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  1. Alrighty, so I didn't play for several years and so I'm doing a lot of trading to get the stuff I missed during the time I was gone. However I tend to see a lot of this: Wants: Free, for any CB or Wants: Free for a hatchie or something like that. Generally stuff like Wants: Free for [insert request here] Now I understand that you gotta do a Dummy-Return if you want to gift something via the Trading Hub. But how does it make sense to ask for something specific in return? Is this something I missed? Sorry but I am just confused. Either it's free or it's not free or am I somewhat mistaken?
  2. Well quite frankly I have been trying to trade multiple CB rares for in CB since Release Day. Zilch.
  3. H CB Element Trio, W 1 CB Pink Saphire https://dragcave.net/teleport/7d1ae5f48d2e8bdbe15482d878ca0d59 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CB m+f Xeno Chrono, W CB Pink Saph, CB Aeon, CB Pharos, CB Yellow Saph <- egg fine, or 1 CB Ward Cantor Hatchie https://dragcave.net/teleport/9432713ebdfc4566eb76a016f4eeb52b
  4. H CB Element Trio, W 1 CB Pink Saphire https://dragcave.net/teleport/7d1ae5f48d2e8bdbe15482d878ca0d59 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CB m+f Xeno Chrono, W CB Pink Saph, CB Aeon, CB Pharos, CB Yellow Saph <- egg fine, or 1 CB Ward Cantor Hatchie https://dragcave.net/teleport/9432713ebdfc4566eb76a016f4eeb52b
  5. H CB Element Trio, W 1 CB Pink Saphire https://dragcave.net/teleport/9a16606954344e2f412a2811cb2368b3 Is wrong link
  6. I'm giving away a Pink Saphire Hatchie. It's PB Gen 2. I'd like it to go to someone who so far has had no luck in getting them. Shoot me a PM and I will give you a Teleport. Please be ready to pick it up in a timely fashion as it will be close to growing up.
  7. But how to get a CB? This right now is Insane. @Fuzzbucket I'll be giving them away via TGT. Seems like the best place for it since I can ask for folks without any yet. Like I said it does not make sense for me to keep Non CB.
  8. As for trading for them: At this point I have tried to trade even CB Thunder & Ice for a CB Pin Saph without any success. I don't think anything short of a CB Gold, ND, Gen 2 SAlt oder Prize will get me one. Which is kinda frustrating. And yes I am aware that NRs are always a bit pricey, but this borders on the ridiculous considering that Saphs are not supposed to be rare. I am also trading away 2 PB Breeding pairs of them (yes for 1 CB) and people have been offering multiple metallics.
  9. @UnicornMaiden With constantly full AP it's kind of a moot point. Yes you actually gotta do a few clicks. But I think it's beside the point to do a few clicks extra. Compared with the issue that actually OBTAINING the Pinks (even more if you need a specific lineage for your goals) is nearly impossible. Just saying, yes I can see how it might be annoying, but at least it is doable.
  10. Well certainly not for getting CB ones.
  11. Aside of what @FiveSix just said, @Tini, why would I treat a Spahire as a Holiday when they clearly are not a Holiday? That's kinda a stale comparison.
  12. I am trying to exchange what I got for a CB one. Yes I am lucky, I have OKish stalking skills and access to good internet. Though this adds to my point: If you got crappy Internet you have no chance! Those times where I need to use the cell phone I stand as much chance on the AP as a Snowball in Hell. Aside of that, all the catching skills in the world will do me no good if the lineage is not CB. Because to me it means they have next to no value since I cannot use them for anything. Quite honestly I'm gonna give away those Gen2 if I can't trade them (multiple for one) for the CB I need before they grow up because I simply don't need them for my goals. Handing them out here might give people without good Internet a chance, who don't care so much on lineage. Only reason why I am hanging on to those hatchies atm.
  13. H CB influenced m+f, W CB Pink Saphire, CB Aeon, Mate for Code 20PzM; Egg is fine https://dragcave.net/teleport/97fa6d709624f3eb93500f31d97012f2
  14. The issue with the Pink for me is the following. You can only get the pink Saphires you want (no matter if certain lineage or CB): if someone abandons a Saphire if it is the right typ (CB, certain lineage) being abandoned if you are on the AP at the right time (seeing as remaining time on eggs varies, you can't even plan this) if you see the egg on the AP fast enough if you actually beat the other players on the AP That quite honestly is a lot of ifs added up. While this is a challenging tweak I think there should be another way. Infinis, a method you suggested, like the Pinks sometimes breeding true and the requirement of Stats being low would be a solution. This means it can be done with careful planning. It also fits the description of lonely Saphires if the stats are low. And as you said it makes the AP-Catching still the fastest method, while allowing players who have nothing worth trading for a lot of ifs, or who prefer to play alone still have a chance at getting them. I managed to catch 4 so far and not one is the CB I really want for my scroll goals. http://dc-auto-refresher.herokuapp.com/ This is a refresher, that you can use to boost OVs on your Dragon to turn it Yellow.
  15. H: G2 Pink Saphire https://dragcave.net/teleport/e5d91abdaabe746d90a5289cb06d5188 Want: CB WARDED Cantor Hatchie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ H: PB Pink Saph Gen 2 Pair (correctly influenced) https://dragcave.net/teleport/3a28aefd7fd1419e9a980a4bfcc2e91c W: 1 CB Pink Saph Egg
  16. @BlitzDrake I can breed for you in about an hour. If you want me to, message me and I'l send you one back. I got a lot of the CB Parents.
  17. Done reading egyptian text. Apparently ancient egyptians were kinda kinky. 😂🤷‍♀️ What in the name of all holy things did I just read? 🤯
  18. o.O Actually 5 of 6 went unaffected for me, none was older than 24 hours. Which would be enough to turn them green?
  19. You realise you don't have to wait till S5 right? They can survive just fine being like 1 minute old.
  20. Right atm my mind ist honestly still boggled about getting CBs of the pink. Though it throws any Saphire-Lineages right in the garbage as well as far as AP is concerned.
  21. I have to agree with this, I have no CB Spriter's Alt, no CB Prizes and I do not ND on a regular basis. That means I have nothing to trade for rare stuff. As it is I am happy I can save up for a Stat or a CB Metal and buy it. Getting a CB of these requires you to be at the AP the time it drops in the visible area, which no one can foretell since the time on eggs vary. And yes I can understand why anyone would ask for payment of this hassle. Aside of the fact that someone else wifully has to adandon their egg in order for it to be in the AP in the first place. So yes I would appreciate if this dragon could be at least in the market so everyone has a chance.
  22. Yes, honestly? This annoys me to no end. I mainly collect CBs.
  23. Just saying: as far as I know 'Fertility' does not alter the chance refusals happening (meaning that the BSA does not prevent this from happenig completely when trying new pairs, it just reduces the chance).
  24. Do Pink Saphires turn Yellow with too many Views?