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  1. Avery watched the fire burn out, gazing off into space. Where the others ok? Did they make it to the tree line? Even though she knew she was safe here, her heart was beating a mile a minute. "I'm fine, I just hope the others are." Leaning against the wall, she sat down. Her eyes glanced at the ceiling, then to the opening. The moon was just rising over the horizon, making it easier for her human eyes to see.


    She moved silently along the side of the cave, her lithe body looking like a cat stalking her prey. She walked likely, no sound to the act of her walking. When she reached the edge she peeked out, watching the helicopter. It was at the end of the meadow, farther from the cave. She couldn't see the shifters in the night, but she knew they where there. Why else would the helicopter be at the tree line?



    Avery began to run to the back of the cave."I don't think it will be coming after us, but we should stay back here until we're sure its gone"

  2. Avery was just about to dose of when she heard the loud whirring and wind. Fighting off the natural instinct to scream, she flipped up and grabbed her bow and arrow, loading a shaft and pulling it back as far as it would go. Aiming a couple of yards in front of the slick black helicopter, she let it go, hoping she made the shot. So many horrible memories were flying through her mind, she thought she might even cry, which was completely against her nature. Avery hated to cry.


    "Hale, we have to help them! They'll die if they're found". She said, her voice trembling. Less shifters meant less competition, but whatever way they would die if they were found by the white coats would be too horrible. She wanted to fire more arrows, but she couldn't waste anymore. Her common sense ruled over her terror, telling her not to shift when she wanted to shift the most. It would only make her more noticeable. "Hale, we need to get to the back of the cave and blow out the fire. They will find us if we stay at the cave edge any longer." The helicopter was chasing the shifters in the field, but they could easily turn back at any moment. She tried to calm down. They'll make it to the trees before the helicopter could catch up. Avery crossed her fingers, but then returned her attention to Hale. "Come'on!" Annoyed, she grabbed him and pulled him to the back of the cave.

  3. Avery gasped for air, her lungs not as big as the cougars and taking longer for her breathing to return to normal. "There was something out there... maybe I'm just a bit sensitive tonight, but it didn't seem like a shifter. It ran off, but the smell was unusual. I think I overreacted" she said, trying to make it seem like it was nothing, but she couldn't shake the feeling of icy eyes watching her, ready to pounce at the sight of weakness. Being so high on the food chain, she usually didn't feel this kind of fear. That must be what its like to be prey, she thought, a shiver racing down her spine. "Thanks...." she said awkwardly, beginning to walk to the opening of the cave, as if she could find out what it was from looking down at the forest. Scanning the area, she saw a lick of orange and red, giving off an ominous glow. Her heart skipped a beat as she watched it, nearly forgetting how to talk. "Theres a fire out there. I believe its in the field where the horse shifter lives. She though she could see some horses down there, but it was probably a trick of the light. Avery wished she had the eyes of a cougar, so she could really see what was going on. She knew she was in no danger up here, since there wasn't much foliage and there was just mostly rocks around here.


    She turned away and sat down by the fire she set up in the cave, and threw a log and a couple of branches on it. She couldn't let the fire die, it would be way to hard to restart it. Avery layed down and shut her eyes,ready to fall asleep. "Good night Hale"

  4. If not for the seriousness of the situation, Avery would have laughed at the size of the small fox walking next to her. It was just pitch black as she began to enter her den. Hale had just shifted back, but she wanted to stay the strong huntress she was. She was ready to hunt tonight, so very deliberately, she nodded as an answer to his comment. Her tail flicked back and forth as her ears shifted around, listening and learning. A blackbird was singing a light airy tune as she prepared to go to sleep in her nest. A couple of deer were wandering around in a meadow near by, her mouth watering at the prospects. But suddenly, she heard the sound of prey so delicious, she couldn't deny the chance.


    Avery lunged out of the den, in fast chase after the hog. Her favorite meal, she pushed on and in no time, she saw the splendid animal in view. Her mouth watered for this wild boar even more than she had for the deer. She crouched, the powerful puma waiting for her chance. The stupid animal hadn't even noticed her, too concerned with its own business. She stepped forward and leaped down from her perch. Waiting for the soft skin to break her fall, she didn't hear it suddenly take off at the sound of another predator in waiting.


    She hit the ground hard, confused by the dirt and texture of the surface. What had happened. Gagging for a moment, she spit out the dirt and listened. There was the sound of twigs breaking near by. Her heart plummeted to her stomach and for a second, she felt like a lost child. Her eyes grew wide, but then they were replaced by a narrowed set of eyes. Her teeth bared and her fur raised, bringing on whatever had stalked her. Suddenly she heard the retreat, her heart thumping so wildly, she thought it would jump out of her chest. She shivered for a moment, then turned tail and sprinted for her cave. Once she reached home, she shifted so fast that she was in the air when she became human. Amazingly, she kept her balance, but hit the cave wall lightly as she tried to stop her momentum.

