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ARK2-1.gif Not around so often anymore, but comes and goes. law-lee.png ddh17rb-86bbc3d8-0cb3-490a-a3c7-db4c0bf3

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    I breed, I drop eggs, I come and go. Know that I don't check in the forums often, even if I'm checking in from time to time to catch new release eggs. I'm willing to breed about anything on my scroll for people, but I might not see a message for half a year or more if I just don't check the forums. Regardless, if you don't mind pming this numbskull to inquire about the possibility of certain breeding pairs and know that I might not see your message for some time, feel free. The worst I'll tell you is that I'm not breeding a certain dragon/pair atm.

    I drop and gift eggs via the Giving Tree and community notice board. I breed BSA dragons for AP drops when I remember.