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Seeking: Wishlist in profile. || Flight Rising: vetica


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I will be extremely busy & with limited internet from the end of July to mid-September.

I won't be able to respond to potential trades etc. during this time.


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    reading, writing, art, books, cats, video games

    ________ [ w i s h l i s t ] ________

    Purple, Red, & Yellow Dinos
    CB Green Copper (or save 1,900 MP)
    CB Silver
    CB Gold (to breed with my Gold Prize Shimmer, save 4,600 MP)
    4th gen or lower Neglected
    Chicken (to be frozen as hatchling)

    ________ [ h u n t i n g ] ________

    Leetle Tree (Forest) - "Oh my. There is a Leetle Tree among the eggs."
    Aqualis (Coast) - "This drab egg rests far from the water’s edge."
    Avatar of Destruction - Guardian of Nature x Dark/Death/Fire/Lightning
    Boreal (Alpine) - "This egg is covered in pale blue spots."
    Galvanic Wyvern (Volcano) - "Powerful energy emanates from this egg."
    Kovos Pygmy (Coast) - "This tiny, dark egg fills you with existential dread."
    Kingcrowne (All) - "This shiny egg gives off an almost magical aura."
    Sapphire (All) - "This egg looks like a beautiful blue stone."
    Honey Drake (Coast/Forest/Jungle) - "This egg is covered in tiny golden scales."
    Floret Wyvern (Gold, Alpine) - "This shiny egg smells faintly like flowers."
    Pipio Pygmy (All) - "This little egg is soft with a few feathers stuck to it."
    Lunar Herald (Silver, Alpine/Desert/Volcano) - "This metallic egg shows faint iridescence in moonlight."
    ----------Aurax Full/Cirion Full, Aurax Waning gibbous/Cirion Waning gibbous (https://dragcave.net/help/time)

    ________ [ i will always collect ] ________
    Green Coppers

    (lineage nor gender matters for these)

    ________ [ things to do ] ________
    more frostbites!!!
    lunar heralds (at least 2 of each type)
    more pinks (at least 10 each m & f)
    more reds (at least 10)

    iysis x gateau
    binovia x rose
    watcher x adagio
    celestalia x sahida
    golden love x unrequited
    bounty x haerfestar
    heart's wish x floof

    ________ <3 ________