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  1. I will try to get these when I am no longer scroll locked.
  2. Because what is boring to one person may be fun to another. I think Halo is boring, but many people like it.
  3. My mom helped me tame a Deviate Dreadfang in Wailing Caverns today. I died once because my mom fell down a hole and her pet brought a whole bunch of mobs with it, and they all attacked me and made me die.
  4. My mom does that a lot when she just wakes up and makes typos. Something like that happened to me the other day. I made a typo in my password, so I thought someone hacked my account and then changed the password, which is what happened to my old account last year.
  5. The games are alright, but some KH fans kind of made me hate the games.
  6. I recently started playing again. About a year ago, my account got hacked and I quit. Now I got a new computer and I'm not as stupid with it as I was on my old one. My mom has an account too, and we play the game together.
  7. I might think about it. I don't think I'm as good as an artist as the other people who made the avatars, but I can try. I'm not terrible, but I don't think I'm that great, either.
  8. I probably won't be able to upload anything for a while. I'm about broke now.
  9. People kept voting every one of them down earlier for some reason.
  10. This is what I uploaded a while ago. hasn't been approved yet:
  11. I don't mind waiting. I am patient.
  12. I just wait until there is a price that I can afford.
  13. I would rather it be random. Sorry.
  14. Go to the front page and click on the ones under new creations.
  15. People keep voting all of them down for some reason.
  16. I was able to upload something. It's currently waiting to be approved.
  17. I'm trying to come up with ideas for my next creation, but I can't think of anything.
  18. I was finally able to create a shop. I see the price to buy a shop was lowered: http://leetles.com/shop/25
  19. Now I have these four. I figure getting more will help me get to 1000 faster so I can buy a shop.
  20. Or you could get lucky. I was able to submit mine because the random number was like 20 something. EDIT: Now three.
  21. I was just able to submit my mushroom just now. It's currently waiting for admin approval.
  22. This is what I plan on adding when I have enough money. This is a straw mushroom. It's used a lot in Chinese food: This is my first try at pixel art.