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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS and for once I actual caught my holiday eggs WOW!!! I can't wait to turn in our wreaths either cause this has been fun like last year tree decorations!
  2. what pages does the new dragon egg appear on?
  3. Ohhh I hope I can catch some before they go POOF. I been at work all day!! [waits to get them]
  4. Yeah thank catchers now I got to get those other V-day eggs.
  5. Oh MY GOD I WANT!!! But I just got home from work and knowing my LUCK. I ain't going to get one T.T do we got any characters that can catch me two lovelys please?
  6. Well unfornetly I have to ask, for a cathcer. Since everyone I know in this hotel room wants to sleep and so we must sleep now. I know I will not be able to catch any eggs tomorrow or Sunday or however long they are out. Yeah this has got to be the worse time of the year for me T.T
  7. WOW tree decrting squee and I'm going to try and catch the eggs myself before asking for a catcher <3
  8. lol Holy = Rare than the rarest dragon drop in Abounded pages. I'm not breeding my yule bucks to many of those all ready and I will breed my christmas one again when I can <3
  9. SWEET and also NUTS I going to be missing those drops due to vaction I going to need a catch to help me grab those eggies since I got free spots in my scroll <3
  10. Wow these adult dragons are soo awsome in color and also the info is intersting too. Very nice I can't wait for mine to grow up!
  11. Wow lag is bad, very bad but I'm super greatful to a wonderful catcher that catch me three eggs. Ooh am I soo happy and plus he he my pumpkin tart is getting bigger!!
  12. It like playing Pokemon. You got to Catch them all!! I got all 94 treats and I have to say they where a nice surpise indead!!
  13. Got 94 treats <3 And no new egg either I want one so bad or two!!
  14. aww this make me feel better to know the catchers are having a hard time too [hugs you]
  15. That what I thought too maybe this one is special? Since I got 92 treats on Friday man did I stay up late thursday to get the half I need. Kind glad I saw it made me go huh. Anyway, I hate to ask... may I request a catcher please?
  16. Bleh no luck still but a new treat for me kind of intersting
  17. wee lag of death I will try again but I know my luck none.
  18. This lag is soo evil I hate it no eggies for the Silver.
  19. Yeah the lag is very evil and I want to request a catcher?
  20. Bleh no eggie for me yet but I will not call in for a CATCH yet. Yet [is determine to catch one!]
  21. Well I know I'm staying up late to get the new dragon eggie!! <3 I only got room for two now since I got a dead one. Try to give friend a vampire egg, all turn them into vampires but the dragons toss them out but one it had to die!!
  22. My pumpkin dragon hatch and I named it Pumpkin Tarts <3
  23. I get the black little dragon as my last treat he he he.
  24. Got five more candies left to go [grins] YEAH!
  25. 16 more candies left to go until I'm done and no snake yet but I got the eyeball!!