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  1. I played RuneScape for a little while back when it was still 2D and again later with the 3D graphics. Both versions were pretty terrible to me. As for WoW, I'm looking forward to the Cataclysm expansion. I plan on making a Worgen, and maybe a goblin as well, even though they're ugly. By the way, has anyone seen these quests that will be it Cataclysm? These made me crack up laughing:
  2. I wish you could select individual dragons to add or remove from the site. But other than that, it's one of my favorite fan sites.
  3. I like tea as long as there's sugar and ice in it. That's how we drink tea where I live. I tried hot tea with no sugar in it before and I thought it tasted gross.
  4. I'll have to wait a while before I can get these two. I don't pick up new eggs until the dragons I already have are adults, and mine are still eggs. Hopefully they will still be dropping a lot by then.
  5. I just hope that I don't get too much time added on so my sun egg can become a sunrise.
  6. Hopefully when the site comes back up, the eggs I got recently won't be lost.
  7. Definitely the kirin and the Chinese dragon. They've been on that list since I started playing last year. I also like the pillow dragons. They're so cute.
  8. Are you sure about that? I went to EDS and it loaded the same as it always does. I also checked out EATH and it went to EDS, like it has been.
  9. Really? What did they do before? Sounds like they may have been doing this just to be a jerk then, if that's the case.
  10. I can't understand why someone would do something like this, unless it was just to be a jerk.
  11. Yay! I'm glad it's back up. Because of other fansites that closed permanently, I was thinking the same would happen to this one.
  12. I really hope it comes back soon. The only other sites I like are Dragonnery and Daily Dragon Fix. I might have to try another if my eggs don't get enough views with those two, but I'm never going to use one of those forum fansites.
  13. Hopefully it's not down permanently. I like this site.
  14. Goodnight. If something interesting happens, I guess I'll find out in the morning.
  15. I want to find out what all of this is about, but it's late here. I don't know if I should stay awake or go to sleep.
  16. Either that, or it will be able to turn into a ferocious sea monster like Gyarados.
  17. I have no idea what is going on here, other than an animated Magikarp.
  18. I love the Terrae dragons. They remind me of deer.
  19. I'm glad I got all of the eggs, but I think new eggs should be the only eggs in the cave for at least three days. The last drop was also short, and it took me a month to get them all. I just now got my first nebula today,
  20. I now have them all! And my dawn/dusk's code is "LICk" O_O
  21. The only eggs that are not permanent are holiday eggs, like Halloween and Christmas.
  22. Wow, I got a nebula egg. Now I have all of the MM eggs. And of this release, I only need the dusk/dawn egg.
  23. I just got the orange egg and I got the green one on the five minute drop, which is the first time I've been able to get an egg from one of those.
  24. Yow know what? Last night I dreamed that new dragons were released. One of them was orange, too. I didn't even think they would be released today.
  25. It looks like I'll be able to get these today, as soon as my five dragons grow up.