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  1. An i did not say that i just said that you can prevent it if you wanted so what is so wrong with that?
  2. No i am saying if they want which is allot different than saying you should or you have to.Now saying if you want implies that you have a choice right?
  3. I am not shaming no one an did you not read what i said i said if they want? Now please read what i said thanks.
  4. Yes the trading would go all the way thru the stages an once the dragon becomes adult the trade ends because you can not trade adult dragons they are yours not unless you kill or release them.
  5. Thank you for both your posts.Also they did not see all i wrote there is seems i said if one person can do it then others can if they want.
  6. I was talking to anouther player an yes if one person can do it then others can if they want. See i am a virgin still an will be till i die.I was not saying everyone should but there are billions of women an men like me still in this world. An here are some links to those who are debating when life begins. https://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/fetal-development/fetal-brain-nervous-system/ https://www.princeton.edu/~prolife/articles/embryoquotes2.html
  7. Hello ok that is ridiculous really just like you said.In the Bible it does say God took animals an killed them to cloth Adam an Eve so yea this world is getting crazier an crazier.They should ban meat an fish then as well sorry but i had to laugh.XD
  8. We still have this really say you have a trade wanting an egg you are gone the egg that someone wanted to give hatches an the trade is canceled.So if you are there an take an egg trade you can still influence it once traded right? Suzumiya Things like this is why I suggest a little option button. Like instead of just SAYING you want only eggs or only hatchies, click the button that either says 'egg' or 'hatchling'. Or click both if you don't care. That way, there is no way someone can offer a hatchie if you choose egg only. Or an egg if you choose hatchie only. And if you
  9. Thank you everyone i hope this idea goes thru you guys made some really good points.:) Ok so why not this have the eggs on trade an if they hatch they can still be traded in the same trade as they were they were eggs an if a player wants only hatchlings then they can decline those that are eggs like now.Then they can wait for a gendered hatchling if anyone has one an they can trade.Not really that much different than now really all exept that we do not have to make anouther trade for when the egg hatches.
  10. Yep an we did get rid of the nest some have escaped though but hoping that they find anouther nest site out of our yard or any one else's lol.XD
  11. Not Sure was wondering myself really. But i guess we can let this idea die oh well.
  12. and i explained as well .:)
  13. Thousands of women are like me an tell me again why abortion is a must when there are hundreds of ways to keep from getting preg? An yea i know you will say but not all are 100% well geuss what one is 100 % effecttive an i just told you which one. But i know you will argue this as well so no use in me explaining again.Have fun debating need to get to work on some thing see ya .:)
  14. oh my your more braver than me lol but your right we never knew it till we started mowing an they went after us lol.XD
  15. Ok true hmmm ok maybe not a good idea thought it was.
  16. 20 years old never had a partner never had sex so it can be done So tell me again that it is hard to not do that? Also there are thousands of women like me so your thinking of it is to hard not to is false really. But now i can not have children even if i try as hard as i want do not have those parts no more so yea.
  17. I was not talking about rape victims or women who are dieing or any of that i am talking about women who do not want children period ok like the first post says Here's a REAL list of REAL killers among women in the US. (from: http://women.webmd.com/guide/5-top-female-health-concern lol, funny you said it's the top 5th reason..) 1. Heart Disease 2. Breast Cancer 3. Osteoporosis 4. Depression 5. Autoimmune Diseases (from: http://www.cdc.gov/women/lcod.htm) This ALL females, all ages: 1) Heart dis
  18. I mean before you trade message them here talk about it then influnce an trade.
  19. Oh my you guys all just want an excusses like all prochoiceers to say it is fine to kill an unborn baby plain an simple that is the bottom line there.You have it in your mind that life does not matter but your own. that my friends is fact so my suggestions is it is very simple if you do not want a baby then when your egg is around so to speak do not play the hanky panky then .Ohh what a concept that is the best way to not get preg when you do not want a child wow.No i do not mean do not have the fun but there are ways to know like taking a test an they do have kits now for this.:) So i have t
  20. Well see if the egg is there an they message each other then the one can influence the egg for them an the trade go on. There is a way around this have the eggs in the trade or hatchlings in the trade around six days if at all possible. an yea if they grow up then the exchange would be void. trying to think of more ways so any suggestions can still come.
  21. Have you read all thru the links you are now saying that science is wrong in that they said that life begins at conception? Also the brain an heart i believe grow at the same time the brain hast to tell the heart to beat right? If the brain does not then what controls the heart to beat then? https://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/fetal-development/fetal-brain-nervous-system/
  22. Yea understand that an never thought of it that way hmmm ok have to rethink on how this can work then any suggestions?
  23. Mantises are cute when they do that. 😂 on the things that sting we are trying very hard to get rid of a yellow jacket's nest in the ground near one of our trees it is a wonder no one has gotten stung since we have been walking an the kids playing around it.For over two weeks we had a bowl over the entrance but they are still there.Yesterday i dropped allot of dirt over an around the nest i hope this kills them if not going to get a trap or make one.
  24. Hello i am watching the trading hub an yesterday had to make another trade request cause on of my eggs hatched.What i am suggesting is allowing the trades to keep going till the dragons grow up. So we the players do not have to go back an redo a trade request. So example now trade egg or eggs they hatch go an redo anouther trade.I know just takes a few secs or so but would it not be faster like this example Trade egg or eggs they hatch they still are in trade an you do not have to repost a new code.Dragons grow up trade gone. I am not trying to be lazy but trying a new way to make the trad
  25. Ok so what about the heart beat when it is formed an starts beating or the brain an other organs? that in in it's self says a human when it is inside a human. read these please all the way thru do not pick an choose what fits your idea but look at it as a whole please https://lozierinstitute.org/a-scientific-view-of-when-life-begins/ https://www.acpeds.org/the-college-speaks/position-statements/life-issues/when-human-life-begins https://www.princeton.edu/~prolife/articles/embryoquotes2.html