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  1. Amadeus, hands down. But district 9 and The Incredibles are up there
  2. I saw the movie last night, and enjoyed it. THANK GOD! I was hoping it wouldn't be another "the last airbender" and crush my hopes and dreams and it didn't But there was this dumb owl city song they kept playing that felt out of place. It strayed from the plot tremendously, but it got the characters right, which was nice. It suffered from "happy feet" syndrome so elgantine never grows out of her down. One of the biggest things that got on my nerves was Nyra, they made her pretty weak and pathetic. Nyra was the "big bad" through the third/ forth book to the end AND she mated with someone BEFORE kludd. "Metal beak" was some Tyto that never showed his face (and didn't really look like a tyto). Besides Nyra, they did cool things with the movie. I recommend it.
  3. I have a rant about Anime Vs. Western animation but I will save you from it. I, however thoroughly stand by my belief that it didn't over stay it's welcome. There is going to be a sequel. http://avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Avatar:_Legend_of_Korra
  4. I have to admit, I don't know what you guys are talking about when you say the series was short. It was 60 episodes, that's a good run.
  5. My reaction The biggest problem with this movie is that If you don't know the series, the movie makes no sense, but if you know the series, the movie is terrible. Also, M. night couldn't write coherent characters to save his life. Everyone in the movie is a flat, static character >.> The last airbender is going to ruin it for the people who have never seen the show.
  6. I have one! Freddy Adu signed it BURRRRRZZZZZZ
  7. Wow, you call those bad movies? At least they have up-to-date CGI and currant actors. try "Mega shark Vs Giant octopus" "Raptor Island" "Fire: Nature unleashed" "Transmorphers: fall of man" and "Troll II" Those are some terrible movies. One of the terrible movie companies slogan is: "An entertainment alternative to what you actually want to see."
  8. Guilty pleasure ;D I own all the books and read them all several times through. My favorites are the forth, sixth, eighth and the legends. I am however not looking forward to the movie. I have only ever seen movies do poorly recreating my favorite books. *RANT BELOW IS FULL OF SPOILERS* the first series is much better then the last four books, IMHO. I loved the plots and emotions, and Lutta from the Legends was possible my favorite character. HOWEVER I dislike what Lasky did to the Pure ones after the Three legends books, Nyra wasn't scary just annoyingly convenient. "Oh LOL I am actually a hagsfiend" "LoL, Even thought I can't fly I got to this desert and now I can go to the beyond the beyond." "LOOOL I'm The Female Owl version of Hitler." Also I didn't really like Sorens three daughters, their names bothered me and the fact only he found a mate out of the "band" kind of got under my skin. *SPOILERS OVER* Yay I can geek out about this book to people who understand!
  9. "Et tu *insert reason for death*? then fall buni!"
  10. death cab for cutie ( absolute favorite) The postal service Jaymay Coldplay I love music but my favorite bands are select. Death cab makes my life better
  11. http://www.thelastairbendermovie.com/#home the second trailer is the actual trailer, the others are basically teasers.
  12. Love the series <3 I plain on seeing the movie, why? why not. if nothing more, it should be entertaining.
  13. ((dustypelt is WindClan's deputy already))
  14. Dustypelt leaped over a small stream that was trickling out of some rocks. He padded pasts fallen trees and thistle bushes and ducked under a particularly lage tree and entered the WindClan's camp.
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    ok, This is what someone said about Midnight Sun and the Twilight series on another forum that I am on. (If you haven't read Midnight sun She gives some things away but as she states you already read the finished book) I agree with her 100%
  16. (( edited Name:Dustypelt User: bunidragoon Appearance: Dustypelt is a Tiffany cat that is gray-brown. His eyes are green and he has large claws Bio:He was born in the windclan and He devotes himself to the clan. is kind, and sometimes a bit of a pushover. Clan: Winclan Position:deputy Gender:Male(tom) Password:StarClan))
  17. ((we can still join right? Name:Dustypelt User: bunidragoon Appearance: Dustypelt is a Tiffany cat that is gray-brown. His eyes are green and He has large claws.Dustypelt Bio:He was born in the windclan and He devotes himself to the clan. He seems a little daunting at first but he is kind, and sometimes a bit of a pushover Clan: Winclan Position: warrior Gender:Male(tom) Password:StarClan))