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Follow Archie to my scroll!kitty_heaven_sig_by_lil_dragon_blue-d473 ARK2-1.gifA huge thank you to Roon for drawing this picture which means so much to me! Please visit her art thread and admire her gorgeous work!

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    Don't be afraid to PM me. I'm a friendly person! :)

    DC Bio:

    Hi and welcome to my profile! :) I learned about DC in 2008 from friends on another forum who posted about it and had eggs in their sigs. Sad to say, I resisted joining until Jan. 31, 2009. My first dragon was a purple because the egg in the cave said, "Wow, purple isn't a color of egg you expected to see"! Those were exciting times. Of course I wanted to breed right away but 7 of my first 9 dragons were female and my very first breeding was a refusal!

    On February 10, there was a new cave release and I was plunged into the madness for the first time. Everyone was grabbing these new dragons called Frills like they were a rare, limited release! How ironic. ;) The AP was full of wonderful catches as people dropped all their eggs in order to have a full 4 frill eggs on their scroll. Geodes were released at the same time so the value of stones shot up dramatically. It was some time before people realized that Pebbles could breed Geodes as well.

    Two weeks in, there was a special Valentine release, first of its kind. The first several hours they were mixed in with the rest of the eggs so I remember refreshing the cave over and over, looking for that special description and trying to catch it when it came. Oh the feeling of accomplishment when I saw the confirmation the egg was mine! <3

    A month later, wild speculation was in full swing over what might be released for St. Patrick's Day. Then it happened. LagCave. Withdrawals galore. I was one of the lucky few who could actually get the cave to load at times and I was part of a massive concerted effort by those who could to save as many eggs and hatchlings as possible. People would post their scroll link here on the forums and we'd load it up and post pictures and let them know how their "babies" were doing. We'd also put them in hatcheries that worked overtime to give as many views as possible every time an image would actually load. I have a white dragon who hatched on March 27, and grew up on April 1 with 20,926 overall views! During that time, I got my first Dorkface from AP. The lineage was so popular that people used to post on the forums begging for any Dorkface egg, even a (now bright) pink!

    In April, I caught my first and only gold ever caught from the cave. That first year on DC culminated in my catching a holly on AP at Christmastime. They were really few and far between then and I refreshed for hours upon hours. My first holly boy was inbred but I didn't care, nor did any of the people I bred and gifted to after he grew up. We were just so thrilled to have a holly! Wow, I can't believe all the memories that are flooding back, since I am writing this almost 5 years after joining DC! There's so many more wonderful memories and people that I have tucked away. Thank you for reading and I hope you recalled with fondness some of your own happy moments on DC!

    Jan. 20, 2014

    Tinsel Project:

    When Tinsels were released in 2011, I had the crazy (no, insane!) idea that I could breed an egg that was descended from all of them, in a nice even generation lineage. There were 31 tinsels and a 7th gen. dragon would be descended from all of them and mates (62) + one other pair. I was thinking about a Thuwed pair or maybe the Dorkfaces. Three years later, and the project has not been completed. :(

    I've been successful with 2nd and 3rd gens from the golds and 14/15 bronzes since I'm still missing one from 1219. I've had much less success with the silvers, only having descendants from 5/10 of them but I've held out hope that some day my princes and princesses will come!

    Maybe something magical will happen someday and this project will be completed. Until then, here is a 5th gen. bronze that would be 1/4 of the lineage. I am happy to take requests for breedings. http://dragcave.net/lineage/XQ5Sh

    Updated Jan. 20, 2014

    Other Projects:
    I have a lot of other breeding projects that I have worked on or still hope to work on. At some point, I will be posting about them here!

    May 4, 2013


    Bronze Duke
    *both of you seem to be on hiatus but I'll be happy to fulfill this when you return* ~June 3, 2013

    Bronze Roreng

    Hazardous Force

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    2nd on list as of May 9, 2013

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