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    Tinsel Lines I am searching for:

    *bronze x neotropical
    *bronze x ice/thunder
    *bronze x pink / valentines
    *bronze x shallowtail

    *silver x green nebula
    *silver x red
    *silver x pebble
    *silver x (purple) ridgewing
    *silver x male shadow walker/ xmas
    *silver x flamingo
    *silver x neotropical
    *silver x water
    *silver x purple
    *silver x red drosal

    *gold x female marrow or any valentine/shadow walker
    *gold x purple
    *gold x stripe spiral
    *gold x terrae spiral

    plus any combos I don't know of yet :p

    Tinsel Lines I own:

    *gold x male sunsong
    *gold x male/female terrae
    *gold x female ice
    *gold x male magma
    *gold x green nebula
    *gold x male sunset
    *gold x male vine
    *gold x male black
    *gold x male/female stripe
    *gold x white
    *gold x male marrow

    *silver x female hellfire (from penk)
    *silver x male hellfire
    *silver x male ice (from penk)
    *silver x male marrow (from penk)
    *silver x male terrae
    *silver x terrae spiral
    *silver x female stripe
    *silver x white spiral
    *silver x blue nebula
    *silver x purple nebula
    *silver x female pink/ x valentines (from penk)
    *silver x female black (from penk)
    *silver x female white (from penk and CHAOS)
    *silver x male white
    *silver x female black
    *silver x fog
    *silver x female pink
    *silver x pink spiral
    *silver x red nebula
    *silver x male sunset
    *silver x female sunsong
    *silver x all neb spiral
    *silver x hellfire spiral
    *silver x male nocturne

    *bronze x female white/male white/white spiral
    *bronze x red nebula
    *bronze x female fellfire
    *bronze x male/female harvest
    *bronze x female terrae
    *bronze x female bbw
    *bronze x female stripe
    *bronze x female/male black/black spiral
    *bronze x female/male vine/vine spiral
    *bronze x male/female ember/ember spiral
    *bronze x female red/ red spirale
    *bronze x male moonstone
    *bronze x female ghost
    *bronze x male spitfire
    *bronze x hellfire spiral
    *bronze x purple
    *bronze x male red

    CB hatchies I need:

    Guardian (female)
    Harvest (male and female)
    Ember (male)
    Vine (male and female)
    White (male and female)
    Pink (male and female)
    Hellfire (male and female)
    alt. Nebula (male and female)
    Blue nebula
    Black (male and female)
    Stripe (male and female)
    Ice (male and female)
    Thunder (female and male)