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  1. I've got Eggnog, a couple Meat Pies, and a Casserole that can't be used to make anything else. Does anyone know if there would be a reason to not "make a mess" with the dead-end recipes to get the extra 5 candies?
  2. Not sure what type of conifer it is.
  3. water_angel brought in some Kitty Love, so thought I'd bring in some Puppy love. Okay, so at 8 years old at the time the pic was taken, Aayla's not actually a puppy... but she'll always be my puppy.
  4. I too made that drastic change from "starphyre77" to "Starphyre77" That missed capitalization had haunted me since I joined oh so long ago.
  5. I have the beauty, thank you! It will be well cared for. I was a bit disappointed when they nixed the Thrawn trilogy, but I knew it was happening before the movie came out so The Force Awakens didn't come as a surprise. I'd talked to others who didn't know, and they were rather upset when they saw the movie.
  6. I get "404 Not Found" when clicking your link...
  7. Well shoot sheriff; that's unfortunate... but good to know. At least I won't be surprised when i don't get what I'm expecting. Thanks.
  8. Wait, there isn't a rhyme or reason to what you get when you summon? I thought it was if you have a full set of the gender. I summoned my first two Sinos when I had one of each gender of each color. Summoned with a female first and got a female, summoned with a male second and got a male. I next summoned when I managed to get a full set of all female Zyus and got a female Sino. Just need a yellow male to have a full set of males and can try again, and was just figuring it would be a male.
  9. Congratulations, and thank you for your generosity. I too would like to enter, please.
  10. Thanks deja. With the way the colors are reflected in the water a little, this is my favorite rainbow photo. Hope you're able to find your photo.
  11. Your link seems to link back to this thread...
  12. Hmm...I was going to enter with this Double Rainbow Over a Lake, but is it too similar to sh20000sh's photo?
  13. Voted, but it was hard to pick just one.
  14. Thanks guys. :) I'm going to go with your suggestions, and Hoarfrost is my entry.
  15. Having a hard time deciding between these two: Hoarfrost An agate
  16. I would support using the oldest dragon's date as the join date, but am also content with the now "Joined in ___" as it's better than the range. As an amusing aside, my oldest dragon was actually laid one day before I joined... lucked out on the AP that day.
  17. Couldn't find if this had been asked yet, but was it intentional for the Soulpeace dragons to not show up under the "Available for BSA" filter?
  18. Nope. It looks like he's having a tough enough time as it is. I'd rather help him.
  19. While following the Thrax to the building, Almidi was trying her best to not look like an excited youngling. Of course, she was aware that she was failing miserably, but she was trying. The sigil on the ground caught her attention for a moment, but figured it would also be featured on a wall or stationary inside in a form that would be easier to study. However, once inside the sigil was pushed to the back of her mind as a ‘to study later’ thought as she looked around in wonder. What had her awed wasn’t the fact that there were various different species in the lobby, but rather that these beings were ones she had never even read about. This meant that she was not only most likely the first Kinthran to encounter them, but the first from the entire Confederation to do so. Oh, the information I could bring back, she thought as she reached into a pocket and pulled out her personal data pad. While making a quick recording of the lobby, she lingered a bit more on the fish tank. Putting the pad back in her pocket, she marveled at the aquarium and wondered if the bottom formed part of the ceiling of the floor below so that one could see the creatures swimming above them. As she looked around the lobby once more to see which direction might lead to the second floor, she also noted that the guards easily marked the areas that were restricted to them and she couldn’t help but wonder what could be found behind them… With so many new things to see and learn about, Almidi was actually a little overwhelmed and unsure what to do first. She overheard M.N. 767’s question to Thrax, and couldn’t help but wonder why a robot would need air. She was also a little confused by what Erin said to Phaenon for the Earth she knew did not have any beings like Phaenon…other planets had somewhat similar beings, but not Earth. So, did that mean that Erin was from a ‘different’ Earth or a different world entirely? Though she was curious, she didn’t want to eavesdrop on the others’ conversations, so she made a decision on what she was going to do first. “I’m going to find the cafeteria,” she said, “anyone is welcome to join me…if you’d like.” As she turned, she put her hand in her other pocket and wondered if the cafeteria would accept her Confederation currency.
