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  1. 35 minutes ago, Varislapsi said:

    It would be quite fun if the festival eggs also lost their greennes after the event. :P Not that I don't love them this way but I'd be excited to see what they look like with more colors, hahah!

    I hope thy don't stay green because with a lot of them, it's hard to tell what they're supposed to be.

  2. They kind of made it sound like there was more than one review, and I haven't seen any attacks on their YouTube, unless they count a single dislike I saw on one of their videos. Maybe not lying, but it sounds like they're over-exaggerating.

  3. It sounds like they're trying to play the victim. They said people were leaving one-star reviews, but I see no 1 star reviews on their Facebook page or on Google. And they are claiming that people are trolling their YouTube page, but I see no evidence of that. I can't imagine anyone posting in this thread or even this forum trolling someone.



  4. Looks like they're not being very mature about this. Saw this on their Facebook page:


    " So we maybe needing to design a new dragon for our logo as the witch hunt continues even now they are going after the artist who was very nice to us and let us use her dragon. So, waiting for the artist to get back to us because hate to give into crazy gamer internet trolls but at same time don't want her to get into trouble. You know what maybe we just need a new logo with our new store. Maybe just the universe pushing us in the right direction. Anybody who needs a good laugh check it out https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/181765-stolen-art/"


    A link:

    Not sure how this is considered trolling, but okay.


  5. With this, I'm done with DragonCave now. I would occasionally take a break for a while, but then I would come back. Other fansites for me didn't get me enough views. It was nice while it lasted. I may want to play again if someone happens to make a fansite just as good as EATW.

  6. I want to just abandon my hatchies, because those are *not* the hatchies I loved and seriously there is so much wrong with them. But I'm holding onto them for now because I'm hoping that there are going to be tweaks made. Hopefully? This can't really be the final sprites, can it?

    I am feeling the same way. First time I wanted to abandon a holiday dragon, but part of me also wants to keep them. When I saw my hatchlings change, I was confused because they looked like dogs to me.

  7. Well, since people want to know -




    This is what the original Cermorvous looked like. I don't know why it was changed without EEF's or my consent, but it was. Sorry to everyone.


    EEF and I were treated rather poorly about this release.

    This is really disappointing. I prefer your and EEF's sprites to these new ones. I'm so sorry you two had this happen.

  8. Since when was the blood ever purple in that game? Then you said it's also been red and also green? On the same cartridge? What? It has been red before and also green, but that depends on what version of the game. Maybe something is wrong with your game or your TV. It has never been purple.

  9. Was playing Adventure Mode in Hyrule Warriors on a level where you play as Fi. I got all the way to the last part where you fight The Imprisoned, then it killed me because I wasn't strong enough to beat it. I'll have to level up Fi some more.