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  1. I know you were not an neither was Fuzbucket ok here is your answer it is a son or daughter that you are killing.An a miscarriage is that the baby dies on it's own with out no help from a doc ok.Adortion is the taking of a life of a human a son or daughter. A family member that a doctor an the mother kills. Also my mom was very sick when she was having me so sick that her doc asked if she wanted to abort me .He said she could have anouther. My mom said no cause it would not be the same baby she had rheumatic fever with me not sure if it was that or something else but i came out having cerebr
  2. You know what who cares if i spell wrong it is not about a player but abortion you guys are discussing an like a mod said earlier in this chat do not attack a player .So move along. i state my opinions but is seems like all that matters is your own opinions an so you attack a player so why are you attacking me for? An Fuzzbucket thanks even though my spelling is sometimes wrong i do speak English an like i said they are attacking me an not going on about discussing what this chat is really about.Life is a precious thing not just for a chosen few but for every living human being not just me
  3. Still a human life that gets killed murdered so an abortion like you said is getting rid of a human a murder plain an simple you say oabortion like it is not killing a hu8man life or murdering a human life even thought that human is a fetus an i call it like i see it murder an you guys can not take the trurth an you have to twist it around just like everyone else.Ok you pro choicers you cry murder if the baby is outside the womb but that same baby was a fesatus before it was out side the womb.Get your facts staigth killing is killing an you shall not kill. plain an simple so get it thru you
  4. This see what i mean the first of the prochoice people shouting louder an hardier.Now your just a clump of cells as well you not made up of anything else right or if so then what?So you see your mom loved you allot more than you think couse she chose life instead of murder for you. Also why is it it wrong that we have a law staying you have to abort.When you know yourself your going to do it anyway? Also murder is murder no matter how you look at it.so my statement is the truth i said if that was a law that you pro choice people would shout longer an hardier lol.XD In other words all you pro
  5. Killing is killing no matter how you look at it.I guess you guys with you line of thinking will cry out longer an louder if all the world decided that you had to get an abortion even if you did not want it like they do in China.So letts see who will start this cry or outrage couse of my post. See it starts small then it grows to where you have no idea what is right or wrong.Your rights are like ohhh woman have a choice.Well how about a murder he has a choice to kill who every he wants right it is his right to do what he wants is it? so if woman can kill a baby why not allow those who kill kil
  6. So you are saying that life does not matter an there are to many humans in this world? Ok So here is what one person said or done to try an get rid of all the one he thought was not perfect Under Hitler's leadership and racially motivated ideology, the Nazi regime was responsible for the genocide of at least 5.5 million Jews and millions of other victims whom he and his followers deemed Untermenschen (sub-humans) or socially undesirable. Hitler and the Nazi regime were also responsible for the killing of an estimated 19.3 million civilians and prisoners of war. In addition, 28.7 million soldie
  7. No matter how people feel about all this stilll it is a human life these women an doctors are taking. people can not face the truth really that is all that it boils down to for. Indeed, abortion is the brutal ending of a preborn human being’s life, no matter the stage: The reality of abortion, the ending of a human life, cuts through the pro-choice rhetoric and shows the violence for what it is. The eyewitness accounts of nurses like Rita show the humanity of the preborn and the injustice of abortion.
  8. https://savethestorks.com/2018/03/nurse-stunned-baby-survives-abortion-heart-beating-strongly/
  9. Was reading some of the post an you talk about getting rid of sickness right? Well i have been a victim of view bombing myself an i have wished it gone.But myself it took a while but i have none that get sick no more.How you ask lok at my scroll i have one fogged hatchling seven days old .I will come back when the hatchling is at least 3 days old unfog an then put in other sites.The more views then i get the better an faster my eggs or hacthlings grow after the 3rd day.:).It is a simple solution i found works i know allot of others may do this as well.:)
  10. hope everyone had a Happy Halloween an i have two set of these cute dragons influenced them to be male an female can not wait for them to grow up.:D
  11. I have put all my eggs in the er but it is slow getting the eggs to hatch.Wish more people were on to help out.
  12. Egged locked with new eggs even if my enternet did disconnect on me.Hope everyone else has fun hunting. Happy Halloween thanks again TJ and Spriters.
  13. I am glad everyone else is getting eggs,It seems that u verse is disconnecting me 20 times or more already.I hate this u verse i wish my mom never got it.
  14. I hope i get at lest five more i have one. I hope my enternet stays on long enuff for this i hate u verse.
  15. Happy Halloween everyone. What are the eggs for this Halloween dropping already? Hurries to cave to see. Thank you TJ and spriters hope i get at lest two eggs.
  16. Ok jut came on and saw these new eggs cought two of each really quickly that is a first for me.Can not wait to see the adults and thanks TJ and spriters for these awesome eggs.
  17. I was so glad i logged in to the forum now i can not wait for my hatchlings to grow and now my eggs to open up. I wish i could stay but i have to log off will be fogging my little ones till tomorrow so they will not get sick.Also will be hiding my scroll. I has been really fun but will see you all later waves.
  18. Mine will not be adults till tomorrow congrates on all of you who will have adults sooner PieMaster that is awesome.
  19. I do not mind if they have themes are not I want to thank TJ for these awesome eggs and i hope everyone can catch the ones they want.
  20. Was wondering that myself on when they will grow up.Mine seems to grow up after everyone else's has lol.
  21. I have two of each now and can not wait for them to grow up. Will be fogging them till the third day so i know they will not get sick.The pygmy ones are about ready to hatch waiting to see them before logging off.
  22. Have all but the red and blue egg miss clicked so now egg locked till five hours lol. Oh well hope they will stiill be falling in fave hours crosses fingers.
  23. Feeling pretty good now after four fridays ago when i stepped on a huge landscaping nail that was sticking out of a landscaping two by four. I was getting my dog's toy out of my mom's flower bed.I then stepped back and the nail which was as round as my pinkie finger and and three inches long or more,went straight thu my sandle thru my foot and out my sec toe by my last toe.I screamed and yelled for help no one heard me so i had to pull it out myself. I hobbled to the door yelled at dad to get mom. She took me to the emergency room where they soaked my foot in iodine and gave me a tetanus sho
  24. I play the sims3 so you are not alone in that i even have my own stable and kennel web site called Golden Valley Arabian Stables.
  25. My hatchies have around six days and thirteen hours my eggs have four days and five hours to hatch. Note to self get more red and pinks next so i will have enuff to incubate and gender lol.