  20. Almidi still wasn’t quite sure what to make of the situation, so she watched the others’ exchange with only curiosity showing in her expression. Being honest with herself, she didn’t disagree with the assessment of Takhorr…Well, perhaps excluding the ‘last male’ part, but that was only because she didn’t have enough information on his species to be able to make such a call. She was at least slightly comforted by the fact that the people back home were most likely not in danger. She was trying to sort her thoughts, but then found herself thoroughly enthralled by the ‘doorway’ that June had ‘opened’. She was familiar with teleportation but as far as she knew it involved large and complex machinery and was certainly not anything like this. Once again, she had many questions, not the least of which was how June was doing this and why it would be difficult. However, she realized it still wasn’t the time for questions so she simply approached the door, albeit a little hesitantly. She wondered briefly whether or not she wanted to step through, but she also knew it was her only hope of returning home. At least this isn’t without our consent, she thought. Looking back to June she gave a small nod as she said, “Thank you,” and then she followed Thrax. She didn’t know what to expect, but she fervently hoped the landing on the other side would be smoother, and less painful, than the last one.
  21. 10th Gen Gold Shimmer stair-step with male Blusang.
  22. At June’s words, Almidi’s cheeks flushed a darker grey, but she held her tongue as Thrax intervened. She wasn’t sure if he was trying to be reassuring, but the more she heard the more concerned she became. She had so many questions but since these people appeared to be her only means home, she didn’t want to risk angering them – or more specifically, her – so she decided to keep the questions to herself for the moment. As she listened to the others, she also made some mental notes. She worked alongside humans, so they were the ones she at least had an understanding of. The rest, however, were of species she had no knowledge of and she was quite fascinated. She too had thought June was a human, and tact was clearly not among her skill-set. She wondered if ‘Fiddlesticks Model number 767’ was what she should call it, or did the pause indicate that it had a preferred nickname. Takhorr seemed to be one to be cautious of. She knew she had already said who she was, but that was before the translators so she didn’t know who all had understood. “I am called Almidi,” she said, “and I am of tegni Nemar on the planet Mojhar.” She then looked at Thrax and added, “If I may ask. You spoke of our safety, but can you tell me…my crewmates and the ship; are they all right?”
  23. Almidi’s fear was starting to turn into the early stages of anger. Among several things, she wasn’t happy about the translator bug-like thing and was about to ask to have it removed since she already had a Confederation translator. She changed her mind, though, when something that was said had her wondering if they were, in fact, not on a Confederation planet. That would answer some questions, she thought, but raise many others. She was also confused when the voice from the ship mentioned a ‘companion’ as she couldn’t fathom how more than one person could comfortably fit in a ship that size, not even if they were diminutive beings. However, those thoughts were put on pause when what appeared to be an armored person – a soldier she guessed by his actions – attacked the ship. In the resulting chaos, Almidi could only duck down and cover her head with her arms. With the explosion over, she stood up again as she irritably brushed her feathers out of her face. While she knew she had a hair stick in her pants pocket and could put her feathers up, at that moment she was too intrigued by actions of the long reptilian creature as he took his leave, or at least tried to. Not to mention the fact that with everything else going on around her, feathers in her face were the least of her concerns. “If I may ask; just to see if I understand this correctly…” She said looking first to June, then to Thrax and then back to June. “You have brought us here without our consent, for reasons you either do not know or do not understand, and now we are essentially your hostages if we hope to return home?” She couldn’t help but briefly think of her family and friends as she figured she’d have already been reported as missing. With a gesture to the robot she added, “The robot has a very valid question. What possible reason would we have to trust you, or each other? Also, I do not presume to speak for anyone else, but please do not do anything else to me without my consent…” her tone turned a bit hard, “ever again.” Almidi may not like conflict, but these two had been rather dismissive of, as near as she could tell, everyone on that platform.