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  1. Yeah we live in da light grey zone. And the Hubby finally has an appointment for his first shot. My second is also fast approaching, gonna go this friday.
  2. I'm trying to unhide my stuff but it's not happeing. Not when I do it via the growing up dragons site or clicking directly via actions. Edit: I got Help on Discord. Not sure if the issue was on my end or not but it is working now.
  3. Anyone still in need of a Pink Saph and does not mind somewhat messy lineage? Please PM me.
  4. Support. I am still habing troubles making sure I get the right gemshard.
  5. I'm also looking forwards to the second shot which is next week on Friday. The Hubby sadly hasn't got his first one yet.
  6. I have a CB ND I want CB Pink Saphire offer, if one is offered it must be an egg with enough time to influence or a male hatchie or a CB Staterae https://dragcave.net/teleport/4c7a7d3fcdef2029d499c2ba17936a31
  7. I have a CB ND I want CB Pink Saphire offer, if one is offered it must be an egg with enough time to influence or a male hatchie or a CB Staterae https://dragcave.net/teleport/4c7a7d3fcdef2029d499c2ba17936a31
  8. Yeah though she did make a suggestion. So I assume it is OK to support that suggestion.
  9. Not when I looked at it, then it was normally 20odd players. That is why I hunt the AP when I do. Because I have seen that there are times when it is empty. Well relatively. But I have rarely seen the AP to go below 30 players those last few weeks. And how is it disrespectful to point out things that do not work well? If I say "man this thing you made is crap" then yes it is disrespectful. But nobody said anything like that. People expressed that they find to rely solely on this one mechanic stressfull for valid reasons, such as crappy connections and lack of good stuff to trade combined with silly demand of something. As the artist suggested a possible remedy I should think they are as interested as everyone else to make their added aspect of the game enjoyable for most everyone. So pointing out things that appear problematic (ideally combined with suggestions to change things or aproving of already made suggestions) is not disrespectful it's called constructive critisism. Which is essential to any creative art, since you improve your art by working out kinks that people point towards since you might have not spotted them yourself. Personally I do several artsy things and I thrive on people pointing out flaws and ways to improve my work. Because that is how learning works! It's not scrosanct, and quite frankly I think it's silly to treat any art or artist as such.
  10. CB and bred (or even Messy) ist certainly not the same thing demand/value wise. At least not according to my experiance. And Yes I am currently offering an ND for CB Pink Saphs because I am at my wits end. I tried offering everything else I can think of (aside if CB Metallics and Stats since I cannot get any, and Gen 2 Prizes as I do not have a CB to start with).
  11. I have not been able to catch a Pink since 2 Weeks almost. Let alone the CB I need. And still nothing in Trades. I would like the other method. But I do not have great hopes this goes ans further than people wanting it. @FortyTwo quite frankly you can buy all the Gemshards you want off the Market. The issue is that you cannot with Pink Saphires.
  12. Well I am seeing people with big scrolls and some time under their belts asking for CB Metallics, ND or Stats. So 4 Weeks in, the demand has still not died down. Unless this is what Infinis had in mind with creating this I still see a problem.
  13. I made some simple shorts. I dislike super skinny leggings, and I dislike the shorts that are like super short. I do like to be sure everything vital is covered while I move around. 😅 Didn't really find anything in the store so I just made stuff from an old drape. The skirt was also made from an old drape. Also we did finish the Jellyfish-dress.
  14. @Tini yes though if you make it a View-Frame saying it is Pink under 500 and Blue under 4000, then logically they have to start out Pink and then turn blue and then yellow, that is why I am saying this might be hard to implement, unless you say they start blue by default and hatch Pink if they have below 500 Views by the time they hatch. Then the egg would not be Pink but the hatchie would. The other way, with a smooth turnover you'd have to have all Saphs be Pink by default.
  15. Yes 500 OV can be done. It's really not that hard, even 1-2 Day ER Eggs will hatch with 500 OV. You'd have to fog the egg until it has around 1-2 days left. I only checked the first page of my scroll and found several low stat dragons: https://dragcave.net/view/Gfs8e https://dragcave.net/view/1uByx Those are the ones with the lowest stats. The one with 1200 OV on growing up took only 3 days to hatch and 3 days to mature. So you just gotta aim for low stats. So yeah maybe turning them as hatchies might not work, but if you can turn them as eggs that would be plenty enough, don't you think? I do not freeze hatchies on a regular base so I cannot say how long you'd have to wait for them to hatch. https://dragcave.net/view/ZtH8 Would be closest as frozen hatchie, still took only 3 days to hatch. My question would rather be how to implement such a thing. Like blue eggies until they hatch Pink if the stats are low enough? Cause if you make it similar to the yellow mode, then any Saph would start out as a Pink, turn blue over a certain amount of Views and then turn yellow over a certain amount of views.
  16. It's a no from me. I do recognize the Shards as a good idea to compensate folks with horrid connections. However I do think it appropriate that we have to save up for rarer stuff. So I think getting 100 shards a week is plenty. And as for this to help with slow drops, I dislike the idea to rig a debated mechanism with a different one. If we feel the concept of Cave Drops being faulty I think this needs to be adressed rather than rigging another mechanism. Besides I like finding CBs in the AP, this would reduce a lot if people just traded those eggs for shards. I do hope my reasoning makes sense even if not everybody agrees.
  17. Under 500 Views like Infinis suggested is not really that hard to do, it just requires time to hatch the egg late.
  18. That is possible. Good to know. I was wondering why NDs I saw as eggs in the ER would not count towards my Hatchie-Observation after they hatched. Might be the same effect.
  19. Since not everyone uses Forums or the Chat unfortunately not.
  20. Yes I agree, though I do like her suggestion by offering the chance via the ND-mechanism (well sort of) with the low views. Since it does fit her lore of Pinks being lonely and you have to work up for it, making AP still the fastest source. It also solves the lineage issue to some extent.
  21. I do not remember looking for yellow Spahires. 🤔 I mean I did not look for them in fansites or anything.
  22. But I was able to unlock it by turning my CB Egg Yelllow.
  23. I kind of feel like this is adressed to me. If it's not, good. Might be language issue (I am not a native english speaker), especially if I am quoted. I just do not wish people to think that I am posting here merely to cry about not getting the offer I want. Because I am still trying and I will not give up. Just I get the feeling that this demand is not behaving like with previous releases and wish to make that observation. Considering we are already 3 Weeks in.