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  1. Ok understand but i am talking about is when it does starts growing an turns into a baby life has to begin with those cells become a fetus a baby then born hope you understand now.:)
  2. Well let me ask you this are the cells that start this baby alive? Cause to my knowledge you can not bring dead things to life.So those eggs an sperm have to be alive to start a new life.If not then no baby can be born. Zeditha I actually don't have an answer to 'when exactly does life begin'. The baby is alive when born, obviously, and I would consider it alive for the few weeks before that when it's practically fully formed already and just growing (and moving around, kicking, etc). I would definitely not consider it alive
  3. Bees well they are ok i even can touch them as they land on flowers yea my neices an nephews call me the bee whisper lol. now wasps an hornets i kill as many as i see mean things really praying mantis they are cool.Had one fly onto my shoulder once as i was walking around the yard. It stayed on my should for a good while till it decided to fly off lol. But yesterday i never in all my life have seen what happened.I was helping my mom pull out morning glories that had taken over our patio got done took the stuff down to the burn pile went in an was washing up when i felt something under my arm
  4. Well accualy i made my name up for other games i am called by Lady Laryal an accualy i liked the name Ayla but so many have that name so i put the r an l in there an that is how i got my name.:)
  5. Hello on tithing it is not how much you give it is that you do give there is a story in the bible about a woman giving all she had. Now what he ment was she gave more than the rest cause she gave with her heart. I hope this helped you. Mark 12:41-44 King James Version (KJV) 41 And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much. 42 And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing. 43 And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily
  6. I would hoard all animals not only normal ones an fantasy as well making an army that no one can defeat.
  7. The meds they give you to check your thyroids in your neck.
  8. oh my love potatoes of any kind potatoes an gravy an eggs ok now i am making myself hunger lol.XD
  9. Well only have one wish Neglected does not matter gender or gen
  10. Well the most exotic pet i had was a wild bird this year.No did not catch it to raise but did rescue it from our garage a week or so before the fourth of July. it was of course a baby an on the forth of JKuly went up to our garden an saw this haft grown bird catching bugs an it came close to me an my family.We had more fun watching that baby bird than the fireworks lol. For about a month after that when i would go outside this baby bird we think it was a house finch would fly down an walk with me catching the bugs that i disturbed.We named the bird WoodStock lol.Now i guess he or she grew up
  11. Cleaning house is what i should be doing lol but now i am watching my dragon eggs to see when they hatch.:XD
  12. Question then i am no longer coming back ok if they are not killing babies then what are they killing non human?or those paristes they call the or a clump of cells not human is it an animal? If it is an animal then how can a human carry a non human then?Just a though ok think on it my last post on here.
  13. ok but i guess she attacking me is ok calling me a parasite was ok but telling her not to call me that is wrong so yea i am out so i want all those who want to quout me to stop an i will not come in this chat no more.
  14. Why not look up arbortions an accualy see what happens to those babies that the women get rid of just like my links i have there is nothing easy about it they suction them out.They rip apart their bodies they even put a salt salution into the baby all these are all to kill the unwanted baby.This i guess is why abortion is so cruel in ways no human should go thru an it is inhumane.
  15. awww anouther person who want an excuss to kill unborn. wants to call it any thing else but a baby cells parasite fetus. like i said with fuzzbucket all you are doing is making excuss so you can kill those babies an like the link said it shocks you don;t it you have no words to say those images are nothing more than babies.
  16. I was never a parasite i was a human nothing else an i can see that you guys want to make this exuss so you can feel good anbout killing another human. know what funny an this is true facts if you do not want the bady you call it a fetus a buch of cells a parasite. But if you want it awwwwwwww i am having a baby aaaaawwww..So The excusses you are giving are all in your heads trying to say abportion is ok that killing is ok of unwanted babies. an you guys say sex education why it will only make more unwanted killed babies really. an youi never never call me a parasite even if you are referring
  17. Color easter eggs go to Church an then meet up with family.
  18. What is she removing then what cells animal or human an i am not being silly all i see are women who want to do the party animal an then get rid of a human they started with a man.What choice in this does the baby or fetus have if it does grow? you guys are lumps of cells with human dna so can someone come up to you an say ohh your not worth living an kill you? See where does the babies choice play in this when does it have life? cause what i can see is you can not bring dead cells back to life so that clump of cells that fetus is a living human.An you guys say it is a parasite then you were
  19. One dream i usualy have is very disturbing to others I will dream that i an a friend go into the red brick building with columns a group of people are standing around a two inch red brick pool in the middle of the building. They are challenging each other to take a watering can an pour the water into it i walk up an say i will.I take the watering can an pour it in as i do a ghostly like being comes out i reach down an find a ghost buster gun an shoot. The ghost explodes an i walk out into my church an a guy who use to go there congratulates me.I then find myself flying over water an then i am
  20. Ok i hear every one say her body her choice ok say it is her body what part of her body is she getting rid of? an arm a leg an organ what? Ok say it is her choice but what body are these women killing? is it their own body like i said or is it some one else's body that could as you guys say can be a human? Ok so you say it is just cells a fetus what kind of fetus is it can you tell me that? What part of the animal kingdom does a woman carry in any of the stages? Does these cells of a human start out as a dog cat what? Now i want facts answers to my questions here.
  21. tried making a zombie failed will try again on Halloween lol an everything else i tried failed trades fail exept one.
  22. It was great i am on a game i love called Avakin Life it getts better an better as it goes along .Just logged in an they have new gym stuff that you can accualy use.
  23. I am from USA Missouri to be specific.
  24. Could be ugg oh well thanks.:) LOL that was it thanks. answered can be locked.:)
  25. oh ok then i did decline them on an egg would that make it where i can not exept their trade?