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  1. I can't do anything until CharmedWolf posts.
  2. Cameron walked up next to Falon and kept pace as they returned to the group. "Will this ever end? I know I'm being impatient, but all this is starting to wear me out a little. I haven't done so much running since I tried to outrun a herd of elk that thought I was invading their territory."
  3. Cameron shook his head as Falon landed. "Nothing, though I did feel a magical connection of some sort, but it was travelling so fast that I couldn't tell exactly what it was." He walked over to her and nuzzled her.
  4. "That should help things. Also, Amira is doing fine. She is resting now, but she'll be back on her feet in no time." Cameron ran to where Falon directed him, slowing down only to catch his breath. After several minutes, he reached the clearing, finding Falon hovering just above it.
  5. Cameron nodded and turned towards the exit. Before leaving, he looked back over his shoulder at Amira and smiled at her. "You've become so strong. You'll make a very fine medic indeed. Remember that no one stops growing. You grow from every experience, good and bad, and how you face it will shape you as a dragon. This is what I have learned as a loner, and I'm passing this knowledge to you now." And with that, he ran off to find the search party. "Falon, I'm coming. What's your current location?"
  6. Cameron shook his head. "I don't know all the details, but I heard that she disappeared during the night claiming she needed time alone with her mate for a while. You can talk to Zadar about it, as he probably knows the reason she left. If you'd like, I can accompany you."
  7. Cameron looked over at her and smiled. "Repayment is unnecessary. All I really want is to see you back on your feet. Things like this happen, even to the most experienced dragons, so the best you can do is push through it." After a few more minutes of walking, they arrived at the camp. He helped her to the medic den, and stayed with her until she was ready.
  8. Cameron walked with Amira carefully though the forest, slowly enough to avoid putting any unnecessary pressure on her wing. Though he had become an important member of the clan, he relished every opportunity to be of assistance to the other clan members. He looked over at Amira's pain-streaked face, now slowly fading as they walked.
  9. "I am good with directions, so I can easily find my way back. You can't fly with a shoulder like that, so rest your wing on my back, and we can walk." He smiled, then turned sideways to let her rest her wing on his back. "You'll be alright. Keep strong, and you'll be healed in no time."
  10. Cameron smiled at Amira. "Don't worry, I know you're still young. You still have things you need to learn, and hopefully this was one of them." He looked up at Falon. "Falon, as much as I hate to say this, you are needed with the search party right now. I will assist Amira to her medical den and return when she is ready." He nuzzled her and wrapped his tail around hers, squeezing it briefly before pulling it away. "I love you, and I will return to help, but for now, this one is in need of assistance, and the search party needs eyes such as yours."
  11. Cameron looked around for a tree with purple leaves when Falon sped overhead. He followed her up to the tree where he found Amira lying, blood all over. "Amira!" He paused for a moment, then ran over to her as quickly as he could. "You're in good hands now. What happened?"
  12. Just as he caught up to Falon and the group, Cameron heard a voice of distress in his mind. It sounded familiar, almost too familiar, like... Amira? Where are you? I'm coming! And with that, he bolted into the forest in search of her.
  13. ((Sorry I didn't show yesterday, but my internet was down. The only thing I could do was use Skype, so it wasn't much help.)) Cameron sprinted through the forest, glancing up at the dragons high above him every so often. He couldn't fly, but he was a sure-fire runner. When Falon dove, he turned in her direction, quickly catching up to where she was.
  14. "Yeah, you're right. Still the thought that counts." He smiled, then curled up to rest beside her before they left. "I'm really hoping things start to settle down soon, but from the looks of it, they won't do that in the near future. Seems to be stuck in my mind, getting a family started and all that. I don't know what to do right now."
  15. Cameron followed Falon over to where Vita was sitting. He then sat down next to her and nuzzled her as she was cleaning the wounds on her heels. "Would you like some help with that, Falon?" ((Dang it, I'm suffering from writer's block.))
  16. Cameron stood up and joined Falon at her side. After hearing the prophecy about him, he was now more dedicated than ever to stay and protect the ones he cared about most. "I'm ready. Show me the way."
  17. Cameron woke up to the sun in his face, and Falon not by his side. Wincing at the bright light, he stood up and stepped out of the den. Figuring Falon just went hunting like she normally did in the mornings, he just yawned, stretched, and took a deep breath of the fresh morning air.
  18. All characters are ready. Proceed to timeskip.
  19. Cameron curled up next to Falon's stomach and nuzzled her. Before drifting to sleep, the words of Makaidos struck his ears. "Fear not, little one. The time is fast approaching when you can have everything you wish to have, including more to love than just your mate. You have done well for believing in me, and you will be blessed." He smiled, then drifted to sleep, tail entwined with Falon's.
  20. Cameron joined Falon outside of Baine's den, then walked with her to theirs. He knew she was troubled, what with the impending punishment from Zadar, the clan leader, so he just remained silent, hoping to keep her calm with his presence. As they walked, he whispered a short prayer to Makaidos, asking for peace no matter what happens tomorrow.
  21. Cameron looked up at Falon, knowing full well that she could be removed from the clan. However, because she was his mate, he was willing to follow her wherever she went, even if it meant leaving the clan he came to know and love. With this determination, he spoke up. "If she leaves, then I'm going with her. She is my mate, and I will stay with her to the end, the bitter end."
  22. Cameron followed Falon to wherever she decided to go. Now that the battle was over, he would stay by her side as long as possible, especially with the hope of starting a family in the near future with her. He also came to the conclusion that she needed him now more than ever to keep her calmed down.