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    A woman's place is in the kitchen. A man's is, too. Everyone should be in the kitchen. It would make the world a better place.
  2. Silly guy just had to try and run, tsts. Even after he’d taken the time to slowly and coherently explain to him the rules of proper etiquette beforehand. It’s a mess, the attitude of some people. What do the parents do, he wondered? Or in the very least the elders surrounding him, as they were supposed to? Of course, none of his business per se if they didn’t demand the respect they were entitled to be the naughty little boys- but if they didn’t grow up according to the proper rules of conduct, what would happen to this country? Anarchy, that’s what! Nono, not desirable at all, now is it? It was a public duty, bringing the youngsters of this land of theirs up correctly! He would make sure to do his part in the system. And even if he was the last person standing, he, Rufus, would keep protecting the order, slightly and lovingly push back into the line, for the greater good he would… Wait. What? What? In the butt? Shiny! And so he stopped rambling along to his line of though, and let of go the silly little boy. Dropped from back down to the floor, landing on his knees, lovely position. And then went chop, squishsquish for a little while, then a tiny little bump, and some happy purling, lovely! Maike, my Maike, you’re never gonna disappoint me like that, are you? Nooo, not you, never you, hm? People like you are the future of this country! Love you too, hun~ And again it went squishsquish with each of his steps as he walked away, his boots dyed an adorable deep red. The color of love, how fitting. And just like Maike looked right now too, and like his nails, how perfect! He kind of felt like doing it again. For the good of the people. And the nice squishy sounds. And all the flirting with Maike, just lovely… Though he did kind of need new clothes beforehand, these were a little itchy. Also, wet. Maybe a shower, too? Where to get one, whether to get one? Nowhere to go for the time being…. And, most importantly- a dress, this time? A dress would be nice. And maybe some new shoes! You could never have too many shoes! Although these ones were of a lovely red right now, just lovely… But they were lacking heels, and he wanted to be pretty for his Maike. Also, he kind of wanted grey ones to fit his hair. Maybe with these adorable little bows… And Maike surely wanted a bath too, right? Of course my darling, we all wanna feel squeaky clean! We can bath together, it’s twice as fun! You naughty little thing, you! Where, you say? And, as she had pointed out to him, there was a building that seemed to be in some relation to clothing. Sell or make? Not all that important, actually. As long as they have running water. And pretty shoes. And a nice dress of his size with these sweet little stitches on the sides, the way his mum had one…. Can’t hurt to check. Not much anyway. Shoo!
  3. Beowulf stumbled back as he bumped into something that, contrary to the other little toys, did not make way or back down. He frown and tried again, with the same result. He reached for the thing in front of him, missed and tried again. It was…. Hard? He felt his way closer, fascinated, watching the thing transform, change shape and color, and after a while taking up the smell of old pudding. Not hard anymore either, instead rather… fluffy. The elephant who had meanwhile introduced herself as Monika poked the strange object suspiciously with her trunk, then she lifted it up and trumpeted reassuringly towards the army of little plushie ducks, before the sound was muffled by a wave of sweets and candy – all wrapped individually, of course – streaming out of her beak and bathing the ground in a very real version of Cockaigne. Yet before Beowulf was able to even reach for a few of the never-ending river of sweets, the ducks had already tackled the task of eliminating every last piece of evidence of paradise on earth. The man’s lips trembled as his desperate attempts to reach the candy, the bread to the starving, failed when confronted with such a mass of very resolute plushie ducks. He stumbled after them, following the stream as Monika had started running. Not running, was she? They were taking her. They were taking her! They were taking his friend, his leader in this strange land, his food source! A plushie under each of her Gerard Butlers they were taking her her away from him in a near unthinkable speed. Beowulf hurried to follow, but it seemed that Monika kept getting carried further and further away, quicker than he could ever hope to swim. It made him angry, and so Beowulf grabbed the meaning of life and bit off its head. The duck was made of chocolate. It tasted nice, nicer than the candy possibly could have. With an expression mixing relief, happiness and vengefulness into grotesque abomination Beowulf threw himself onto the sea of ducks, who might just be bunnies, and started a feast to finally, finally, relief his sudden hunger for sugar. Before he could finish the ducks started to combine, the merge and to resurrect as a living, moving creature gleaming in bright pink. A high-pitched little giggle escaped his lips as he wrapped his arms around the fluffy ball of cute and clung to it. Still refusing to let go of the now rather smooth feeling collar but not being able – or willing, it did feel rather nice – to control his legs anymore he sunk to the ground and cuddles up around it. A single hiccup shook his body, then a deeply engrossed expression appeared on his mangled face as he finally lost himself in the colorful happiness of a world of pink ballerina elephants and wise old plushie ducks. Rufus poked the sleeping person who had taken it upon himself to warm his feet suspiciously with his boot, then stepped of the man’s grasp. He bit his lips, contemplatingly eyeing him up, then grabbed a sharpie and drew a mustache onto the weirdo’s face. He hesitated, then added a few more ornaments before he continued his way. And there people went saying he was weird.
