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  1. You're fine in your corrections and right to correct me. My brother is the finatic (and would probably shake his head at my lack of knowledge) so what I know is limited to the movies and the Hard Contact series. Besides that, putting up a link is a good idea and one that'll help a lot.
  2. Just because some people haven't seen Harry Potter doesn't man they wouldn't like to be part of a Harry Potter RP, so I think you should explain what the rankings and differences in each. Only recently have I learned that the Jedi weren't completely wiped out except of Obi-wan, so for anyone who has only seen the movies it wouldn't be that clear. Oh, would you mind if I organized your force-powers list? And off topic-ish question here: what are Selkath and Rakata? My knowledge of Star Wars species goes only so far as the basics, like Gun-Guns and Huts.
  3. 14darkness

    Warrior Cats Books!

    All Erin is doing now is streching the series out to earn more money. She can't even write the books herself now. Just end the series already! I got sick of waiting and gave my Dovepaw/Ivypwa centered books away and I'm going to read what the rest are about on Wikipedia when they come out. And the first series was the best, I agree, though Jayfeather is my favorite character.
  4. My friend was blind and was driving a car and I found nothing wrong with this. Then it started snowing and the roads were very slick and she still was able to drive. Then we went to Disneyworld, but before we got there, we played with killer whales with British accents. When we were there, we couldn't agree which park to go to, Animal Kingdom and get eaten and chased by animals or Magic Kingdom and go see Stitch. Eventually we left and watched people drink some kind to red wine that had plants in it. 0_0
  5. The Hunger Games. That could easily be made into a movie and it would be a good one too.
  6. Mac, just because it confuses me less and I can do more things on it. I have word on it, so it's all good ^^ I can use Windows, but it ticks me off when I have problems. Puls, the only virus I've ever gotten or encountered was on Windows. XP (no pun intended)
  7. I like theoretical physics, especially when it concerns cosmology, and even more when it's about black holes. They're so interesting and complicated it makes my head spin It's nice when you have something to learn about. Oh, and it's not string theory, it's membrane theory, also known as 'M' theory. It's been awhile since I looked into it, but I do remember that much. And what kind of atom is that?
  8. First off, congrats to you for doing this. Star Wars is long and scary and detailed-ridden and so will make a great RP. Kudos. There are a few issues I found that I would like to help you smooth out, since is a very good RP that you've obviously invested effort in. I'm going to start with the intro. Who is/are training the new Jedi, and what are Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, ranks of the Jedi, ect.? What destroyed the Empire? With the subject of the kid 'not having it' you repeat yourself several times. Why did the Unknown Legends have to step in instead of the Jedi handling the Sith? How are the Unknown Legends able to escape detection from the Sith, who are just as force-sensitive as the Jedi? My head spun when I saw all those Force powers. Could you get rid of the doubles so the list is less confusing and explain some of them? That would be it. I hope this helps!
  9. 1. To have the superpower to have any power I want whenever I want. 2. To be able to control said power perfectly. 3. For the magical being never to have to grant wishes to someone again if they don't want to.
  10. If you looked up any kind of SoRiku or AkuRoku or anything like that, you're going to be blinded. I found that out the hard way ' Sickness... I have found good fanfics lately though. If you look up only stories that have 10000+ words you get some good quality stories. I'm trying verrrry hard to make my character in the fanfic I'm writing to not be a Sue but I think I'm failing. Meh, it's my first and I'll try to do better next time. The story is more for me than anyone else's enjoyment *shrug*. Fortune, I feel really really bad for you. The T ones are bad enough D:
  11. I liked the solar flares causing everything. I'm sure the geology aspect was completely murdered as well as many other parts, but I was impressed with the flares.
  12. I know, right? At least you found it when you came on. It took me 15 minutes to realize this was even here. I'm just slow like that.
  13. What smoke were you cracking TJ? I want in! ...I like digimon better.
  14. 2012? I liked that movie. I haven't seen many disaster flicks that end with humanity dying (basically), but 2012 was the most accurate one I've seen. They were dead on with the solar flares and that was what made me like it so much. I hate hate hate hate hate the movie Where the Wild Things Are. That movie made me cry it was so disturbing. Ugh *shivers*. I do not recommend that movie to anyone. I agree that Eragon was murdered and Golden Compass was taken apart and sown back together in unnatural ways.
  15. The different eggs for the greens are neat
  16. Oh yes yes yes yes yes! Little swirly eggs! I love the adults (were on the complete list)
  17. I'm already in the free RP and am anticipating RPing in it ^^ Hopefully the new dragons will come out after next week. That's when summer starts for me All nighters hunting for dragons, ho yeah!
  18. I got that drive when I was fighting Saix (poor Saix puppy, all he wanted was a heart) and was really confused when it popped up. I meant to go into, whatever the red form that betters your attack is, and got really mad when I figured out what happened. I don't like that form (actually the only form I like is the red one). Who here has gotten the anti-Sora form?
  19. An I wanted to find out how many more dragons I needed to get the next trophy. Oh well, gues I'll have to wait... *slams face into desk*
  20. 1- that's why I would never give them items. They would never save them for the boss battles and use them for the tiniest little things, like one hit a Heartless lands on Sora 2- 358/2 Days wasn't much better. Even if you were lucky enough to get someone to come with you on a hard mission, they heal you exactly when they don't want you to and won't heal you when you really do need it. Still, you got to have more spots to hold your own healing items in that game. Once you get about 3 pages to hold everything in, things are real easy.
  21. 14darkness

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Aww they're cute JUST DON'T LET THIS BE APRIL FOOLS K?! I luv them too much
  22. Last night I had this dream that I had several times before but just realized that it was a repeating dream. There were these seven elements that this boy had to collect or something horrible would happen to him. There wasn't much else that I remember. Another one that I had was placed in my old house, which I miss terribly. I told my mother, "See, I told you if I waited long enough we would come back." Then there was this awesome and creepy birthday party. I woke up thinking that it was all real for a second before coming back to reality and wishing that it was real.
  23. Oh please let's start a Nobody debate. It's so much fun to do and so many ways to go. Demyx- "Oh we do too have hearts." Y or N?
  24. If they do release Final Mix then I hope they release it on the PS2/3. Their switching around on systems is really annoying.