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  1. started with this: Woke up to this madness: Of course I lost my flanks overnight, and my ice. That ice was a beast up until I went to bed. Barely anything was getting close with all the cooldown reduction it was getting from the adjacent purples. *_* Longest I've lasted, my record was like 103.
  2. No limits on past holiday dragons, eh? Yay, I guess, but there goes any shot at a holly now that everyone can just hoard them. My quest continues. Also: SNOW~! <3
  3. The four I grabbed the day they were released are all cracking... I incubated and ER'd 'em so they should go pretty quick now. :V I'm hoping the two pairs gender right... so's I can breed up some hatchies to freeze.
  4. Nice April Fools' Gag. For a second I almost bought it...
  5. Ohh Snaplinks, how I love you. Got my two eggs within the first minute of the drop, which is great given I'll be at my gramma's tonight for Valentine's day... after a full day at work.
  6. Wow, that lasted all of about a minute, and I got nothing. :I Mayhaps for new releases they should show up in all biomes for the first few days before settling into their normal ones...? So we don't have like 400 people all piling into the alpine biome for a shot at one. T'would be spread out. :U
  7. Wulp, I managed four of the moonlights and one of the golds, I'd like at least one more CB Gold to influence so I've got a CB Pair... maybe I'll luck out later tonight. The hatchies look so cute so far! o3o
  8. I only saw one holly in all my AP stalking, and of course I was way too slow to catch it. :U Congrats to those who were lucky enough to get one, I'm pretty much abandoning hope for a holly at this point. :I
  9. I've seen one holly go through the AP page and naturally I was far too slow to catch it. I'm not optimistic in the least. I'll just have to accept the Holly being a breed I'll likely never own. 'A';
  10. Unless there are some generous catcher-gifters out there I'm probably not going to be lucky enough to score even one of these, this year. :/ Blahhhh. I really miss how, in the old single cave, the holidays dropped pretty much constantly until the day was over. With Biomes, I'm lucky to see the drops last more than a few minutes. IMO: New biome system during holiday drops = epic fail.
  11. Well, guess I'll probably not be getting any this year.
  12. Didn't it used to be that the eggs dropped constantly over the 24 hours they were available? If this is what the new biome system means for holiday drops, then I'd sort of wish they did away with them temporarily for the day. :\
  13. Wow... big hourly drop was over in less than a minute. This is going to make it pretty ... difficult, for those of us who have those silly little things like jobs and can't camp out all day on the computer for the eggs. -Content Removed-
  14. But... I just finished the quest, and I'm not getting it. ;n; Maybe it is showing up at random, lol.
  15. Well, I completed the main quest... Now I can't seem to find that blasted Chicken. >A>;
  16. Nawp, I meant the one with the little dragon sitting on it. All I need now is the skull, but I'd be darned if I could figure out where to get it now. DX EDIT: Derpderp, found iiiit. I figured that's where it was. >3>;
  17. Odd, because I have the sword, as well as the parchment. Guess I need to go over everything again to find that skull. DX Thanks for the help though!
  18. I'm at 38/40 items, yet I can't enter that hidden room in the basement. ._. I'm not sure what I'm missing but I've been everywhere a dozen times over. Blahhh.
  19. Honestly, I tried a long time ago to clear out the majority of my dragons that were inbred... Most of mine were produced back in the days before the lineage feature when you couldn't track who their parents were, so I figured there wouldn't ever be any sort of way of showing if, say you bred a father gold with his second daughter pink. Until, lo and behold, lineages were implemented. I don't mind them too terribly. If it's a rare dragon (like a silver I have) or a BSA, I would let it grow up. If it's common or something I'd likely freeze it. Unfortunately, trying to trade off inbreds is usually quite difficult unless it's a gold / silver / tinsel of some sort... and even then offers are usually slim.
  20. Omg, beautiful dragons. Gonna hoard me some Moonstones once the rush dies down, I love moonstone to begin with. >w<
  21. Here lucky AP grab was lucky. >3> So he can't breed, but I guess being bitten by a Dorkface is cool too?
  22. My Nebs are fertile as all getout, but I'd be absolutely darned if I could get my three golds and six silvers to produce. Also, not a single one of my stripes gave me anything. DX Very frustrating, to say the least.
  23. Thanks, this is quite a helpful fansite! I'm going to attempt my first ND experiment this week. Or rather on Saturday if my math is correct... *fingers crossed*
  24. Meh, I've got none of them. Don't expect to ever get one, either, what with the rarity and all.
  25. I certainly hope this event lasts more than today. The cave currently won't load, and I'll be at work most of Valentine's day. :/