  4. ((Wee! And you know you love it, Walker! ;3 )) With a soft clicking noise the flame of a pocket lighter illuminated the still dim streets. With a quiet sigh the tall man inhaled the first breath of smoke and leaned back against the wall. “Things are goddamned messed up here”, he announced to the wall in front of him with a voice that was weeping with self assurance. “I don’t get how these kids can call themselves men, I really don’t. Cause they’re not. Ya know? They ain’t men, they’re pets. Or toys. Or something. Meh. Toys. Toys of desperate women who no decent men woulda taken. That’s why they turned insane. Yes. And those guys deserved it if they didn’t manage to maintain their freedom. They let them make them into toys. So basically, they toyified themselves. Yes. They deserved it.” He stared at the wall, started attempting to blow smoke rings and failed after a few unfruitful minutes. After a long pause he proudly added, “Damn I’m high.” Beowulf was one of the few people among their little group who were able to understand German, even if he had a terrible accent. That was the main reason why he had been chosen, very much against his wishes, to go and examine the situation in the city Bremen despite his noticeable looks. Standing over two meters tall he surpassed most of the Germans in height by far, and to be honest that was no different to the staff of the ship that was not lying crushed somewhere on the group of the sea. Although originally of German origin, spending most of his life outside under the African sun had tanned his skin to a color much darker than his long blond mane, and awards of fought battles, which was how he called the many scars and disfigurements on his body - as it did sound a lot better than "I tend to fall when I'm high" - were not really the best method for him to blend in with the few people on the streets either. Maybe he shouldn’t have taken the shot before. The Sky Dancer’s cargo had consisted mainly of two things. For one, weaponry. Nothing fancy, unfortunately, otherwise they wouldn’t have been in as much trouble at the moment, but still modern enough to surpass the toys these women had by far. Two, drugs. Mainly heroin, but also other substances, some of them so exotic even a junkie like Beowulf couldn’t recognize them. But he had decided to change that fact the faster the better. There were more important things in life than crazy bananas, after all. It had taken him quite a while to find a place where he could smoke without annoying observers. He had seen two or three women smoking on his way, but nothing too fancy, and he certainly wouldn't give those chicks the opportunity to start lusting after his stuff. He wouldn't be sharing, that was sure. A few minutes later Beowulf had finished the joint and enjoyed himself with a very deep, philosophical talk with a pink elephant who had joined him in his lightheaded happiness. “Ya know, they actually aren’t as bad”, he giggled towards the elephant and carefully applied some of liquid onto a thin piece of paper, careful not to spill anything. It was not an easy talk considering how much his hands were shaking and that the street was spinning around him. He had no idea what it was he was taking or how it had ended up in his bag, but he surely didn’t want to question his luck. Probably had ended up there during one of his orgies on the ship – and if he had known, it wouldn’t have been there anymore anyway. He offered some of the paper to the elephant, shrugged as he refused and took it himself, happily chewing around on the paper. “I mean, sure, you don’t know how to keep your ladies under control", he added, slowly chewing the paper, “but at least you’re fun. Eh?” He looked at the elephant and grinned wryly. Then, as the elephant stood up and turned around, his grin faded. “Shoulda thought so. Pink’s a girl’s color.” He shook his head, grinned happily and carefully got up. It took a while, but after a few trials he managed to stay on his feet, even if he had to grab the wall to support himself. “You know, I think I found out the meaning of life, gal. The true meaning of life, not this number banana some people keep telling you. Foa-. Fou-. Forty-two. Forty-two. Bah. I mean, what kinda meaning is that?” He grinned knowingly and started at the elephant with dark rings beneath his eyes. “Nah. The real meaning of life. The real meaning of life. Is. Is. Wait. What the hell are you doing, gal?” His mouth wide open and still chuckling like a madman he watched the elephant put on a miniskirt and starting to dance the waltz. The animal seemed to grow suddenly, and the taller it grew the more transparent it became. He could he inner organs of the animals, and as he leaned closer, his jaw dropped. “Never thought a heart really looks like a heart. And… What’s that you’ve eaten? A plushie duck?” He stared into the elephant’s tummy for a moment. “That’s right. Now I remember. The meaning of life is a plushie duck.” He grinned. “You’re awesome, chick. Really. But… But…. Ugh.” There was a reason for him being here, and he could even vaguely remember a little blue head was involved. It had something to do with… Dwarven crocodiles? Was that possible? Yes, probably. It had to be something along those lines. “Yeah. Sorry, but you’re not a croc. You’re an elephant with the meaning of life in your belly, and you’re not blue. I guess. But. Wait.” He chuckled at the elephant, shook his head and wondered off, highly concentrated watching his balance.
  5. Alright, been two weeks- if someone feels like posting go right ahead, I'll do mine in a bit~
