forward to it, thank you TJ and all who put work into the Holiday Event this year.
  10. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: sara4cows Scroll Name: sara4cows Group Name: Secret Santa 2018 Group Wishlist: 1. Neglected 2. 2nd Gen Metal from your favorite pairing 3. Chicken, Dino, or Paper 4. 2nd Gen Hybrid 5. Your favorite 3rd Gen Checker 6. Your favorite Checker lineage project 7. Your favorite CB Common Breeding abilities: I have a couple 3rd Gen Checker Alts and 2nd Gen Thuweds that I cab breed from. I also have a few CB metals to work with. Catching abilities: I haven't been catching much of all lately, I can't honestly answer this question. Trading abilities: I do have the ability to breed trade fodder and am fair at trading. Teleport abilities: I have plenty of magi dragons and would be more than happy to supply some eggs if someone should need them.
  11. I'm glad that one found a home. It was the first offspring from that pairing. I like how they look together.
  12. I'm always happy to see my babies here and know they found a good home. Thank you to those who posted them. I've got a slew of them myself that I would like to mention. I found some beauties this year, and have my work cut out for me breeding mates for them. Thank you: 2nd Gens Sweetling x Ice Kiritora Soulstone x Azure Glacewing Swala Soulstone x Purple Arwen 17 Soulstone x Daydream IVIandy Rosebud x Gaia Dragonpuck Rosebud x Silver Arkacia Rosebud x Lunar Herald mpolo Rosebud x White Koolkatkrazy Soulstone x Gold A. L. Aljan Mutamore x Mageia Ellenai Arsani x Moonstone Germelai Arsani x Stripe Laura-Lana Arsani x Spring Brisingrrider Heartseeker x Nhiostrife LibbyLishly 3rd Gens Arsani x Tsunami Kelkelen - This one already has offspring. Mutamore x Diamondwing Vesena RA x Red Gemstone Nakuru. I'm able to breed a mate for this one, though I've been trying to get a red for someone else from them for weeks with no luck. RA x Pyrope Arella And I also want to thank these anonymous breeders: Sweetling x Nebula Soulstone x Snow Soulstone x Royal Blue Soulstone x Nhiostrife Soulstone x Celestial Rosebud x Stripe Rosebud x Gaia Mutamore x Spirit Ward Mutamore x Spinel Heartseeker x Ice Heartseeker x Frill Heartseeker x Red Heartseeker x Black 3rd Gen Heartstealing x Striped River 3rd Gen Mutamore x Lumina with SA I jumped a bit when I found this one, I didn't expect to find a mate for my 3rd gen Lumina. Never imagined I would find one from a SA.