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  1. Love the pargulus dragon and their descriptions remind me of what people are doing now during this pandemic. All of the birthday dragons are beautiful. Thank you sprinters and TJ for the wonderful birthday release! Happy Birthday DC. I have been here for 11 years and each year it is still enjoyable!

  2. -Abandon giving error/blank screen


    -Frozen gendered chicks showing as fogballs


    -No incubate pop-up/confirmation


    Which issues are people still experiencing? So I can make sure TJ's aware of them.

    Everything is working okay with me!

  3. I have 2 frozen baby chicks on my scroll and they are fogged. They have been like this all day. What can I do about this, I've tried logging on and off.......clearing caches. I am at a loss. If anyone can help, I really would appreciate it. My scroll name is the same as my forum name.