  6. The idea for this RP originated ages ago from one of these role-playing contests we were having. The idea, mind you- this was majorly edited, the plot’s all new and all mine. I’ve had this up and running a while ago already, so I do have permission, but unfortunately the only person I remember being on my team back then is Skarx- if one of you other awesome people sees this and wants to be credited just write me, please! So, on with the fun! Background “The status which women reached during the present era was not achieved due to the kindness of men or due to natural progress. It was rather achieved through a long struggle and sacrifice on woman's part and only when society needed her contribution and work, more especially; during the two world wars.” Dr. Jamal A. Badawin In the past millennia, male superiority seemed to be a law of nature. As far as one can track back with current means, hardly any society pursued equal rights and the number of those depending on female rule is negligible. Even in societies like the Mosuo that are famous for their matriarchies, it is mostly only the social life that lies in the hand of the woman while politics are handled by males. The chimerical tribes of Amazons, the Sarmantians, the Hittites, a hand full of Amerindian and North African tribes, the peaceful Minoan civilization of Crete – those are few exceptions, many not even scientifically proven and none of them still existent today. During nearly all of recorded history, it is certain that men have decided on the fate of the world without much interference on part of the women. In the knowledge of their own inferiority, females had to accept the discrimination. Most the religions that developed afterwards idolized the male as pure while the woman was, if not even seen as execrable, still of minor value. Even Hinduism, one of the religions that gave females comparatively big rights, aimed to keep a woman’s mind, speech and body in subjection. In ancient Athens a woman was always minors and subject to a male, such as their father, brother or other male kin and obliged to submit to the wishes of her parents before being handed over their husbands by a marriage which did not demand the woman’s consent. Under Roman Law, a woman was considered a ward to her husband, a person incapable of knowing or acting according to her own free will and strongly limited in her actions. Even in the late Middle Ages, marriage resulted in the husband taking over all the property of his bride. With hardly any chance to gain a proper education or influence, it did not even occur to most women that they might be equal to men. It was assumed that patriarchy was a natural, god-given order that had to exist. Only in the eighteenth century, when missionaries found matrilineality in native North American peoples, this perception was challenged and the question of woman’s rights became central to political debates especially in France and Britain. During the three following centuries, women managed to eke out a better adaption of their rights to men’s– yet this was by for not when it stopped. When the First World War broke out in 1914 the women who have been left behind in countries now nearly free from men, saw that they were, to the contrary of what they have been told, capable of taking care of themselves. While most men had been drafted to fight for their countries, it was the job of the ones left behind to keep the work routine going as much as possible. For the first time in recorded history, the biggest part of the women in the countries participating in the war were not restrained to doing the chores, taking care of the children or guarding the house but were doing the work their husbands used to do. Some of the more venturous women even came to the conclusion that this terrible war that cost so many lives could have been avoided if it were not for male ego. Yet this minority was insignificant to the rest of the female population who were still thinking in the terms of what they had been taught and experienced all their lives; that they were not suitable for leadership. Only after they had to endure the atrocities committed within the Second World War, this conviction finally perished in most of them. Twice in one generation they had been forced to endure the atrocities of wars that had exceeded anything formerly known on cruelty. Twice they had lost everything they had, in many cases including husbands, children and other beloved ones. And twice it had been men who had inflicted the same fate on them. They, the women, who had not been armed, who not been taught how to fight or even how to defend themselves properly and who still had to endure various atrocities of invading hostile soldiers, maybe even more sanguinary ones than their brothers – their fate had been decided for them by men as if they were little children unable to take care of themselves. When the men – many of them dead, others heavily wounded – returned, their wives had finally decided that they had endured enough already. After the male form of government had brought them so many cruelties and hardly any advantages, they were not consent with having to bear it any longer. Only few women doubted a third war in a very short period of time – another war for no more than mere male conceitedness, as they thought. As chimerical as it may sound, the female population in nearly all of Europe, Russia and large parts of North America have made a treaty to end all wars at one stroke – by giving politics into the hands of people who would avoid