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    Even-gens are the bomb :)
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Have a look at my Shimmer list and Tinsel listLocal Time: GMT+8Mass-Effect-3-Multiplayer-Officially-Con

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    Non-tinsel IOUs

    Bad Debts Expense Issues :
    1) Alexiel Dragoness (2nd-gen metallic, or 4 CB Springs) >> Refuses to reply to PMs even though seen.
    2) Lyxii (2nd-gen thunder from Male GW x Female Thunder)

    IOUs from (non-metallic):
    1) Jellyscent (2 CB Speckled Throat hatchies)
    2) shadesofchaos (2 2nd-gen female hellfire hatchies, 2 2nd-gen male white hatchies from Male White x Female Hellfire)
    3) Kelan (3rd-gen Nebula from Silver x Green Nebula, 4th gen Nebula from Silver x blue Nebula)

    IOUs from (Metallic):
    1) Shinobimasterz (2nd-gen Gold x Electric/Balloon/Pillow/Waterhorse)
    2) Dolphine (2nd-gen gold from Gold x Neotropical/Canopy (either gender), 2nd-gen silver from Female Silver x Male Sunstone/Male Balloon)
    3) nikohl (2G Gold/Silver x Tidal)
    4) Lazurite (1 CB Trio)
    5) dragonsrus (3G Nebula from Purple Nebula x Alt Shadow Walker for 2 CB halloweens)
    6) aqua17/mystyic - 3G Winter from Male Silver related to (http://dragcave.net/lineage/98psL)

    IOUs to:
    1) dragonmage - 2 CB Nebula, 4 CB Royal Blues (prefer eggs) (not paid)
    2) Melosk - 3G Hellfire x Male Silver (paid)
    3) prrgcg - 5 CB Nhiostrife hatchies (paid)
    4) Dimar - 3G Sweetling x Gold (to hatch)(paid)
    5) Sfts - 2G Tinsel from Alcoholic (paid)
    6) isaakfvkampfer - 3G FGold x SW or 4G MGold x SW (paid)
    7) Xeriina - 4G PB Thuwed like http://dragcave.net/lineage/UTWqq (paid)
    ** Pending pickup

    Gifting to:
    ** Pending pickup

    Received gifts from (Thank you!):
    1) Wavelength - CB female purple
    2) Littleblackdog - 5th-gen Penk x Hellfire
    3) MedievalMystic - CB Golden Wyvern
    4) JavaMom - 2nd-gen moonstones and gws for checkerboard! And 2nd-gen Black, moonstone for other checkerboards!
    5) Lyricmaniac - For helping me with my Blusang collection!
    6) Syleye - 2nd-gen Gold x Black Tea
    7) Thomasgold19 - My Secret Santa gifter!


    Checkerboard Projects:
    Male Royal Blue x Female Golden Wyvern (4th-gen)
    Male Moonstone x Female Golden Wyvern (4th-gen)
    Male Sunsong x Female Moonstone (3rd-gen)
    Male Purple x Female Stripe (3rd-gen)
    Male Black x Female Red Nebula (2nd-gen)
    Male Winter x Female Royal Blue (2nd-gen)