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  1. I was thinking that as well. But I'm sure there are people who sent yellow just to be mean.
  2. I was taught something similar. My mom told me this when I was a kid. When someone gives you something you don't like, you should thank them for it even if you think it's awful.
  3. It's true that you can throw away gifts you get in real life, but it's considered rude to do that.
  4. I'll send one more flower in five minutes, then I'm going to bed.
  5. Well, I'm not tired enough to sleep yet, so I'll stay up and continue to send flowers.
  6. Me neither. I want to send out flowers all night.
  7. It's a small vase above the "Filter By"
  8. Click on the vase on your scroll.
  9. I don't expect to get flowers from anyone, but it would be nice if I got some.
  10. I got my two eggs. I'm surprised how fast I was able to grab them. Before I would have to stay up very late to catch them.