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  1. Hello i have two trades an i am trying to exept one that has an offer an i can not exept it why?
  2. Your Forum name: Laryal Your Scroll name: Laryal The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code ( No links please):MrQyy Egg type: Diamindwing Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 12.23 Time of Death: 12.24 Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 52/29/1 fifth attempt dead
  3. Your Forum name: Laryal Your Scroll name: Laryal The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code ( No links please):TOeBv Egg type: Ember Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 1:40 am Time of Death: 1:56 Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 871/77/ 4 fourth attempt dead
  4. They are talking about all abortions not just one an she was talking about an abortion that the baby was still alive an she could not help which is very sad. There are aborted babies still that are alive an they just leave to die in a pan.:(
  5. Better read what you had in the pics of the brain here let me show you. Neural - Spinal Cord Development [Expand]Embryology - 1 Sep 2018 Expand to Translate Contents [hide] 1 Introduction 2 Some Recent Findings 3 Neural Development Overview 4 Early Brain Vesicles 5 Spinal Cord Regions 6 Embryonic Development 6.1 Week 4
  6. On the part you answered me on ok understand now sorry.
  7. So what your saying is a baby is no different than what you said here? Then if that is true you were one your self at one time in your life or are you still one? So if you carry this clump of cells you call it what does it come to be? An you cunffused me for to me you were taking up for unborn babies an now you say this?
  8. Could not agree more i was thinking long an hard on this an i want to ask the ones who keep asking me is it a baby? what alse could it be do women carry anything else other than a human baby before it is born? if you say yes then think on this it is not your body that you are allowing to be killed.It is anouther human life.but ohhh no you say it is a fetus a none human.so if you say that what are you carrying then what other being are you carrying? https://hangthebankers.com/abortion-what-happens-to-the-baby/ http://clinicquotes.com/abortion-pictures/
  9. Sims 3 an Avakin Life Sims 3 i breed horses for my website Golden Valley Arabian Stables. not to long ago finished editing my registered Straight Egyptian arabians to make them look more real. I Also just play for the fun as well an use my fav hores GVA Alona GoldenSun DayStar.
  10. Oh my have a 14 year old pup he is a border collie blue heeler mix looks like his dad an has his moms short fur lol. Love him to peices an he is very smart loves helping us out if he can.😍
  11. I could say the same for the others on here as well so it can go both ways talking about the darker part i did here..Well not feeling good got sick still am so logging out an go on with your chat i am done couse players are accusing me of trying to make others feel thye same as i do.You like i said are doing the same telling those who do not think it is right that it is right.Now before i log out what is this fetus do you carry anything other than a baby human? Then what do you think you are doing to that other human? think on this i will not answer no more cause like i said very sick.Had enh
  12. I still cringe when i think of this my life could have ended an i would not be here talking to you right now. Do not think i do not understand i do ok.
  13. Guys ok know what how long ago was that? see now a days docs can preform surgery without harming a baby so saying that she had to decide maybe she did it depends on the year it was.Docs now can even do heart surgery on a fetus who would have died out side the womb if it was not done.So in other words it can an has been done where both baby son or duaghter who need say a ta liver can all be saved.
  14. I know an understand but if i let that tragic event rule my life i would never go out in the world again. i guess i can see a way to over come what happens even if it is others who are going thru it is all.
  15. see i was a vitum of a driunk driver who hit my aunts car on prom night in 88.had to have a case on my leg for over two years. So yes i do know that you can get over stuff i know may think they can't. but i know they can if they find the help. Also the guy who did hit my aunts car seemed to only get a slap on the hand for it.But two years later he died in his own drunken car wreak karma not sure but any one can i believe get over things that seem like nightmares if they have help.
  16. Sorry that you are going thru this in your life an i wish we could really talk in person to help each other out see sometimes i feel like alll is lost at lest you have two good arms an two good legs.I never knew what it is like having them so see that is one bright side.Anouther is having a family that cares too an that loves you well wish i could help you out more only kind words i can give you.
  17. ok what about this say the victim does abort the baby she still fearful of what happened to her she has anouther baby she wants she could have a set back an abuse that child even though she or he was wanted. Make some sense here in other words you guys want the excuse of abortion to be the only way out to me that s what you guys are saying really. everyone can get over tramitic things in their lives no matter what it is. so if what you guys say is true then everyone who has a dad way in life can not get over it.here is an example a driver who was almost killed by a drunk should that drive
  18. i really know how that feels having others ridicule had that happen to me cause of my cerebral palsy i know it is different but hurts the same an if i can get thru it so can others. life is no bed or roses if it is there are still thorns. I can put myself in their shoes so to speak really. i just can not put it in words have to really log out now sorry getting to tired to think.
  19. it would make me sad that she was an an if i was old enuff then we could talk an get thru it together. If the mother did abuse the child it is still not the child's fult an if it was found out the child would be taken away from the mother. it is late here like almost 11 pm need to get some sleep need to help my mom with stuff tomorrow see ya guys.
  20. Thanks an sorry for what went on an asking you this is it the babies fult of the rape? An there is ways to save both with what the doctors knows these days but i understand an will have to look further into it ok.:)
  21. Well it seems like your the only one bugging me about it so in truth you are attacking me an my spelling you are the only one on here doing it so stop now understand?!!
  22. Stop already ok you are trying to prove yourself right an it is not going to work understand so get over yourself. no your making me madder each time you say something to me so stop understand? end of discusion now. yes then kept saying it was becouse of my spelling who give a care it seems like only you on here that does so stop.
  23. Look i talked to a mod about you so better stop now attack me an yes you were saying my spelling was not right an you did it again so better stop now understood?
  24. Ok know it all since you want to know i was typing i have no text speak at all on my computer so get over yourself oh higher an mighter than all. You got me mad now an you better learn not to be so rude an disrespectful of other players.👿
  25. I was not telling them to do anything she asked a question i answered ok. I can not seem to get a break .