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  1. I do. Currently using the Direwolf20 pack on a small server with a few friends. And alone when I bother to play solo (I probably won't keep up with this topic, feel free to pm me or catch me on IRC)
  2. I'd love to have the hour added on to the breed timer. Minute would be a little excessive, and second? Oh come on, that's just being a little too much. (Not to mention the poor server!)
  3. While I'm another fan of the even number thing, and would like the limits raised... i can see how that might be shot down easily. But I do love the idea of (and want) a platinum badge. A seriously high number would make it just that much more sweeter to get. I would be completely fine with it being 2500 or even 5000 to get it. For the record, I have 1139 dragons on my scroll by checking through AOND's banner maker. This number is subject to change at any time
  4. I have (at last count) over 140 frozen black hatchies. Some of them even CB. Mostly when CB blacks were a lot more common... I freeze stuff that I don't want to breed or collect.
  5. With the amount of dragons some of us already have... I think I prefer the trophy. That way, we can see what eggs we've got already. HOWEVER. An eggshell collecting way of getting that trophy would be fun.
  6. If it's real, some one please send me an invite. If it's not, I'm going to eat TJ's brains. /zombie time
  7. Out of four bites: 3 stays 1 death
  8. I keep seeing more and more dead holiday eggs. It makes me sad that they won't be able to replace it until next year.
  9. You just got your new Yule/Snow Angel/Ribbon Dancer or that elusive Holly! So you rush off to the fansite (or fansites) where you normally put your scroll at. So does every one else. This means increased views for all eggs! Good thing? Not always. I have already seen a few dead holiday eggs from sickness. They've gotten too many views too fast, and the person didn't see it in time to fog the egg. Please watch your eggs carefully or wait a day before adding your new holiday eggs to any fansite.
  10. Featherpaw keeps stealing chicken eggs. And replacing them with plastic easter eggs.
  11. This. It's my dragon and if I want to kill it to clean out a lineage... It's my choice. It is a risk you take when trading for eggs, or finding something on the AP. If I want to kill off something that has a longer lineage and make a fake "2nd" gen dragon, that's my choice. I don't want some one else going "You can't do that because of my dragon's lineage" as that would be just as bad as some one telling me what to breed and that I can't breed this or that pair.
  12. Joining Form Forum Name: Winddancir Scroll user name: Winddancir Skywing gender preference: N/A Willing to breed for others: YES Gender of participating Skywings: 3 male 6 female Which generations can be bred: 2nd I do NOT want to be an official part of this. I am just offering breeding services for those who'd like a few extra 2nd gen blunas. I won't give them to just any one though, you do have to have a grown mate for it and at least 2 other blunas, preferably from this lineage or for it. I reserve the right to decline to breed for any one. And if I'm breeding for you, you have to take the egg right then. No waiting. Which means catch me on IRC to request a breeding!
  13. My tinsels are always getting sick... But I only panic if it's a low gen one. O_O Had a 3rd gen get sick when I ER'd it. Fogged it as an egg, and kept unfogging it for minute every hour to give it a chance to hatch. Edit: Yes, it hatched sick. But keeping it fogged cured that.
  14. Partly hidden, with name showing. I keep my scroll on a click site that views the user page, so I keep adults hidden for ease of viewing. But I leave my name showing on my dragons if some one is interested in something I've bred.
  15. I have several lineage projects on my scroll, so inbreds are usually frozen as hatchies, or tossed back to the AP. Now if the whole lineage was meant to be an inbred project, that's different. I've seen a few like that, and those can be quite beautiful.
  16. Winddancir


    And here's me. Untrimmed herb cape ftw.
  17. I would *have* to be locked right now....
  18. Both my daughter & I have silver. I'm at 435 dragons, so probably won't be that long
  19. Freeze & release inbreds Freezing them as hatchlings so they can't possibly breed later!
  20. The title "Rookie" annoys me because I've been on forums for a year. So there might need to be some changes in the lists now
  21. I've named probably around half my adults. I haven't named some, mostly because I haven't thought of a good prefix/suffix for that breed, or they aren't anything special to me. There are a few that are in specific lineage projects that won't be named for a while, and I haven't gotten around to naming some of my latest vamps.