any violence, if only to protect the lives of children they had given birth to, looked after and watched growing up for years while their husbands were at work. With most of the men dead, mutilated, wounded, simply fed up with fighting or in some cases even siding with the women, the following shift of power was one of the most peaceful and nonviolent ones in history. The boys who were still young enough to be influenced were taught of their own inferiority as if had been done with women for the past millenniums. It is even said that some the women despite their claim that their only goal was peace and the ability to decide their fates for themselves, secretly enjoyed this as an act of revenge after all men had done to them. Four generations later, around 2050, matriarchy was accepted as a matter of course, just as patriarchy had been in the Middle Ages. As promised, none of these countries had been involved in a war and they still work together very strongly yet have isolated themselves from countries with more conservative forms of governments. Within the generations women had grown fond of their new power and as time passed they stroke the same way they had condemned their brothers some generations ago. In this new way living, the only usage for men was had physical or unpleasant work. They were forbidden to even enter the government buildings, while arts, public services and scientific research was strictly in female hands. The idea of marriage has been abandoned within the decades – jealousy was a feeling that did not occur in these matriarchal countries. To become pregnant or to simply have some fun, a woman asked the man she wanted out and if he accepted they’d spend the night, and maybe also following nights, together. Then they would part again, with no bonding to each other. It was neither unusual that a man served multiple women at the same time nor that one woman invited many in the same night. Homosexuality was accepted as a matter of course among both genders. While most women possessed their own houses or shared living facilities with other women, men were expected to live in apartment buildings for men only of fifty or more floors. Sons lived with their mothers until they were twelve years only – a period long enough to teach them how to read and write, sometimes also the basics of a second language as well as their third-ratedness – and then sent into these establishments. Apartments were paid for by their mothers until they found a job. The role of the father in their lives was barely existent; hardly any child even knew who it was. Girls were kept at the house of their mothers until they finished education which was mostly when they were in between 25 and 30 years old, later they searched for an own home near their workplace. It rarely happened that a daughter stayed with her mother; in a situation like this a girl could quickly earn the reputation of a mollycoddle. As the Second World War has slowed technological development down and as the countries participating in the switch of power have isolated themselves completely for other countries despite the fact that there were hardly any women with enough education to take it up again at that time, these countries have not managed to keep up with the technological standards. Even in the year 2050, a TV is a product found only among richer families. The few devices that there are have been strictly shielded from channels from countries pursuing equal rights. Within the years female engineers have found a way to copy the Internet, however, they established a strictly censored version shielded from websites not from within their network. Although hardly any men have access to the Internet, it is controlled to permit the usage of the net for male rebellion. Telephones and radios have been designed to work only within certain countries for the same reasons. Except for politicians and some very rich and influential women, hardly anyone is connected to the outer world. With the exception of Russia, cars work with electricity only – not because women want to protect nature but because they do not want to be dependent on supplies from patriarchal countries. However, in the year 2051, this self-inflicted isolation seemed to be threatened as a group of people from countries not part of the female federation, as they called themselves, set foot on the beach of Germany near Bremen. The technology development in the countries not among the female federation had not been slowed down as drastically as the one in countries who were. Most of these countries had not participated in the Second World War – or at least the war hadn’t taken place on their land – and had served as a getaway for men living in countries who should later form the female federation, among them specialists from a range of different facilities. This enabled these countries, many of them regarded as backwards before the war, to outwit the countries in the female federation at least in these areas. (In short - while the weaponry of the women in female federation is about on the same level as what we have now while the invading group possess slightly futuristic equipment.) Plot There was one topic that dominated the news lately. After the first encounter the police forces of Germany wanted to hold peacefully, it is said, ended in the death of five policewomen caused by superiority of the weaponry the invaders had brought with them. The news do not report of any further encounters, but as censorship from the government is a usual measure to protect the people, the streets