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  1. Ahhh thanks, I thought it might be something like that but I cold not recall. Ive been playing this game too long, I can't remember what's changed and what's not haha.
  2. 1/5 for me, with about 10~ dodges besides that; got her out of it though; https://dragcave.net/lineage/mCWe .... Can someone remind me - I'm sure its here somewhere, but I can't remember anything anymore - can dragons that dodge a kill ('You pull out your blade and try to stab [NAME], but it avoids your attack') be killed if you try enough times or are they off the docket, so to speak?
  3. Hey, I hope its okay to piggy-back on this - I was doing a mass re-organizing of my groups and before the maintenance run (3 am server time, midnight for me) it was fine, but since then I haven't been able to add dragons to groups (and like Confused Cat, the name check icon is not showing up anymore) unless I do it the 'manual' way through the mobile site. I am running google chrome on mac/el capitan, have disabled ad-blocker and I've attached a screenshot of the "nullg" error - its showing up on multiple dragons. EDIT: I don't know if it matters at all but when the original maintenance run was concluded, I had a few more times when I'd refresh the page and get the "Dragon Cave is unavailable" notice, before it'd go away again. I don't usually have that happen.
  4. If you can, I would be forever grateful! Either a silver or a ridgewing works for me, but like you I only have the one female silver - so I can try again to get a silver egg from the pair that bred the 2g, but unless I want it to be inbred, I'll need a second egg from someone since the hatchie was a find. I figure it's easier to get the ridgewing than it would be to wrangle a second gen silver from someone!
  5. Request; Hopefully I'm doing this right - I'm looking for a 2g tan ridgewing egg from a male tan and a female silver dragon (like this). I'll even trade you that egg if you like the code! (It's kinda interesting in my opinion) I'm not sure if I'm suppose to say what I'm doing with it but I'm trying to create this.
  6. Yeeesss, finally hit gold trophy. ^.^ 500 frozen hatchlings and adults.
  7. Awesome adult sprites, though I do admit the bloodmoons are a little hard to see. ^.^ Can't wait for mine to grow up~
  8. I'd love such a feature. That way you can put something like "if you would like a bred ___, PM on the forum at ____" or add some funny dragon clicking sentense or whatever you would like. I thought up with one time, but didn't post it.
  9. Thanks for the info, I have everything I need now to start my own. Need to find a mate for the first dragon though.
  10. I Eat Junk Mail I'M SICK AND TIRED OF MALES Bob Forever WHO IN STARCLAN'S NAME AM I OMG I LOVE CHOCOLATE (This one was an albino, so it was yelling at the sky)
  11. I have the weirdest names for my dragons, and often I put "x" in them, because the names are from stories I wrote, and its to tell what stories their from.
  12. Sounds like a great idea! It would give the adults something to do.