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  1. I don't know how to study for this at all.
  2. So I was getting on this one girl for forgetting everything... notebook, car keys, you name it. Then what do I do? Leave my umbrella in whatever class I just left. Twice. In one day.
  3. Textbook prices are ridiculous
  4. Ardeo, from this book I read a long time ago. He's a minor dragon and glows and is small enough to sit on your hand and just sounds so adorably cute Kilgharrah from Merlin for being an interesting, witty, usually good and endlessly wise but not always friendly character. And also Dumat from Dragon Age, even if you never see him in the game the legends about him sound incredibly intimidating and it's all pretty interesting.
  5. I don't have to study any more this year! What a weird feeling.
  6. No wait stop hatching, I haven't influenced you yet!
  7. This is such a missed opportunity I'm so disappointed
  8. Wondering why an ER sunrise I caught wasn't hatching even though it had so many views! durr
  9. Cloudy. I haven't seen the sun in 4 days, where did it gooo?
  10. Holy crap, it worked! Yes! Okaaay, time to make lunch.
  11. I just found TeTrA! This and AWNaa are also pretty funny
  12. I really love the idea of having a moon related dragon with the code nSN4E. It's too bad the N and 4 weren't reversed though.
  13. Please return to the ground or let my neighbor down. rdtfkjho
  14. My room has been depleted of sweets, how will I survive another week? D:
  15. dear god I spent nearly two hours looking up classes time, where have you gone
  16. You mean it's not due today? Oh thank goodness asdfghgj But now I have to move on to that other assignment I was supposed to have done already...
  17. To exact revenge, someone decided he'd jail your uncle. ^^; hurwey
  18. I'm pretty sure I wanted to be a vet because I thought they played with animals all day. I also said I wanted to be an astronaut at some point.
  19. Analyzing online ads is a terrible assignment. Just when I've decided to focus and get something done it invites me to go browse the internet and get even more distracted. >_<