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  1. I had to rename all my dragons after not visiting dragcave for a while. Still like 30 blacks to go (collected them like hell back then ). Well, mine are mostly "akani's _____" or "_____ of Heaven" or "_____ of Hell". A few drags are "Ni ____" or "______ Ming" or "______ aka", but I'll continue with "_____ of Heaven" and "______ of Hell" now. I wanted to call them all "_____ of Heaven", but I seriously couldn't name a Hellfire like that, that's why the darker and evil ones will be "_____ of Hell".
  2. One of my whites is called Miord of Heaven because its code is MI0RD...
  3. Look where I found my 38th egg
  4. 37/38 x3 When I went offline I was so sure I didn't have so many but coming back online I saw 35 eggs
  5. Can I also take the oath? I only have one scroll.
  6. 16 more for me =] Next will come at :02
  7. Thank you so much, that's enough time, so I can go to bed soon ^.^
  8. Only got 17 and I'm in another timezone. We have 0:51 a.m. here How many hours do I have left?
  9. I only remember my first egg^^ It was a guardian (Taraphia) o.o