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  1. Hyrule Warriors. It is so awesome!
  2. Well, I'm glad that they lay different colored eggs. It'll make it easier to get the different colors. To me it doesn't matter if they're caveborn or bred. Lineage doesn't matter to me. To me, it's just something you can look at to see a dragon's relatives.
  3. Anyone have any mature coppers yet? If so, have you bred them? I really want to find out if their eggs are the color of the parent or if it's just random. I would breed mine, but I'm locked and if there was an egg, it would be abandoned.
  4. They can't even breed with other dragons of their own type? or just not with splits? It would be pretty disappointing if they couldn't breed with splits. Dragons that can only breed with their own type are kind of boring. My one hatchling hasn't grown up yet, but it will soon.
  5. That may be the one that I saw.
  6. There was one I saw that had a pretty amusing code, but I didn't catch that one. At least I was able to get one within three minutes of them being released.
  7. Those dragons look incredibly awesome!
  8. Didn't catch a single one. I wish they weren't mixed in with the other eggs.
  9. You're supposed to figure it out yourself. But I like to wait until someone else figures it out and posts it so I don't waste time or dragons.
  10. I wonder if it could be purple + black?
  11. Now I shall wait until someone figures out how to get these before I try breeding.
  12. I'm hoping for something brown or brownish orange.
  13. I'm thinking the next one will be alpine or forest. But I'm hoping for forest.
  14. Staying up past midnight is no problem for me, since I normally go to bed around 1:00 AM. I've stayed up later than that on new releases. The latest was probably 2:00 AM.
  15. I've been away from Valenth for a couple of years.
  16. That is why I'm only getting one of each.
  17. I had a feeling it was going to be desert, and I was right! I just got mine. I have never gotten a new release so quickly before.
  18. I hope it's desert. To me, desert doesn't really seem to have many different breeds.
  19. I'm happy we have a new two-headed dragon. For years, there's only been one.