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  1. 1) Yes I am aware that the Hub contains really batty requests. However I have been trying since three weeks and I am still trying. Neither have my offers been accepted nor was the CB Pink Saph I am looking for offered to me. Again, I am not here to cry about not getting the offer I want, so please stop lecturing me how sometimes there is a Hype and how sometimes people request crazy stuff in trading and how sometimes you have to try for some time. I have been playing since 2009 and despite a hiatus of some time I am aware of this as I did casually keep tabs on DC via another source and have seen enough crazy releases during the time I actively participated in the forums. Also I am not sitting there like some spoilt kid crying. I am still trying by all means I can think of. Having said as much, unless we are actually talking rares, three weeks is usually plenty of time for the Hype after a release. And I am voicing my observations on this point, and aparrently I am not the only one experiencing this, since people with CB metallics seemed to have the same issues. I repeat: I have never seen anything like this since first Holly Craze Breeding or the Introduction of Prizes, both which are (opposite to Saphs) Holidays. 2) You traded without issues, yes I see bred Pinks there frequently. And yes the hype for the bred ones has gone down somewhat. Though I am still talking about CBs, so unless you can show me constant and repeated trades where CB Pinks go for a reasonable price (should you be able to, I rest my case), I must assume you are talking about bred ones.
  2. @Fuzzbucket I can only speak for myself, and I had no issues whatsoever to obtain any of these via Trading or the Market. What I could not catch from the cave I was able to obtain via the Market as CB and if I chose so bred myself. For instance I can buy the Cbs or the parents of the Hybrids via Market and simply have them breed until they deign to give me the egg I want. The Pink Saphires however DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. I do not know how this is so difficult to comprehend. Nothing I can do will get me a Pink Saphire unless I am dependant on someone dropping excatly what I need, someone else (or if I am lucky myself) picks it up and I can trade for it. So I agree with @MissK. here. This is not about my crying that I am unable to obtain what I want, despite telling about my admittetly frustrating attempts to obtain the CBs I need, I am still trying to get them via the means we are given. However the longer I try through different way and different offers and the such, the more I am convinced that there is an issue with obtaining these supposed commons. Because in all the years I played the only time I saw something comparable was when the Prizes were first introduced and people got crazy about Holly Breeding when there was like only 100 CB Hollies on all DC and no Holiday Biome yet. And saying "well others are not common like mints or albinos" is not adressing this issue, which we are talking about here.
  3. What kind of NR? Please keep in mind that bred stuff does not equal CB and for example the CB Peach Florets are common as sand compared to CB Pink Saphs. Like I said I tried most every Rare/Very Uncommon (whatever) in hatched state or as egg, grouped or single. Aside of a Gen 2 Prize or a CB Metallic I tried everything I could think of. So it's not as if I tried like once and then came to cry here.
  4. Quite frankly I do not care if you call Trios, Unbreedable, Blusangs and the like rare or very uncommon. Offered multiple to one (including full sets, influenced breeding pairs) they should be sufficient to trade for a CB Common even during a release. Which tells me that the Trading Demand is all over the place even 3 weeks since release. I offered anything you can imagine save a CB Metal or Stat for them and got nothing, and apparently even the people having those for trades are not successfull.
  5. Bred =/= CB And I am only saying what I personally see going on with the trades. I tried trading multiple CB Rares just for one CB Pink. And got nothing.
  6. The Low Views as addition to AP seems to be the most sensible one, since it fits the lore of the Pinks being lonely.
  7. I honestly doubt that, sorry but in all the years I played this game, just nope. Not to any extent that will put a stop to the ridiculous trading with CB Pinks. Besides, if we have a flood now, then they will become rarer later again, so your point is moot. During the first days (~ 1 -1.5 Week) after release I saw maybe 4-5 Pinks an hour. Now I see roughly 3-4 a day! And of the 7 Pinks I cought so far only one was CB. I am not saying drop the AP mechanic. But I still strongly suggest another way to obtain the pinks.
