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    Wiccan/magic & all things of Earth saving &/or supporting in protecting Natures beauty/wilderness alive! Also..collecting dragons of all kinds!
    Can even make quilts..beauty n any form is my quest..
    Along with the usual lifetime hopes!!
    The Faithful Secret Santas Wishlist
    my wishlist includes an ND which I hopefully (!!) expect to get/make eventually..,but is wishful thinking, , a short lineage,most any INTERESTING lineage egg,I love the C/B blacks..most any c/B Mainly...I would LOVE a C/B GOLD or SILVER !!!Oh,I LOVE black ALTS,black alts!!inbred ones are fine ,any black alt is accepted.. any sweet egg is fine ,if its from the heart!Oh..I would also LOVE a to get a C/B Gold(I have one C/B silver....I love all my draggies!

    Defend the Pack. Respect the elders.
    Teach the young. Cooperate: know your role.
    Hunt when you must, play when you can, rest in between.
    Devour your enemies. Leave your mark. Voice your feelings.

    "The knower of truth goes about acting as a madman, a fool, or the devil" - Ancient Anon

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    Miraxzee wants to be added to clean "thuwed" gifting list
    Grambo needs another Lumina starter ASAP
    sdc redxshadow-walker
    Lacrilyn c/b magma C/b ember