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  1. 0A0 Ooohh wow, I think I have a favorite dragon now. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful looking dragon to the cave!
  2. Oh wow, I've never been too lucky in the AP when it comes to catching but I've managed to get 2 rosebuds and 2 sweetlings. C= A very happy start to the day!
  3. I'm still a little in shock. Earlier I managed to grab 5 eggs one after the other. ._. After trying to get one for hours and hours. I wish I had this much luck with other releases. Well, that'll be me out of the ranks to battle against to get them. Good luck all!
  4. I requested a halloween 2011 egg on the halloween request topic and less than half an hour in I had 2 offers. I accepted one so someone else could get the other. It's so nice there are such kind members! I wouldnt have one without such people!
  5. Geode and Frill for me too! >w< I just didnt join the forum because forums, at the time, scared me.
  6. Just nabbed my self a further 2 moonstones! Like everyone else, I'ma try and get a wee army of them!
  7. Everyone has different opinions~ And Nine was only saying what her favorite was. -- I share the same opinion as Nine actually, but I really adore all 3 adults. So pretty! I have many moonstone eggs so I'm a happy bunny!
  8. Because of these two eggs it actually inspired me to use coloured filters in a photoshoot I was doing in the exact same colours. I had never noticed the blue orange contrast before but now I love it! Eeip! Only like, an hour till I have hatchies! I somehow ended up with 5 blues but I traded one for an orange! Either way, I'm a happy bunny. Hopefully I can grab a few more after I have some hatchies. Congrats to all that already have hatchies! <3
  9. Baw! 3 Blues! I'm having no luck at this orange catching business.
  10. Two blues. Scroll locked! FFF! Hurry up and hatch leetle nebula! I wish an orange!
  11. thaknegilre The higher angels kick Nimrod Elephants. Girls in Lace really eat. dfgsgfhtta
  12. *revive* jidsflmpvd Just Inside Dead Snails Fly Large Moving Parrots Very Dangerously. fdgfhtjyhrw
  13. So far my two pillows (The Almighty King of Fluff and the Almighty Queen of Fluff) have been VERY happy to breed and two people so far have continued the 'Almighty [inserthere] of Fluff' >w< http://dragcave.net/lineage/uhAD http://dragcave.net/lineage/Q7Hl
  14. oOnyaOo


    I like closeups as they're hard to make look bad, but I do think it's sort of a safety net. If I take a picture of a dolls face (example) I dont have to worry much about the pose or what the rest of the body is doing. If I take a close up of a flower (examples) I don't have to worry about what's in the background. Things like full body shots, landscapes etc are technically harder because you cant just stick it on macro and take the photo. It's often hard to get what you want to focus on in focus and sometimes you cant control what's going on in the background.
  15. シュメッターリング
  16. I may have been a little bad, lamlam. I bought another figure. ^^; BUTSHEWASSOCUTE!!! I cant say no to purple hair! ;A;
  17. cbfdhagrujghk Can Ben find Darren holding a great rabbit under jelly grass having kittens. fghgfdsgajnqwui
  18. (Was adding to a picture thread on a doll forum.)
  19. oOnyaOo


    It depends, what camera do you have? The grain tends to come from how the ISO is set. Even expensive cameras can take grainy pics. ----------- http://www.flickr.com/photos/aerohail/ My flickr where all my pics (and more) go. I take photos of dolls, toys and cats mainly. Portraiture and plants tend to bore me and my camera is not good enough for nice landscapes (Or rather, I cant get lenses for it for landscapes) I have a Fujifilm, Finepix S5700 and it's pretty good but lacking. I intend to upgrade to an SLR at somepoint next year. I'd like more control over my focus
  20. doearkdfssla Dens of Elephants are really kinda dead for slender snakes long arms. (Wat?) cfgyjikhddsa
  21. http://forums.dollymarket.net/index.php
  22. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3183/580122...c189d03a1_b.jpg
  23. tyamarsvntn The young ants march a right sappy valentine night tango now. dsgfhfdsf