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  1. Will the Glowshroom grow more than 6 Coins worth with harvesting?
  2. SO are Pitfires dropping less frequently? Because I do have troubles getting a CB pair. 😕
  3. Are Pitfires even dropping? I can't seem to even see any in the cave. 😕
  4. My Acorn Squash is sitting all alone in it's row and it still says it needs more space. WHy????
  5. Lalalala no pitfire last year, still no CB this year. Meh.
  6. All mine say Forest @Fuzzbucket though I am sure I did hunt in other biomes.
  7. I noticed it works better because it sometimes fails to reload the cave correctly, showing me the old grabbed eggs instead. However I mainly use it while clicking to save some time it would cost me to be directed to the egg or fail screen and having to go back to the cave and reload it. Instead I click with ctrl to have it in a new tab while remaining on the cave so I can grab the next egg. <-- This is actually the main benefit of the whole thing. During the flood Y-day I was able to grab 4 NR in one drop applying this method. But it is also quite useful in smaller drops to see if maybe there is another NR after the first one. Or as @HeatherMarie does, using the mouse. Though it's the same method, just different execution of it.
  8. Yes you may get lucky though if you want to have the most success with the least effort just going for the drops seems most efficient. Though I might add it also helps to keep the ctrl-key pressed while doing it, though I will benefit mostly during the NR floods. At least on my keyboard setting (you non german guys might want to check if it's the same combo for you) this will make anything I click open up in a new tab, without actually switching to that new tab. So I wildly click any NR egg until the drop is over and count my grabs after that. Stopping during the drop to see what you got is just a waste of time. Though this works most during egg floods it will still come in handy if there are several NR eggs one after the other in drops. So getting to a device with key board is usually better than trying via cell phone.
  9. Try to refresh at the full 5 min. Then normally a set of new eggs is dropped and so close to the release it's usually release eggs. You need a really exact clock though, that shows seconds. Try refreshind at the XX:X4/9:50 mark until it hits the full minute of :00 or :05 or :10
  10. @Fuzzbucket yes though I checked their scroll, was similar to mine with Platin Trophy and Joinedate over 10 years ago and over 3000 dragons. They would have even been able to offer what I asked for. According to their scroll they also know what Thuweds, Salts and prizes are. So I am pretty sure they know what's what. I would not have been annoyed otherwise. Had they been new I would not have commented on this. Or if they had like offered a prize or metallic, because that would have been despite not what I asked not something a new player might confuse for what they actually were asking for. The fact that the Lumina hatchie looks so similar and was offered repeatedly was kind of offputting though.🤷‍♀️ I mean I do not have any proof obviously. It was just a lot of things coming together that rubbed me the wrong way on that one. Like I said it happens to me too that I really want to offer on a trade even though I do not have what the person wants. And I do understand that with like 4 same eggs on scroll you can sometimes accidentally offer say the bred one instead of the CB.
  11. Normally I'd not be wonderung as well. But I think offering something bred of the same breed when it's specifically asked for CB or this case of a Lumina which looks really really similar to what I am asking is at least weird. I mean I did get some offers offering like really different valuables to what I was asking, so I was like "yes obviously they do not have what I was asking for". Like offering a metallic with a really good lineage or a prize with a really good lineage when I was asking for like a CB Cantor or so.
  12. I still do doubt that this trade changing without the trader getting a notice seems off, but there are people trying to scam in trades or at least hoping to take advantage of players thinking that other people are honest in their trading. Although it is the responsibility of the person accepting the trade to check the offered stuff I do find it disrespectful knowingly offer "similar but not quite it" stuff on trades. I have been offered lineaged eggs several times when asking for CBs specifically. I get it if someone is upset that they can't offer on a trade they like really really want because they do not have what is asked for. Been there myself. In fact most anyone was I think. But this is annoying. Today I asked for 2 Snuggly/skittish CB eggs for my CB Copper. Now no idea if it's fair, but there it is. I had someone offering me an egg and a hatchie, repeatedly while I was sleeping. I almost accepted the offer because bred eggs would show too much time at this point since people are only just starting to get adults. But the hatchie looked off so I checked it. It was a Lumina! They do look similar enough to the snuggly one to almost fool me and I do play since a long time. If it was a honest mistake they would not have offered this hatchie repeatedly, so I can unly assume they were trying to trick me into thinking this was a Snuggly hatchie.
