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Lost my IOU List, please Pm me if i owe you anything, thanks!Trade Cb Metals/Almandines/Spessartines/Nd's for 2nd gen Prizes and 3rd gen Shimmers. Pm me if interestIOU Wishlist and more in ProfilLooking to trade my Magistream Donationpets! Pm me My Keepdxxt0x.jpgfahne89.gif

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    Please poke me again, if i owe you any Dragon. i'm a forgotful Person, because i'm sick and my time is rare to play this game, i'm a little bit confuse and also my english isn't good, so please excuse me some mistakes. i will do my best to complete my IOU and to answer all Pm's i get, mostly will my daughter reply for me, because i'm in hospital and need to make my therapy.

    My Daughter Mia also play Dragcave, she play with my Forums-Account and look at my Dragons, if i'm in Hospital. She also has her own Scroll and my Husband also have a Scroll.

    Wishlist and more:

    I ever looking for 2nd gen Prizes and also 2nd gen Prizekins.
    I also like beautiful 3rd gen Prizes.
    I like Prize-Checkers very much.
    I also can need Nd's, Cb Golds
    I also looking for 2nd gen Thuweds/Dorkfaces, 2nd gens from Spriter Alts/Cb Hybrids

    I breed on Request just Pm me!

    My Mate needed List

    My Prizes search List

    My Common needed List

    My 2nd gen Prizes
    My 3rd gen Prizes

    Trade for 2nd gen and 3rd gen Prizes.

    dependent the lineages (if common or rare)
    1 Cb Silver each 3rd gen Bronze and Silver Shimmer
    1~2 Cb Silver each 3rd gen Gold Shimmer
    1 Cb Gold for 4~5 3rd gen Bronze and Silver Shimmers
    1 Cb Golds for 3~4 3rd gen Gold Shimmers
    1 Cb Neglected for 7~8 3rd gen bronze and silver Shimmers
    1 Cb Neglected for 5~6 3rd gen Gold Shimmers
    1~2 Cb Almandine/Spessartine for each 3rd gen bronze and silver Shimmer
    2~4 Cb Almandines/Spessartines for each 3rd gen Gold Shimmer

    Please Pm me to negotiate, also can catch other Cb Things for 2nd gen/3rd gen Prizes

    Also trade Cb metals for Nd's
    4 Cb Silvers each Nd
    2 Cb Golds each Nd
    or 1 Gold and 2 Cb Silvers