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  1. thanks! It’s got a spriters alt in there too!
  2. Thats impressive. I would not have that level of patience.. and thanks to whoever dropped these eggs to the AP: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Nu5QE https://dragcave.net/lineage/y7Ww1 https://dragcave.net/view/XmIjc i influenced two to be mates, and I’ll breed my own male horse and female hellfire to make a mate for the third.. now all ill need is 2G hellhorse pair from male hellfires to complete my current goals for this breed.
  3. https://dragcave.net/lineage/CQ16p i think this is my first hellhorse. I love purebreds. (I know technically not a PB, but it’s as close as you can get, so I’m counting it.) thanks Perzephone!
  4. One ice and one magma egg. Would appreciate them getting named. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. I grabbed this one, thanks! also my eggs are still available.
  6. I’d like it if someone who doesn’t have an ice or magma (or both) takes these eggs. Also would appreciate them being named (unless the code means something to you. Honestly didn’t even look to see what the codes were.) Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. I absolutely love the tercorn. I like the Pygmy too. I’m just not a big fan of pygmies. I just grab them for my completionist brain.
  8. Omg these look fantabulous! I can’t really pick which one I like most.. maybe the blue one since I seem to have the most breeding ideas for it.
  9. Just caught my second egg each of Alpine, desert, and jungle eggs.. just have to wait for my last three of the first batch to hatch tomorrow to get my second of the others. Hoping for one of each gender. Hopefully the first batch genders in time for me to influence the second properly.. and hoping I have enough influences I need I only have three female and four male influences.
  10. Just checked your scroll, and it does say you joined in 2008.
  11. Snagged a jungle after abandoning a CB I already had both genders of, just have to wait for the other five eggs to hatch so I can try to grab one of each from the other five biomes. Can’t wait to see the adults! Happy Birthday DC! Been a member since 2009, although I’ve stopped playing for long periods of time for various reasons, but glad it’s still around!
  12. Managed to grab two of the pygmies. One precogged male so I influenced the other female so I have a breeding pair. Plus managed to snag a bluesang and two more vibrant eggs. Was looking at the other biomes to see what I could get there and ended up miclicking a two headed lyndwyrm, which locked me.. I’ll be abandoning that in two hours (bloody CD is killing me) and trying to get more if the new eggs.
  13. Son of a gun.. guess I’m going to have “fun” hunting this once my current batch of eggs hatches..
  14. Yeah I thought I was being vague enough, there was something else I wanted to put in but didn’t because there’d no way to be vague about it.. Deleted it for you. and dang, you have to wait for DVDs to come out? How long does that freaking take? Glad I can watch it in the night of.. but dying inside between episodes.
  15. Saw it, loved it... I’m not sure the remaining three (!😩!) episodes could match up to it though.. definitely the best episode to date. And the most tense and suspenseful. @Guillotine does anything else in the biome share the word smells? If not you could look for that.. it really is a description that bkends in well. I locked myself with the vibrants (after abandoning a couple eggs) and won’t be able to hunt the Pygmy until around noon-one when my vibrants are supposed to hatch.. if they can’t get enough views before then.. not even a crack on the eggs yet.
  16. And I’m egglocked again. With all eggs having close to or more than six days on the timer.. and most of which I’ve had a heck of a time getting.. finally got a GoN egg, got a red copper egg in trade to influence male, and an ice egg to be female.. *looks at Pyralspite, light Lumina, and tsunami Wyvern Eggs* the Pyralspite is influenced. Can’t get rid of him. I’ve had so much trouble finding light luminas in the cave, but the last two days I’ve been noticing them more... tsunami wyvern I could definitely toss, I guess. I see those enough, just haven’t gone after them until now.. i do have to say that vibrant egg looks interesting, so I’ll be grabbing that first. can’t wail until I’m fully unlocked so I can get the other one too. EDIT: wow, I’m shocked I was fast enough to catch two of the vibrant eggs before the biomes went empty again..
  17. And I just found my 62nd egg. all the designs are great. Good job spriters.. now, i just wish there was a guide to what some of them were references to..
  18. I was coming here to say this. Maybe this is the reason the site was down?
  19. I’m having this issue as well. I’m using an iPhone. Wonder if the device used is the issue?
  20. 29 left for me to find. So many fun, interesting, and beautiful designs.. I can’t pick a favorite.
  21. I found one that looks a bit like a skull with horns..... if it’s supposed to be something else, I’d love to know.. because a skull isn’t very festive.. unless it’s halloween.. not that I’m complaining.. I like Halloween and spooky stuff.
  22. I’m thinking water, Arsani, almerald, bolt, deep sea, heartstealer, leodon, moonstone, red finned tidal, script, Silvers, skywings, spirit ward, sunset/rise, sun song, sweetling, turpentine, undine, xenowyrm, Waterhorse... obviously I need to narrow this down quite a bit.. a few are automatically eliminated because I don’t have CB of them yet and am unlikely to obtain CB anytime soon (silvers and xenowyrms), others I already have other ideas for, but still... ill probably try other noodly dragons first, like the deep sea or water.
  23. I was so confused when I saw the description of the coast egg.. and when I saw it I knew I hadn’t seen it before, and immediately cane to the forums to see if there was s new release... and now I’m mad because the coast egg locked me for eggs, and I just got all of them at once.. hopefully they won’t be too rare and I can catch the two head next round of egg snatching.