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  1. People keep voting all of them down for some reason.
  2. I was able to upload something. It's currently waiting to be approved.
  3. I'm trying to come up with ideas for my next creation, but I can't think of anything.
  4. I was finally able to create a shop. I see the price to buy a shop was lowered: http://leetles.com/shop/25
  5. Now I have these four. I figure getting more will help me get to 1000 faster so I can buy a shop.
  6. Or you could get lucky. I was able to submit mine because the random number was like 20 something. EDIT: Now three.
  7. I was just able to submit my mushroom just now. It's currently waiting for admin approval.
  8. This is what I plan on adding when I have enough money. This is a straw mushroom. It's used a lot in Chinese food: This is my first try at pixel art.
  9. I made a straw mushroom, but I won't be able to submit it for a while. Cookie, because I don't feel like putting it in my sig:
  10. Yeah. It's gonna take a while.
  11. I've noticed that I get money after I click on someone's adoptable.
  12. I made a sprite, but I don't have enough money to submit it yet. It's my first try doing pixel art. You all will see it once I can afford to submit it.
  13. I might consider making an account there, too. EDIT: Just joined and I got a cookie: