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    I'm finally a member again. I'm trying to build my house right now. And I'm going for the quest cape.
  2. I lol'd so hard. It all makes sense now as to why people say it is a bad game. I do like Final Fantasy X, but the story line was a bit iffy.
  3. ^ No it's intentional. it was on the first games box. Also, Final Fantasy tales Chocobo's Dungeon. It's so cute. Anyone notice that the moggle acts and dresses like a girl, though the moggle is a boy. KH 358/2 days (oddly I'm listening to the final battle theme as I write this) Wizard of Oz: WYBR Pokemon S-Silver Oh how I love RPG's.
  4. FFXI was a big success. in Japanese copes sold are in the millions. and in America the sales are just as high. it has a few issues, but overall the game is good. I just can't afford to play it or i would.
  5. all but Dissida, you beat me by one. actually, no you don't. while I may not have dissida I do have the original tactics game.
  6. OMG's run for it. no really I saw that and almost had a coughing fit (I have a nasty cold, laughing makes me cough). I wasn't going to laugh however, I about screamed. ok I have seen pretty much everything.
  7. selphie and yuffie both have a reason to exist. I use them as monster bait, in battle they get attacked more then the strongest character, so they have a use.
  8. I will get dissida, when it is a torrent. naw really I'll buy it, but not till December.
  9. did you ever try to complete the sphere grid? I'm trying to complete that and get the special summons and beat the extra bosses before I face sin. they are hard!
  10. I have every FF ever made (even BC) but my favorites are 1, 4 and 7. my fave off shoots are A2, chocobo's tales and CC.
  11. The Doom song Fate of the Unknown I gotta feelin' Anything by Nobuo Uematsu! Hymn of the Faith Star Wars imperial march ya no, nerd songs
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    twitards will die. no really they will, someday not too far in the future the book will be banned, burned and Meyer will be on a stick. and I will laugh my arse off. I like what my college friend said "Books like this should be kept in a closet for 30 years, and then read again by editors and then decided if it should be burned or released." I think in 30 years someone would have read twilight and said "What a load of BuLL$417!!!, to the burn pile!"
  13. if you wanna beat Shepiroth you should use the wall glitch. go up to the wall on the right of Sora as the battle starts and dodge his attacks. then hit him with your keyblade when he's next to the wall and he'll get stuck. you can pwn the heck out of him at that point and he can't move.
  14. chocobox! lol it's cute
  15. how come I can't register? nvm
  16. yesh! i will go to the zoo to get ostriches now. die them blue, i mean gold... yeah gold, and make them cuter.
  17. coded is a puzzle game for the cell phone. it is pre-kh2 world, think like when there was still tarzan. i think they are releasing coded in America in a few months.
  18. omg giant chocobos!!!
  19. the second DS chocobo game is being released in the states this spring, but i don't know the name. and there are 5 chocobo games released(ing) in states, chocobos dungeon and racing are the first 2, FFFCT, wii version and the second listed ds game.
  20. i wish i had a chocobo, no more bus rides to school. lol KWEH! do-do-do-do0! kwark!<chocobo!