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  1. Is this really it? Can anyone tell me what I misses....wher I went wrong?
  2. Omg....its been SO long since this stupid game has workēd right or let me even WRITE you!!!Only now I cant getinto the GAME!!!!!i miss you,I will try harder to figure this out,its SO!!lLove yaRO
  3. I think t is for people interested in breeding for liñeages...among wanting to have cave caught draggies! I bred a line and its in the DC lineage projects that nobody has ever done...but mostly,people start þheir own 'personal' lineages with ther 'members' for fun and breeding CB draggies would make a big difference.Go check out "breeding lieage projects"!
  4. Cryin copiously..."Missed my 1st Halloween in YEARS because of bad health,mine AND crashed PC,*sniffling..I geuss theres always next year..but if anyone wants to trade an egg/hatchie Ill breed,hunt/beg what you would trade for!Hope you all had an awesome Halloween! Rockin' On
  5. I can watch your scroll for you..is there a particular place that you like to get your bsbies posted with?? any particular site that you like/dislike?Please PM me if you are o.k. with me,and if there is anything you need thats out of the ordinary? I am happy to watch your scroll for you!Let me know !! Rockin'On ~Edited for page stretch~
  6. Got your egg...will name & ove it..thanx!! Rockin' On
  7. Im not part of this lineage,but...I bred this SWEET silver egg(almost hatchie)if anyone would like a stairstep silver (inbred)? http://dragcave.net/lineage/7pMPo Please Pm me ASAP,Ill send a link! Rockin' On
  8. Rockin' On -> TehUltimateMage; red(CODE) I hope I did this right,I gifted a red 2nd generation egg to giftee above.. Rockin' On
  9. Planning to revamp this thread..will send out PMs to all "old" members! RO
  10. Is the thread still open?Im going to re-start my "Make some magic"thread...but I have a faithful stripe egg! Rockin' On
  11. Yes,seems everyone is busy (including me!!)but its not that easy to kick down "Lets ?Make Some Magic"!!And yes,there ARE some beautiful new dragons on our scrolls now!!Many of a magical nature,like the new undine dragon!!!! Ill be here,keep in touch!! RO
  12. ~Removed~ Please do not yell at other users. There's no reason that much text needs to be in all caps.
  13. Gifting a lovely shImmerkin with a lovely stairsep lineage,,,please,no freezing!!! a LUMINA EGG awaiting lovng home(jewel is the parening shimmerscale!) Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Rockin' On
  14. Offering a lovely short lineaged golden wyvern shimmerken!!! Wont you please take IT & gve it a new GOOD home??!! Love ME!!! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Rockin' On
  15. sent this to HatsuneScratch as it was ACCEPTED!! Rockin' On
  16. \ written to HatsuneScratch ...waiting for repy! Rockin' On
  17. Offerring a sweet shimmerkin egg(moonstone)thats all bred in a short stairstep line..please give it a good home!! LOVE ME!! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Rockin' On
  18. A lovely shimmerkin egg,tan ridgewing egg,please also follow naming from this unique lineage...TGT rules apply..post if taken,thank you! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Another sweet shimmerkin to good home,a sweet golden wyvern egg from shimmerkin stairstep line...all TGT rules apply..take it to a good home please!Contact here if taking,thx! LOVE ME! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Rockin' On
  19. Ive got a misbred THUWED nebula egg up for adoption to a good home!!Ill put it in the other gifting threads just in case,but you guys(THUWED LOVERS)get 1st shot at it!! Good luck,enjoy if you gt the lil guy! Please leave word that it was taken if you get it,thx again!! LOVE ME! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Rockin' On
  20. Gifting this lovely purple ridgewing( 5th generation)kin of great silver shimmers...Good home please! Contact?Please!Post here would be wonderful!THX!! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Rockin' On
  21. Willing and able to eggsit anyones scroll !! Had a bit of trouble getting my PC all "cleaned up" now iits going much faster & Im very happy to help anyone when next person asks for scroll to be watched!!Ill be watched!!! Rockin' On
  22. After this Valentines "event" we should all make suggestions on a re-vamp(Ill definitly ADD this new dragon to our list) ,or ciontest to draw people out! Rockin' On
  23. Please give my lovely shimmerkin a good home!!!Its a short line,a white egg from silver dshimmerkin,& quite lovely..a post here if you get it would be great,thx! LOVE ME! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Rockin' On
  24. Very cool!! Thx for the post letting us see your newe baby! If you need anything bred,please PM me anytime! (HUGS) RO
  25. I just was online to throw snow & checked that last scroll...is she back,as there is an egg with like...3 views,but I gave it a few...(I just actually went to throw snow)! But she did have a very low views eggy...just looked out of habit at the eggs!! Rockin' On