are full with speculations on how many victims this invasion by a country disobeying the natural order has already cost. The channels not censored due to their usual untrustworthiness are full of scaremongers with theories surpassing each other with unsettling absurdity. The most popular one is a theory stating that the invaders are spies sent form one of the countries that still grant men privileges they are not supposed to be able to enjoy. Other theories are that in these countries women are treated so badly that they committed mass suicide and that the men who do not know their place in life have came to force the German citizens to accompany them as slaves, that they are here to beg for forgiveness for their sins but been misunderstood in their barbaric behavior or that they have come to blow Bremen with their unnatural weaponry. Not only in Germany but in the whole of the Female Federation the mood has swung drastically. Women have started to distrust the men. Many of them have started to fear riots not that they might have come to that there still are countries granting them equal or even more rights. Grouping of more than four men outside of their apartment buildings or those necessary work have been forbidden in Germany and its neighboring countries, the few that still occur being interrupted by police forces, the offenders being arrested and thrown into prison for two weeks. At the same time, some men did come to the conclusion the women feared – if those men who were causing so many troubled could lead a life equal to their sisters, why couldn’t they? After one riot in Munich had been crushed mercilessly by police forces with many of the revolutionaries being killed and many more being arrested, the resistance started to become more subtle and better prepared. As if was not safe to assume than every man shared these thoughts, the atmosphere in the apartment buildings became more hostile and more tense, no-one trusting the other anymore. This atmosphere was not eased by the fact that the police had started to perform raids to search the buildings for signs of betrayal, the alleged committers being arrested. Still there were groups of men preparing for a riot or at least for hiding and helping the invaders should they appear in their cities. At the same time, the small group of people who had accidentally run ashore in the German beach feared for their lives. They had known it was dangerous to enter the North Sea, a region entirely in control of the modern amazons, as they were colloquially called among countries that pursued equal rights, and still they had dared to do so in the hope to flee from the marines chasing them. They had managed to escape the dangers of arrested for smuggling and in some cases for worse – but now that they had grounded in a country that was said to be populated by men-eating beast women in so many cock-and-bull stories, the saw that the danger was far greater than they had thought it to be. On the first gaze the women approaching them had made a rather normal impression – but as they were about to surrender, the women concealed weapons at them that reminded of museum pieces and started to shoot. The smugglers had no choice but to return the fire to save their lives, even if they knew that in long run it was their death sentence. They were lucky that none of them died in the fire. They tried to avoid encounters with other women from that day on. Still they ran into two more patrols, both ending in the death of the women. Yet after a while their water and food provision ran out. They had to make a decision that could very well mean their end – would they dare approaching a city for supplies? Rules Let's try to make this enjoyable, alright? I don't particularly care for perfection in style or grammer or what-not, but if reading something is tiring rather than fun, I’d rather not see it in here. Simple way to measure: If writing a post made you smile, you’re good to go and warmly welcome As many characters as you feel will turn out nicely. No spamming and no one-liners, let's keep this nice and clean~ If you end up banned (which isn’t likely if you’re not trying very hard…), your character will die a dishonorable and absurd death most likely involving honey bees, braces and a bowling ball. If you have any complaints, wishes or suggestions, feel free to pm me or post them here – you’ll get a hug or a cookie, depending on what you prefer. If you offer some useful constructive criticism I’ll love you forever! Also, if I got any of the facts wrong, please tell me. Most of them are from rather dubious websites O.< This is supposed to be more or less realistic. No fantasy creatures, no super powers, no naturally green hair and no flying cars, except if they’re called helicopters. Flying toasters are fine, of course. The invading group can consist of both men and women. Just post your entrance posts/character forms in the thread, please. Character Applications I don’t like character sheets too much, so feel free to use a paragraph intro. Actually, pretty please use a paragraph intro! For those of you who prefer sheets – Name, Age, Gender, Nationality, Appearance and if you want to other points you consider interesting. I don't care much for other information you wouldn't know when first seeing a person, so feel free to skip personality, history etc. Hell, for all I care a picture of your character plus name, age and nationality are enough. Your characters do not have to be approved, just start playing right away, if I'm not happy with something, I'll be telling you.
