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  1. oh WOW! those S2 hatchies are just to die for! All of them! I may just have to start an army
  2. wow thank you for the long drops <3 I've got all i need now and can go to bed in peace lol! Also can't wait to see these guys grown up!
  3. I don't like it at all. It makes beautiful even gen lineages look and squished and messy. I hope it gets removed.
  4. For t he moment it seems to be working flawlessly for me (I'm in Texas)
  5. I saw and managed to get one last night by pure luck. It was actually a misclick when I was hunting for bloodscales, so I lotto'd it off. But at least I actually saw one in the cave o.O First one I've seen since the release.
  6. i dunno.. to me it looks like the front legs could be tucked up into the chest? as in sort of t-rex like? edit: n/m i guess those aren't legs blame my crap "old lady" vision
  7. Thanks for all the awesome eggs and the awesome event! <3
  8. ohh yeah my old eyes missed the female black tea x male tan ridgewing. that's got to be a fav of mine now. also the blacks <3
  9. I was also thinking blacks. And alt sweetlings as well. also maybe tan ridgewings? Though those are a bit of a pita to get a hold of atm for me I think it might look ok.
  10. Their colors remind me of sea gulls, but their hatchie desc reminds me of pelicans. Either way so very cooool.
  11. Thanks for that I was just wondering if there was some kind of character aspect I was missing These dragons have me intrigued <3 I'm happy to have another pink that can make more pinks without having to wait for the holidays! Plus the pink and black colors look wicked together!
  12. I love these, but I am curious about one thing. Why the desert? If their main food is insects wouldn't the forest or jungle make more sense? Especially the jungle.
  13. i would so not complain if tonight's release was another hybrid! I love hybrids!
  14. I can sooo see that happening. I'd laugh my butt off, then cry a little...
  15. woot! one more orange one and i'll be done for the night
  16. well i got 2 green out of the forest if that helps at all? Thankees for the new eggs <3
  17. Hybrids rockkk! Thanks for adding another <3
  18. Woot! More pretty eggs! Thankee! <3
  19. shiney! i hope they're orange in color! Thanks!
  20. Those egg sprites are beautiful! The colors remind me of the beach! Hooray for day 1! Thank you!
  21. Whoa that looks amazing! I found this neat little thing today