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  1. Modern Warfare 2 on ps3. just got it 2 weeks ago! about too prestige!
  2. Life in the fast lane. always get that one stuck in my head!
  3. Big fan of iron maiden also like jimi hendrix experience and led zeppelin
  4. Agreed. The music video is pretty funny though
  5. The stupid fight song that they always play at the football (american) games. A saturday of doing almost nothing but computer and watching football will do that to you!
  6. Chocobos are awesome! unfortunatley, the only FF game i have is FF III
  7. berrynose, hes an idiot, daisy, shes a whiner, and leafpool, she is boring and thinks too highly of herself in my opnion
  8. it could be cool to freeze some eggs that look cool but then people might get a ton of eggs, freeze them, and get a ton more. If you were allowed to freeze eggs there should at least be some restrictions
  9. the new charlie the unicorn 3 song... i just watched it lol
  10. i have the obama lama song stuck in my head right now...
  11. back in black by AC/DC always seems to find its way into my head! but i like that one!
  12. Does anyone have a song that whenever they hear it, it gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day? i know whenever i hear the song disturbia, i cant get it out of my head!!!
  13. I dont like jayfeathers depressing personality but i really like him when hes happy. also the need he and lionblaze have for power is kinda creepy...