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  1. I was asleep lol. It doesn't feel any different but hopefully it will be better than last year. I'm gonna try to draw more.
  2. The problem I have with this christmas flash game is they ask me to deliver a letter to a character and i can't find that character anywhere, don't even get any hints
  3. I just realized, I've been on DC for 8 years(my first dragons were laid on the 7th), can you believe that?
  4. I'm gonna breed my frilled dragon for the first time in 5 years. He's finally getting some action.
  5. I'm not even a baseball fan and I'm really happy for them. I really can't not root for them since my dad has been a huge fan of them my whole life. Also, Back to the Future was only a year off, how crazy is that lol
  6. It's good to hear that, sorry about the other people, I hope they at least weren't hurt.
  7. I think it just blew past us for the most part. We were worried the power might go out but nothing happened.
  8. It's been good! Not much going on but it's been super rainy (seattle weather amirite) How about you?
  9. yeah you each get a pumpkin spice latte and a banana.
  10. *arrives 20 years late with starbucks* what's up guys
  11. I love the Zelda series. Twilight Princess was my first, and remains to be my favorite. I'm really enjoying A Link Between Worlds so far. Though I wish the weather vanes would stop telling me to take a break...
  12. Jass has 6 arms that grow bananas whenever she takes a shower.
  13. Finally caught a Holly, and shortly after, a Guardian of Nature
  14. Banned for having an avatar that's walking forever.
  15. NovaEcto has a pet spider that shoots lasers out of its eyes.
  16. Banned for disliking curved yellow fruits.
  17. Banned for too much rainbow in your sig.
  18. Banned for discrimination against the lazy.
  19. THERE'S A DERPY TOY? Shut up and take my money.
  20. Banned because I didn't tell you what to do, I just banned you for your bad grammar.