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  1. I've got a massive collection of pokemon cards, and also recently started collecting Hexbugs Nano. My dragon models are also a highlight.
  2. Actually I had an adult and a hatchling of each. Thanks for telling me....*Sigh*
  3. WHAT. THE. HECK. I bred some Valentine dragons yesterday (A 2009 and a 2010), and now the eggs are GONE! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED???? THEY WERE THERE YESTERDAY AND NOW POOF!!!
  4. OMG. WOW. That. Is. the. Coolest. Thing. I've. Ever. SEEN! I'd pay an arm and a leg for those cuties. I LOVE DRAGON PLUSHIES!!!!Now I really wish I had an Ebay account. *Sigh*
  5. None of my codes would work with a name. Whatever could I name a dragon with the code 7hQ5, for example?