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  1. too many ideas... not enough points... ROFL
  2. ack leetle withdrawl! i hope TJ get's online soon
  3. ROFL broke too.. and now i can't decide if i want bacon or book next o.O or butterfly... hmm
  4. oh i don't know. it keeps from too many points adding up and people hoarding points i guess. i just ASSumed i'd get some hehe! i'm halfway to one more. what we need to do is get more people to join LOL! more to click ^^ eta: THANK YOU for the compliment ^^ (*facepalms for forgetting manners*) eta again: *facepalms for not realizing i have a store till*
  5. w00t! lava lamp waiting approval.. now i just need a few more points for a shop .. oh and then i need to make some ROFL! and i think the most i ever saw online was like 52. eta: hmm.. lava lamps sold out quick and now i guess i have to wait and click some more to make new ones. i assumed the points used to buy them go into my points, but i guess they go poof
  6. awww kila's kitty and puppy are way cuter than mine must resist urg to get one until i have enough to upload my lamp ^^
  7. LOL i was looking around yesterday for any ways to find people to click on and noticed it with the book ^^
  8. http://leetles.com/profile/Tangi <- it's on your profile at the bottom
  9. awwwwwww no good here's a cow feel better! (you can use this too if you want) @ray - how did i find out about what?
  10. well erm.. i posted my on my imvu homepage, but i dunno about it being popular o.O musta been someone else LOL! eta: lantern cute!!!!!!!!
  11. i was about to post and ask the same o.O and OMG cute dangerous couch!! WIN!
  12. lol except that i only have 700 some odd points and no one left to click on that i know of
  13. ohhhhh bonsai! so cute!! *nods* 1500 is the lowest i've seen it so far
  14. lava lamp, kitty or doggie and house?
  15. hehe leetle hula hoop girl ^^
  16. yeah if i can't click more than once ever i won't get to make anything either. i have two cute little things i'd like to add too ^^
  17. they don't show up for me either. unless they're invisible
  18. oh well that's kind of cool to know. the whole 1 egg if the AP is full thing. i usually don't breed for no reason and i don't participate in mass drops, but i don't wish to take the oath. i do support the idea though ^^ it's really too bad more players don't visit the forums.
  19. oodly enough i've thought about doing this myself!