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  1. Sure why not! My Tree My Wreath Both of these are a bit on the plain side I know. But I am not good at decorating either of these I'm afraid. ^^; My House It's simple but cute. At least to me. ^^; My Snow fort In comparison to what it used to look like, I find this much better. ^^ WB
  2. My fort In comparison to the first time around where it was really empty ((because I had no idea what to do with everything)) I am really happy with how my new one turned out! It's modest if not mysterious. WB
  3. I am very glad we got the chance to redo our snow forts. Like my ginger bread house, I have mine a complete make over. And I am very happy with it now. ^^
  4. Very pretty! I gave mine a complete makeover. So now it's simple but cute. ^^ WB
  5. I gave my house a complete make over. It's simple but I think it's cute. ^^ WB
  6. "Silver and gold. Silver and gold. Everyone wishes for silver and gold." WB
  7. Has anyone been able to access their gingerbread houses yet? I haven't and I'm wondering it's due to having to remake all the recipes first. WB
  8. Man I could, I would send you a lot of my extra stuff. ^^ @Twimm https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Holiday_Cooking Here ya go. I hope this helps. ^^ WB
  9. God I am getting everything but sugar and eggs! Please send me some sugar and eggs my way. WB
  10. What I did was just make what I had the stuff for. https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Holiday_Cooking I hope this gives you a helping hand. ^^ WB
  11. While it does suck the snow angle wings are hard coded to your scroll number ((which really needs to be changed IMO)) The Solstice Dragons wings depends on what time of day you breed them. Before 6 pm in cave time is the blue wings. After 6 pm in cave time will get you the rosy wings. I hope this helps. ^^ WB
  12. This is the one I have. Though I can't recall which event it's from. ^^; WB
  13. I haven't seen any fruit pop for me at all. I've gotten everything else but that. ((Sugar, yeast, and eggs also being very rare. ><:)) WB
  14. I ((finally!)) made a gingerbread house. But I haven't been able to redo my house yet. Are we not able to redo them like the Christmas tree? Or do we have to remake everything before hand? WB
  15. Merry Christmas! I am really glad the holiday cooking is back! ((It was one of my favorites next to the first ice fort.)) I just hope everything we need actually shows up faster than the first time. I really want to redo my Ginger bread house. ^^ WB
  16. I'm all for having the Halloween drops last for two days. Much like Christmas or Valentines day, the best candy and decorations is always on sale after the actual holiday. Which can make it feel like said holiday actually goes on for an extra day or two. ^^ WB
  17. Okay, we have Wendigos/Skin Walkers this year. I can dig it. ^^ WB
  18. Ahh. Thank you for the update! WB
  19. 58/59 TOT. Number 59 is still not showing up. And it's been over an hour. ><: WB
  20. Same. I keep refreshing and it wont appear. WB
  21. I'm going to be honest. I suck at these types of games. ><: Still having fun never the less though! WB
  22. I would love a dark mode! Got my support 100% ^^ WB
  23. I used these for two of my Rift Wyrms: The cake is a lie and Black Mesa. WB