  5. Avery was silent for a long time. She hadn't flinched away from his closeness like she usually would have. Instead, she began to consider what he had said. It was quite sad what he had told her, her expression disguising all the emotions she was feeling. It seemed like Hale wasn't quite ready to let go of the past or his sister. She couldn't blame him, after all. Her eyes stayed locked on the ground as she tried to think of something to say.



    "I........I'm sorry, I had no clue." Avery's voice was slightly hoarse from the long time she had remained silent. "I think, that we should try and........get along maybe?". Not her best idea. Probably sounded pretty stupid to Hale, but what else was she to say? Oh we shouldn't work together at all, continue to be hostile and pretty much leave each other in a bad mood?


    Avery held her knife in her hands and began to trace over, studying the nicks and cuts in the sharp metal. The sun began to creep down, darkness replacing the warmth of the sun. Hey eyes glinted at the promise of night hunting for a bit. "I suppose we should get back to the cave." She stood up, her face expressionless, like somebody watching a storm hurdling toward them.


    Her feet and hands began to ache as the cougar paws replaced her human hands. Her muscles rippled and changed, along with he bone structure. As the tail shot out and fur began to cover her otherwise hairless body, she began to climb up toward the den at the top of the rocky outcroppings that lead to their cave.

  6. Avery looked at Hale and sighed."Its.....I......" She didn't really have an answer. She sat down, the girl who had been sitting here was gone. She was curious as to why Hale always was around her. Its not like he liked being around her, atleast thats the vibe she got. She looked up at the fox shifter and whispered quietly, not sure whether to herself or to Hale. "Why do you continue to hang around with someone as...as.....as mean as me. Theres no real reason why huh? Its not as if I'm pleasurable to be around.". She hoped that he had an answer. It would explain some of her confusion. She fiddled with the puma on her necklace, lost in thought.


    What do the white coats have planned for us? Theres a reason we are here. Are we weapons? Or are we here for someones sick enjoyment? Tests? Do they plan to kill us later? This obviously isn't legal, so what would happen if one of us escaped, escaped back to civilization. The thoughts plagued her, her expression grave. There had been a sudden increase of shifters lately. It worried her greatly. How will the environment respond to all the extra mouths to feed? It won't be good. Brief flashes of famine and cannibalism filled her mind, causing her to shudder.

  7. ((So I ish abusive roommate?))


    Avery looked up at Hale entering and her lip curled a bit((Huh? human lip curling? IMPOSSIBLE!)). The young girl picked up a stone and pitched it at him roughly. She reached in the bag and grabbed a couple, then tossed the bag back at him. "There was an angry black mare shifter in the field today. Looked as if she was going to attack Stripe, that tiger shifter." Her eyes watched him as he took off his bandages and sighed. It was not in her best interests having to share her cave, but Hale wasn't around a lot and that made everything better. Avery lifted one of her legs in the air for a moment, then sat up. Putting a couple of the berries in her mouth, she watched the trees, suddenly alert."Theres another mountain lion shifter here. Hold down the fort while I'm gone pipsqueak.". Her hazel eyes shifted back and forth suddenly, trying to decide what to do next. Avery shifted, her body coding becoming different as she became a quadrupedal animal. She let out a yowl and leaped out of the cave, the padding of her paws becoming a rhythm that was easy to follow. Her silvery eyes searched the trees, looking for the shifter she'd seen. Her ears heard the heartbeat and subtle paw movements. Avery leaped into the tree and looked for her. Beneath her, she saw a human girl, admiring her knife. The scent was right. The mountain lion became a human once again. Her breath rate rocketed as she became the vulnerable, young girl she truly was. Gripping onto the branch, with her knife in between her teeth, she swung down in front of the girl.

    "Hello" She ventured coolly, tucking her knife back in its holster, but ready if the situation turned hostile.

  8. The young girl leaped through the trees, only pausing a moment to keep her balance. Her hair, tied up in a long braid down her back, followed behind her, like a tail. Leaping into the next tree, she stopped and crouched on the huge branch. Dirt covered her face and her body, but her exhilarated smile and bright hazel eyes showed her pride. Her eyes shifted to the black mare below her, about 25 yards away. She studied the the horse, she'd seen the transformation. Her eyes narrowed subtly and she pulled out her bow. Drawing back the arrow shaft she aimed and let the arrow whistle through the air. A squeak and a drop confirmed her hit. She saw the small fox hit the ground the same moment she began to leap down from the tree. Pulling out her knife and pulling her bow over her shoulder, she finished off the whimpering creature.

