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  1. I had to rename all my dragons after not visiting dragcave for a while. Still like 30 blacks to go (collected them like hell back then xd.png).

    Well, mine are mostly "akani's _____" or "_____ of Heaven" or "_____ of Hell".

    A few drags are "Ni ____" or "______ Ming" or "______ aka", but I'll continue with "_____ of Heaven" and "______ of Hell" now.

    I wanted to call them all "_____ of Heaven", but I seriously couldn't name a Hellfire like that, that's why the darker and evil ones will be "_____ of Hell". xd.png

  2. Agree with all the sentiments that the "no stress" element on this event is great! It's at least a little consolation for not catching the new eggs... (Though I've had an offer of a gift, so maybe things are turning up on that front.) Plus I've actually managed to click some halfway uncommon eggs (red dorsal, ER vine egg, white stripe), probably due to the fast clickers all being distracted by the pretty eggs. We need this year round!


    @akani: No worries. You've got about 35 hours left (until about 6:00 am Tuesday). European time is 6 hours after cave time.

    Thank you so much, that's enough time, so I can go to bed soon ^.^