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"Until time remember, No mystery is closed to an opened mind." ~Tim White Sightings~




IOU Friendly. Proud owner of Golden Shimmer and Shine CB. Please see my profile if you are looking for a 2nd gen gold shimmer. ^^



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    Hello! I see you found your way over to my little ol profile. Not much to look at I know. Never the less I bet you're here to ask about a 2nd gen gold shimmer correct? Well, I am happy to help! ^^ Just make sure you follow the rules. That's all I ask.

    ~Rules! Please make sure you read and follow each one. Thank you in advance!~

    1. No begging. I don't like being begged about stuff much like other players.

    2. Please be polite. I always do my best to be polite when speaking to others. So I ask the same for you as well.

    3. Don't get impatient. Yeah, she doesn't really like to comply sometimes. Never the less I will keep trying. Just note that it might be a while.

    4. Make sure you check here to see if there are open slots for shimmer orders.

    Due to the nature of metals and how they really don't want to give you what you're after most of the time, I will have a numbered slot list open for others. This for your sake as well as mine. Because let's face it, it can get beyond frustrating sometimes when you get nothing or a fail. And I really don't want to waste your time if you're working on something else and I'm unable to help out.

    5. Yes! I do holiday breeding for her! If you're looking to help keep a line going or would like to start one I'm all for it. ^^

    6. Please make sure you pick your order up in a timely matter. As I don't want to keep other people next in line waiting.

    And that's all there is to it! Below this are the numbered slots I have open. ^_^

    Open normal 2nd gen shimmer slots:

    1. Vical Shimmer x Melismor ~Still in the works.~

    2. Keileon Shimmer x Spinel Wyvern ~Still in the works.~

    3. ~Free!~

    4. ~Free!~

    Holiday Breeding for 2019:

    Christmas: ~Free~

    Halloween: ~Filled~

    Valentines Day: ~Filled~

    Thanks for dropping by to see me. ^_^