  8. No because a Spahire Flood would at this point more likely lead to lots of Yellows being made.
  9. Nor will it result in all these CBs going as Pinks to the AP.
  10. A Spahire Flood in the Cave does not equal a Saphire flood in the AP, so that helps the demand on CB Pinks none at all. I can only repeat myself.
  11. A Spahire Flood in the Cave does not equal a Saphire flood in the AP, so that helps the demand on CB Pinks none at all.
  12. I never said it has to go away, did I say so anywhere? I do not mind the mechanic of the AP, I only mind it being the ONLY way. So I would appreciate an alternative (and yes I do not mind if it was harder, more time consuming, and not always successful) way to get the pinks. One that does not rely on the charity of others AND good internet. As of now you have to have good internet to grab the egg, someone being nice and abandoning something, and being lucky to be at the AP at the right time, and the lineage being what you are looking for. Honestly that is a lot of what ifs, so there are reasons why I dislike AP being the only way. Either because you have bad internets or need certain lineages for your game play. With bad internets you can't do anything about the AP, but most things can be saved up for at the market, and as far as I can say prizes are fairly easy to get via trading, many are even given away for free, there are a lot of lineages floating around. And Prizes are obviously not meant to be available as CB aside of the Raffle (or other games), so unlike Saphires they are indeed "Holidays". Which makes it ok that CBs are not available via the Market and not generally available. However this does not applay to Saphires!
  13. @Fuzzbucket so was I, however I think many people won't keep breeding and dropping Pinks on a regular basis. Which means that there will be less and less of them. And again this does not adress the issue of CBs which are nigh impossible to get atm. I am not saying it only happened once, but generally people tend to have it in the forefront during release time and I can speak for myself I will probably not remember to do it every week for all eternity, and I assume many others will as well. And yes if you can't see AP eggs you are stumped. That is why I feel that offering some opportunity to pink them without relying on good internet or valuables to trade for them is very important. Low views are still true to "canon" seeing as the pink ones are supposed to be lonely.
  14. @KrazyKarp I strongly disagree. I have been trying the AP for Pink Saphs since release day. And I am seeing less and less of them going through the AP: We DID have the effect that many people abandoned some to give something back in the honor of release. ANd AGAIN I stress that many of us want to do certain lineages or need CBs. I have so far cought some 7ish Pinks since release (yes I have good internet, still missing most) and only ONE was the lineage I needed the rest were completely useless to me so I gifted some away. Also the bad connection being an issue for a long time HAS been adressed. By introducing the trading system and the market. Now it is possible to save up for most everything and simply buy it on the market. And you can exchange via a safe trade instead of punting stuff through the AP with the chance of it getting lost.
  15. It's been over 2 weeks now, things usually calm down within a week. I am however seeing less and less Pink Saphs in the AP.
  16. As for trading: I have tried to trade ven multiple CB Rares for just one CB Pin Saph, got nothing. Been trying since Release Day.
  17. I did get C3PO https://dragcave.net/view/C3POQ https://dragcave.net/view/e9uYN And Flobber Worm
  18. Anyone still in need of a Pink Saph and will take a Gen 2 shoot me a PM, it's gonna grow soon MODERATOR EDIT: suggestions threads are not the place to offer eggs. trades and giveaways go in the trade subforum.
  19. I mean quite frankly that's like inserting my fridge into ebay saying "it's free to anyone who gives me a tenner". I'm not saying it's a rip off or anything, just it's not free. And I understand that some people want the dragons to go to someone with no trophies or no specimen of this dragon. But compared with the fridge that be like "free to anyone who is able to pick it up within 3 days". I just don't remember this from when I played. 😵
  20. Alrighty, so I didn't play for several years and so I'm doing a lot of trading to get the stuff I missed during the time I was gone. However I tend to see a lot of this: Wants: Free, for any CB or Wants: Free for a hatchie or something like that. Generally stuff like Wants: Free for [insert request here] Now I understand that you gotta do a Dummy-Return if you want to gift something via the Trading Hub. But how does it make sense to ask for something specific in return? Is this something I missed? Sorry but I am just confused. Either it's free or it's not free or am I somewhat mistaken?