  13. I know they will be doing fairs again in September (because I work there at the entrance) and I am very curious how that will play out. While I did sign up working there, I only did so because the hubby and me are both vully vaccinated by now.
  14. I'm quite happy that these were relatively easy to come by. Got my 10 CBs already.
  15. The hubby is getting his second shot tomorrow. His appointment from the centre was like in the middle of our vacation and they kept telling him yes he can get a different one but not at this moment and please call again next week, but a GP agreed to take him on for his short, a friend of us works there and she said that they have trouble finding people on short notice to fill up all the available appointments for a day so she asked if she could call a friend who is looking for an appointment for his second shot. Woot. By the time we start our vacation he will even almost have completed the 2 week wait for full protection, which is awesome.
  16. Well to you it matters less, to others it might not, so it would make most sense to use a method that adresses both issues, instead of one that only adresses one issue. I did not have the impression Infi disliked their own suggestion. The thing is making it only so that pinks occasionally bred true this does not adress the CB Issue. While it seemed to me as if you disliked the view suggestion for it not sufficiently adressing the lineage issue. Which I think would not be true. If that was not your intention then we do not need to take this any further. Just saying that the view-method would make lineaging pinks mostly like lineaging yellows.
  17. @DragonLady86 Yes but fuzzbucket wanted them to breed true instead of making the low view thingie. See this quote: Which makes no sense to me for above mentioned reason. Lorewise, but also that it adresses not the issue of CBs and actually makes some lineages even harder.
  18. How is it impossible to carry on lineages? If you want blue either offer them as a dummy TP for free on the Hub or the forums or breed while locked. If you want Pink either abandon or turn it (or give it to someone who then must turn it). I do not understand your point how it should be impossible fuzzbucket. Or did you think it was any different from this https://dragcave.net/lineage/bFACV lineage-wise? I had to turn it to match. So what? No big deal. Same as with the Pinks if they become View-based as well as AP-Based. On the contrary, it would actually be a pain for anyone attempting alternating lineages if they sometimes bred this and sometimes that. Besides I disagree. Getting CBs is as much an issue as getting lineages. Instead of hoping for the right lineages you gotta hope to get the non-lineage. I fail to see how this is any easier.
  19. But that does not adress the CB issue. And lore-wise going with the lonely trope low views would make more sense.
  20. I would prefer the view-method, as it adresses both CBs and Lineage. I do not see why we need the pinks to breed true if they can be obtained via the view method.
  21. Even NDing is not that hard. It's just the question if the egg turns or not. I mean some just don't even with perfect stats. Once you got the knack of timing your egg it's actually pretty easy, it's more of a hassle with bouncing/forcing, getting the ERs right and waiting patiently, but the basic idea is actually quite simple. And since the basic idea here is to get pinks without having to rely on someone else I also doubt that it would go so low that you'd actually have to bounce it. So I was really stumped for a moment here 😅
  22. I have one too, Cantormaris for sure, but it still worked. I didn't note down the hatching stats but even a day after hatching it's below 1000 OV. It was a trading offer I got, with roughly 299 UV, and a middle hole in it. So I just let it sit to see when it would hatch on it's own, since the stats were blow 1000 and not moving. I have no idea why you guys think Infinis would suggest a remedy for a problem, knowing that it would not work. I mean they play DC a lot, so I am pretty confident that the offered option would be feasible.
  23. SInce I have also put this on the DC-Hub I needed to do a 2-Way Port. Anyhow: This egg is for free since I can not longer simply abandon them. Feel free to offer any dummy: https://dragcave.net/teleport/c76b88f2fa89b4acd08b4cb866452762 Eta: Thanks heather, I grabbed those since I don't have my scroll goal of eaither yet. Eta2: Thanks Krande for the nice Shimmerkin
  24. I lucked out Yday as well. I was able to snag 3 CBs within 1 Minute off the AP. Not sure if I intercepted anyone trying to bounce their Market-purchase or if they were intended to get dropped. But I brings to to half my goal. So I'm gonna take it and be happy. That said, I still would like to see means to get them on my own. Because this was really only sheer dumb luck (und a fast clicky finger)