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  1. A silver. I immediately grabbed it when I saw it on the AP. I was very excited when I got it.
  2. Sweetlings. I love their body shape, the colors, and the little heart markings on them.
  3. Just a cup of coffee. I don't normally eat anything for breakfast.
  4. I got one small warn a couple of years ago, and it bothered me so bad that I left the entire site, not just the forum for two years. I'm back now, but I think I will rarely post in the forums.
  5. I read the rules to every forum I joined before I post. I don't see how what I did was spam, but I think differently than most people.
  6. I got a warn for something I didn't even consider spam. On any other forum, it wouldn't have been considered spamming. I was very upset and I wanted to leave the forums. I still feel upset about it and I'm afraid I might accidentally spam again. I have never gotten a warning on any forum before and I've been using forums since I was 17, maybe a few years before, too.
  7. Definitely Yoshi from the Mario series. I love dinosaurs.
  8. The site is definitely down. It won't load for me, either.
  9. I want a Taiwanese puppet, like the ones they have on Pili. But they're over $1,000. I can't afford that. I also wish I was born without my disability. I will never be able to get married or live on my own.
  10. I just started playing today. And I am completely lost because the beginner's guide doesn't load. So far I've just learned that your pets level up by other people feeding them.
  11. That's like saying that games don't need good graphics at all and all games should have graphics like Pong or Space Invaders. Sure, games don't need good graphics to be fun, but it does help immerse you in the game. Same with 3D graphics.
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    I just got this e-mail from the guy on eBay: "Dear Ukyo, I am sorry that Jian-Zi doll your father bought from me meets some shipping error of post office. It was sent back to me today. And I ship it out today, too. I think it will arrive about 7~10 later. Thanks for your waiting!"
  15. Post the first word that pops into your head after reading the previous word. ~ tree