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  1. Some of my even gen Prizes finally gave me the first eggs: Silver Shimmerscale lineage: Silver x blue Gone to Starfyre Silver Silvertinselkin 5th gen even from silver x marrow up for adoption by two-way, I wanna see where they go. and: Can somebody help me out with a mate for 3rd gen green Thuwed by CB Alt Black and Alt vine base ? or knows who owns and breed these Neotropivcals from Spriter's Alt? a sibling would make a fine mate for him, too. Any other suggestions how I could continue this? I'd like it to be kept green on green with something special...
  2. Fiona, thanks for telling me (and good to know) and also for the pretty egg. I even have one single CB female Frill and can get me a mate.
  3. This is definitely very pretty. I got two CB male Embers, and sufficiently CB red nebula- would you want a 2nd gen? And: anybody wants this 5th gen green copper from Silver checker? It's a silver shimmer fail, two way to see where it goes, I don't like my eggs claimed by scrollname hidden. and: my breeding partner actually got me a Horse from brute egg for my alt lineage project. they didn't produce but I'm waiting to get the second Horse for the other half anyway... That is making good progress, too. I hope they give me a blacktip to breed to that one so I can fi
  4. I'm seeking help of someone who owns a 2nd gen Gold or bronze Tinsel from Winter Magi and would be willing to adopt him and breed me a 3rd even gen Tinsel from them. I have this gender-swapping checker Magma from Gold Epica and Magi Alt and would like to get her a matching mate-substituting the Tinsels with gold won't work cause of gender dimorphism... I'll gladly pay off your effort with BSA hatchlings, pretty even gens or whatever you'd like in exchange except for CB/2nd gen metals-Can't catch these, I'm to impatient for CB metal hunting
  5. I've just bred this 2nd gen Magma from male hellfire whose paretns are named for 5E. anybody wants it and could breed me a / 2nd gen from Winter Magi in exchange? I have no CBs of these and need the 2nd gens to build a mate for that 3rd gen in my sig...
  6. Have: offer on my 3rd gen PB black from alt Sweetlings offer on my 5th Element 2nd gen Magma from male Hellfire Want: / 2nd gen from Winter Magi substitute mate... To make it perfect even gen: I'm seeking help of someone who owns a 2nd gen Gold or bronze Tinsel from Winter Magi and would be willing to adopt him and breed me a 3rd even gen Tinsel from them. I have this gender-swapping checker Magma from Gold Epica and Magi Alt and would like to get her a matching mate-substituting the Tinsels with gold won't work cause of gender dimorphism...
  7. Atm, there's quite a few of them offered in trades-and there's even 4rth EG Prizes-at least some of the lucky ones who are friends with spriters/Raffle winners and have 2nd gens breed them on, and breed some even. I'm trying to trade away two of mine atm-I'm not gifting them here cause my breeding schedule for even gen Prizes was thrown offstride, they are normaly bred to other, better matching mates. haha-I'm still trying to decide what to do about that Lumina x yulebuck part of one of mine-that's also from Hershel x Marionetta. and I got It should end up as gender-
  8. Daba, that need not be the case. I intend to gift the offspring of these spriter's alt and special holiday lineages here. maybe even some of the even gen prizes. I could not get them appropriate mates to breed them to without your generous help here-I can make these pretty ongoing lineages only because of that-and therefore, I want to give back to this thread. But well, now, it's waiting for all of these to hatch, grow, gender and not refuse their mates...and with the lt 4rth gens, breeding process will take me a while, anyway, since I need specific breeds of offspring, but anyway, I'm lo
  9. nah, I just do silver x copper as yet-though I have to dive into another silver x Blusang line anyway to get me a mate for yet another even gen Silver shimmer by Silver lineage Just that I need 2nd gen silver from Blusang x PB Blusang. I can do the PBs, and maybe Schneefuchs could lend me use of her two 2nd gen males... and: Good things come to those who wait: Lilly-Sally today finished an IOU to me and I now have a very pretty mirror mate for my 3rd even gen female Holly by black Marrow base-this awesomely coded cutie from alt Sweetling base lineage preview I'm so h
  10. Bad nebula color fails? Ah can do that particularly nasty Genderfail I hope her at least colors right for I'd have a pretty mate but only if she keeps to the red pattern and btw: 5th gen Double silver Shimmer lineaged Silver x green Copper checker preview