  7. Dash, you just ninja'd me! D: *hands her a cookie* Still posting my critique, though, as they seem to be subsidiary anyway. Just regard it as a thought-provoking impulse All in all this is done pretty nicely, however, there are some points that need to be worked on. For once the general mindset of the Pegasi – is there any reason why a Pegasus would heal the wounds of someone they just fought? Do they have something like a codex or was that just an exceptional case? If they have such a codex, does it differ between the tribes? Or is there something else to explain the unusual behavior of Emrai and Adlai? How exactly does the power structure of these tribes work? Is there a hierarchy besides the princes/princesses and if yes, how is it determined? Speaking of the princes - are the tribes principalities or is there a king hidden somewhere, too? Are there any social or other significant differences between the tribes? How exactly does that elemental magic work? Is there some kind of restriction to the control the Pegasi have? If Emrai’s elements are ice and water, how come she can heal people? Is that a characteristic commonly shared by all tribes or only by a few? And how can one control the element “life”? How long does it approximately take a Pegasus to travel from one tribe’s home to another? Are there fixed territories assigned to each clan? And where do the other races you names live (or rather, what role do they play in the RP)? Some elaboration on the Animys and a spell-check would be nice. The elements (as well as the world “element” as such) doesn’t need to be capped, and there are some things you’ve probably overlooked when beta-reading.
  8. Oh, sorry. Just remembered the confusion about the sections at the beginning... Anyway, moved!
  9. And approved it would be if I knew what section you want this to be in...
  10. Not quite. There are still quite a lot of caps where they shouldn't be and you haven't answered my questions about the humans, their technologie, if there is a way of communicating for the two species, what technology both species use and if the dragons even use tools.
  11. *pokes the part about the humans and about the spell-check* Is mantion supposed to mean mansion?
  12. Please reread for mistakes. There's a difference between to and too, the word charicter should be character, any kind of occupation is written in small. Among other things. Hm… Mentioning “white dragon blood” and including the type of (DC) dragon in the character form made me think this is a DC RP. Oh well, whatever you prefer. More background information, please. Since living in the golden city is “every dragon’s dream”, there must be some kind of legend about it, I suppose? About the city itself – at least a rough idea of what it looks like would be helpful. Just mentioning the style of the buildings would already be helpful to enable players to imagine the city better. Same goes for mentioning a few important buildings. Is there, for example, a library the dragons can use to gain access to valuable information about how to get food, various building techniques, how to escape etc (given that your dragons can read and write, of course.) Then the “greedy looters” – are they humans, dragons or something else? Are there even humans in the world you describe? What kind of technology do they and the dragons possess? Are the dragons able to use tools? (That is, are their paws/hands/whatever suited to hold an object?) Filled character sheets are frowned upon here. Still a remains of the time when we didn't have an Unapproved Section an people likes to trespass the approval sytem. It's not in the rules anymore though, so I at least don't mind them.
  13. "I'll be back." "Well... I guess there is a bright side of this." "My nose is itchy." "So stupidity does kill."
  14. Stirb nicht vor mir by Rammstein. Kept it going in my head for two days now -.-
  15. Feuerfrei by Rammstein. And I don't even like it. -.-