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  1. I am feeling the same way. First time I wanted to abandon a holiday dragon, but part of me also wants to keep them. When I saw my hatchlings change, I was confused because they looked like dogs to me.
  2. This is really disappointing. I prefer your and EEF's sprites to these new ones. I'm so sorry you two had this happen.
  3. Not really liking the changes to the sprites. The lighter purple looked much better, as did the shape of the old hatchling's body.
  4. Just gonna give up on this game. I'm terrible at these kinds of games and it's quite frustrating.
  5. Where are the eggs? I got a bit to excited and picked up a daydream egg
  6. These are probably some of the coolest dragons I've ever seen released here.
  7. There seems to be some lag since this update. I wonder if it is the cause?
  8. Some sort of breakfast sandwich thing with ham, egg, and cheese.
  9. Since when was the blood ever purple in that game? Then you said it's also been red and also green? On the same cartridge? What? It has been red before and also green, but that depends on what version of the game. Maybe something is wrong with your game or your TV. It has never been purple.
  10. My body is female, but I've never felt like I was a female or a male. I am agender. My parents know this, and thankfully they still accept me.
  11. Last night I dreamed someone wanted to kill me and they delivered a bomb to my house. But I knew about it ahead of time so I didn't open the box, which would have caused the bomb to explode.
  12. Was playing Adventure Mode in Hyrule Warriors on a level where you play as Fi. I got all the way to the last part where you fight The Imprisoned, then it killed me because I wasn't strong enough to beat it. I'll have to level up Fi some more.
  13. Well, I'm glad that they lay different colored eggs. It'll make it easier to get the different colors. To me it doesn't matter if they're caveborn or bred. Lineage doesn't matter to me. To me, it's just something you can look at to see a dragon's relatives.
  14. Anyone have any mature coppers yet? If so, have you bred them? I really want to find out if their eggs are the color of the parent or if it's just random. I would breed mine, but I'm locked and if there was an egg, it would be abandoned.
  15. They can't even breed with other dragons of their own type? or just not with splits? It would be pretty disappointing if they couldn't breed with splits. Dragons that can only breed with their own type are kind of boring. My one hatchling hasn't grown up yet, but it will soon.