  11. Thanks for trying! I got the crimson x guardian couple with a guardian left over as possible replacement in case of refusal-same with the Daydream couple. Horse x brute seems tough, yes-anyaway, now the influenced and incubated cuties need to hatch an grow. Just good that my Roommate helps me out with that. the Blacktip misgendered (thats the trouble when you get uninfluenced hatchies) but I have the stuff for the mates at hand now, and two halves for the other two-what I'm lacking still is mirrors to that: the horse part of that guardian Lumina from Yulebuck and a
  12. Thanks to Sinnarn who graciosly gifted me two eggs and some things I could breed myself that list has already gotten sufficiently shorter. Thank you, Sinnarn! I'd still need: 2nd gen: Two: from male Brute x female Horse (the male Brute sprite at least equals the purple HS alt in color and mass) One: male guardian x female Crimson I got the top half for this one's mate and, if nothing misgenders or refuses, can breed a mate for him, white top half, daydream base half, might be tempted to work on a mirror afterwards-so its just the Guradian/Horse one that's tricky
  13. I did a lot of trading lately and got not the mates I was after-but a few pretties from Spriter's alts that need mates now. Trouble is-I need to do that from scratch to mirror their patterns and I'm lacking in breeding stock, since they include commons I don't normally collect and breed. Any help with these would be highly appreciated First, there's this 4rth gen Guardian (female) from Heartseekers (Standard and alt) with PB horse from HS alt base, x Guardian with HS checker I just have male CB horses atm, but for this half, I'd like to have a male Brute (since that matches
  14. my even gen Tinsels liked each other and together make a really pretty lineage I'd be willing to gift it to someone who enjoys even Prizes Two-Way to see where it goes, offer a dummy and shoot me a pn?
  15. I want to do female brute x male hellhorse checker. perfect would be if I found some HM winners who picked hellhorse... I already have 3 2nd gen Hellhorse, but my first-grown brute girl refused the first horse. and maybe male brute x Crimson.
  16. I'd suggest male silver, too-though silver seem to be worst breeding dragons atm. Lumina could be an alternative, too.
  17. Oh, my... the adult Purple Bulls are drop dead gorgeous ( I don't wanna call a dragon brute...) they would absolutely look gorgeous with hellhorses. did some of the new honorary mention winners by any chanche pick CB Hellhorse? I'd give my soul for any 2nd gen egg of that pairing. Nhios might fit, too. Definitely worth e new even gen project.
  18. Could somone here help me out with a 4th gen from male silver checker? this EG silver Shimmer guy needs a mate, and my two 2nd gen pairs either give me Copper eggs or nothing at all for weeks after. he already refused this slightly imperfect mate and I can't breed him one and: I've been trying for almost 6 weeks now without sucess to trade for a 3rd gen from male marrow checker as a mate for this 3rd EG Tinsel help with that would be appreciated, too. I'll gladly offer two swap these wished-for eggs for other pretty lineaged even gens, includig metals.
  19. good to know, if both breedings work-pretty/clean/perfect 5th gens are gifting material and: Yes! my 3rd gen Hearseeker/Red Nebula pair likes each other APed test breeding btw... one of the 2nd gen pairs refused( need to swap mates) and I bred the other one for surprise imperfect checker
  20. and I'm really looking forward to (hopefully no rerfusal!) breeding these pretty, special, naughty, hellish, sinful even gen Tinsels... irercha, the 3rd gen black or the whole (5th even gen) lineage plan?
  21. that's a pity. With the help of a friend, I could produce a mate: =n]female 3rd PB Crimson from snow Angel x 3rd gen male PB black from alt sweetling and: hopefully Infins trades me a sibling to him-that'd be an awesome half to breed her a mate-then I'd just need another 3rd gen Crimson from bronze Shimmer base-Or I'd use the one with snow Angels I'll get from Schneefuchs...
  22. I knew I should have kept this on my scroll till hatch-that's the problem with breeding pretties for others to find on the Ap-it was a test breeding -and of couse it had to alt curled... and I hate going my offspring to "Scrollname hidden"
  23. If they like each other and the hatchling doesn't fail influence, I can breed 5th even gen Thuwed Shimmer!
  24. Wow, That's a pretty. My Gold x Gold Winged Snow Angel checkers finally gave me eggs The first mentioned pair on the first try, the other one after 3 months of not producing despite fertility. Anybody wants do do a bloodswap, or help me out with one of the mates I'd still need: / 3rd gen from male marrow checker from heartseeker checker as mates for some EG Holiday/Metallic/Tinsel breeding. ah, and by the way: I could use help with another a bit trickier breeding poroject: my Roommate/Breeding partner is doing a clipped/deadheaded, even gen Prize
  25. despite the first pair not giving me eggs despite fertility for months my other Gold x gold wing checker produced an egg on the first try *squee*