    Satisfied with her hunt for now, she ripped the arrow out of the fox and put it back her in holder and picked up her prey. She walked away, the twigs cracking and breaking underneath her bare feet. The tall girl grinned and leaped into a tree. Sitting down, her hands melt into paws, light brown fur covering her legs and body. A tail sprouts, growing out the same length as her body. In no time at all, a puma holding her prey appears in the place of the human girl. Letting out a yowl, the puma travels by tree to her den, a cave with a fire in the middle. Suddenly her fur disappears, the tail and puma with it. All is left is Avery, the 17 year old inhabitant of the cave. Adding some wood to the fire, she sat down and began to skin the animal.

    When she finished, she stabbed a piece of sharpened wood through it's body and held it over the fire. About an hour later Avery dug in and ate the fox, her hunger dulled for now.

    Laying down on the cold floor, she watched the sun move in the sky. She picked up her weapons and headed out to look for wood. Moving along the the rocks, she yelped as she stepped on a sharp stone. Grumbling angrily, Avery shifted into her puma form and loped along gracefully, heading farther into the forest. The sound of her paws hitting the ground delighted her and she stopped suddenly as she passed a fallen tree. Clambering on top of the fallen trunk, she saw many small tree limbs and took them in her mouth.

    Panting around the wood, Avery eyed the area cautiously. Her body disappeared suddenly as she leaped into the tree and sat on a thick branch, watching the area carefully before heading back to camp. Her silvery brown pelt barely showed through the leaves as she jumped from tree to tree, racing the sun back to her den. When she finally reached the cave, she lied down the wood and shifted back, her braid laying on the floor as she added the wood to the fire. She yawned lightly and lied down, watching the sun sink down the horizon.


    ((Dun worry, I wouldn't shoot you Haze))



  9. Here, Texas is being bipolar as usual. It's 80-something now, it's gonna be like 20-something tonight. :c I wish it'd pick a temp and go with it. Whiiine.

    ^ this!


    YAY! someone else agreeing with me on how Texas weather is bipolar! Yeah no snow Crystal

  10. earlier this year in February i had a staph infection in my lungs and i had to get up to go to the bathroom to spit and i coughed so hard i threw out my lower back. I had to lay on the ground until my dad got home about 15 minutes later. he had to help me into the recliner and i could not move. i had to grip my back so hard when i coughed so it wouldn't hurt

  11. Not yet. I'm 13 but there is the guy of my dreams in my G.T./Honors classes. Sadly, I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me and think things between us got more awkward at a field trip. We went to the Renaissance Fair and we had to be with one person or more. Well we did some kind of swing ride and got seperated from our group so we were by ourselves together for like, three hours. D:


    makes me want to cry sometimes, cause he knows i like him and that kinda embarrasses me. If he's not interested then I'm fine with being friends but it would be so awkward

  12. Indeed, that is one of the truest things about pitties. smile.gif

    My 55 pounder wants nothing more than to try and curl up in a lap, love and be loved.

    Too true. my sisters pitbull that was purebred was about the size of a small great dane and he would tackle me and lick my face. He though he was a Chihuahua xd.png

  13. Count me in. I hate the fact that dogs are killed just because of their "reputation". It's all about how the dog is raised, not its breed. I have met pitbulls that are the sweetest dogs I've ever met. they love to give me kisses and pretend they're lap dogs.

  14. Pyrepaw lied down and fell asleep immediately. The depressed feeling in her heart was driving her mad.She was an outsider. In her own clan. They glared at her like she was some sort of one-eyed dog with the foaming mouth disease (rabies). Pyrepaw just wanted to be accepted, she had had friends before but they had all ditched her for no reason. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, thinking of what the future would bring...


    A handsome silver tabby tom wound his way around her, murmuring about how beautiful she was. Pyrepaw was stumped. This cat looked so familiar but she had obviously never seen him before. The area around her was different also. She had never been here before. It was definitely far from the lake. She focused on the cat's shining green eyes. The color was....mesmerizing. He noticed my stare and chuckled slightly, his tail whipping around playfully. He then swiped at me with his paw and took of yelling that Pyrepaw was it. She laughed and took off after him, not letting him get out of her sight...


    Pyrepaw woke up regretfully too soon. She sighed and got up, shaking the moss out of her pelt and walked outside the den and out of camp. She walked up to the stream and slipped in, feeling more water than cat as she swam, the dreamy feeling washing out of her as her muscles worked to propel her forward. Pyrepaw couldn't get the mysterious tom out of her mind. He stuck there all day as she tried to do her daily jobs around camp.